Psychopath or Braggart: The Ultimate Test

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Some people have already decided which candidate to vote for. According to polls, slightly more people favor the psychopath over the braggart.

For the undecided, I thought I’d create a simple quiz that will tell you whether you’re more comfortable with a President who says ugly things and brags about accomplishments or a president who gets people killed and gives away national secrets for cash. I know, it’s a tough call.

Tell us which you chose in the comments.

You Can Reclaim the 4th Amendment the 5th of August

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Listen to my short podcast about Missouri’s Constitutional Amendment, Amendment 9–the Electronic Data Protection Act.

And don’t forget to vote YES on Amendment 9. Restore the 4th Amendment.

You can read more about Amendment 9 on Ballotpedia.

And here’s the Missouri ACLU’s page on Amendment 9.

How You Can Help a Brave Missouri Senator and Win an AR-15

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For years, conservatives have relied on a handful of brave State Senators to block really bad bills.Brian_Nieves One of that small group is Senator Brian Nieves.

Here’s how you can help ensure Missouri has some spine in the State Senate for another 4 years. Print 10 copies of this page and hand it to friends. Ask them to join you at Senator Nieves’s Sporting Clays event

State Senator Brian Nieves

**General Laws Committee Chairman and Senate Majority Whip, Invites you to a Special Event Honoring the TRUE Intent of Our 2nd Amendment where YOU may win a Premium AR15!**

Sporting Clays Shoot & AR15 Give Away!!

October 12th, 2013 (Saturday) St. Louis Trap & Skeet Club, Pacific Mo.

Shoot 10am-Noon’ish – Lunch 11:30am to 1pm – Awards and Drawings at 1pm

Just Lunch – $20 AR15 Chances – $100(1/50 Chance per ticket!) Shooters – $100(Includes Lunch)

Sponsorships & Chances for a Sig Sauer 516 Patrol

$100 Station Sponsor: Signage at Shooting Stations (similar to hole sponsor in golf tourney) $250 Lunch Sponsor: Prominent Advertising of Company or Entity throughout Lunch Area. ____________________________________________________________________

$500 Sharp Shooter Event Sponsor: Four Shooter Packages & Three Station Sponsorships. (Sharp Shooter Packages is a $700 Value!!) $1,000 Marksman Event Sponsor: Four Shooter Packages, Four Station Sponsorships and FOUR of only Fifty Chances ($100 each) at the Sig Sauer 516 Patrol AR15! (Marksman Package is a $1,200 Value!) $1,500 Sniper Level Sponsor: Four Shooter Packages, Six Station Sponsorships and TEN of only Fifty Chances ($100 each) at the Sig Sauer 516 Patrol AR15! (Sniper Package is a $2,100 Value!) *******************************************************************************************************************************

Register as a Player/Sponsor Today! There are 50 or Less chances for the AR! Grab yours NOW! Please provide the following Info and a check made out to “Citizens for Nieves” or call Brian at (314)324.8101

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________


Number of Shooters in your group________________________________________________

Sponsorship Level/Chances for Sig AR etc …________________________________________

Paid for by Citizens for Nieves, Dave Bailey Treasurer, Dave Schroeder Asst. Treas. Make Checks Payable to “Citizens for Nieves” and mail to – P.O. Box 1026, Washington, Mo. 63090

Here’s the Secret to Finding a Perfect Candidate That No one’s Telling You About: Guest Post

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There’s no such thing as a perfect candidate.

So quit waiting for one, and quit staying at home and casting a protest vote.

We need your help. Who are we you ask? The voters who have been getting their asses handed to them. We have about a hundred years of making up to do and we need to get started with a strategy.

If we can elect a candidate that we agree with:

  • six out of ten issues. . .we’re over the hump

  • seven out of ten issues. . .we’re getting somewhere

  • eight out of ten issues. . . we’re winning

  • nine out of ten issues. . .we won

  • ten out of ten issues. . .we’re fooling ourselves

We’re currently operating somewhere between losing and lost.

Even a five out of five currently would be a great start.

Now comes the difficult part: staying engaged with the elected representative.

Turn the five into a six, the six into a seven. . .etc.

Turn your anger into action.

Make sure your elected official knows you are engaged.

It’s really not that difficult.

Apply the above formula to every elected office from dog catcher to President of the United States.

Put the burner on simmer and warm until the next election.

Oh, one more thing, if you’re currently staying home and casting a protest vote:

It’s not working!

Republicans Need Marketing Consultants

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I got four emails from Republican candidates today. They all sucked.

I’ve made every mistake they made, so I won’t beat anyone up over it.

But if conservative candidates want to win elections, they have to become—or hire—excellent marketers.

Everybody freaks out about the Democrat advantage in data, analytics, and social. But 80 percent of that gap is good execution of scientifically established marketing principles.

Republicans tend to despise marketing. They reject psychology. And they wonder why they get their butts kicked.

I’ve learned a lot about this stuff in the past few years. I’ve seen how one little change can double email open rates and increase click-thrus and forwards by 82 percent.

I’m working on a way to share this information with candidates I’d vote for. (If you think Chris Christie would make a great president, don’t bother applying.)

More to follow.

Name the One Tea Partier in the Race **CLARIFICATION**

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I’ll save you some time: it’s Ed Martin.

Please Consider

I’ve met the former Missouri GOP head and former US Ambassador to Luxembourg a couple of times. Ann Wagner is smart, funny, and engaging. I think she’d make an outstanding Republican candidate for the US House. If elected, she’d serve Missouri well.

Missouri and the tea party won’t be the big winners if Ann Wagner gets the nomination, though. That distinction would go to the Missouri Republican establishment—the same establishment that the tea party hopes to reform or replace.

The Tea Party vs. The Establishment

I’ll tell you straight: I did not give over my life to the Tea party two and a half years ago just to satisfy the GOP establishment. Far from it. I joined to save the damn country from both parties.

The very first Tea party on February 27, 2009, was a big gamble for politicians. Showing up meant endorsing an unknown. No one knew who I was or what this Tea party protest was about.

To attend the Tea party was to thumb your nose at the GOP.

Only four Missouri politicians braved the weather and risks that cold day to stand with the people on the steps of the Arch. Those four were John and Gina Loudon, Jim Lembke, and, of course, Ed Martin.

No, Ann Wagner wasn’t there that day. Nor was she, as far as I know, on April 15, 2009, or April 15, 2010. I did not see her at the dozens of rallies and protests throughout the area in 2009 and 2010.

That’s why I say Ed Martin is the only original Tea Partier in the race.

Ed Martin Was There

Ed Martin at St. Louis Tea Party HQEd knew nothing about Bill Hennessy on February 27, 2009. Nor did he know anyone who knew me. He knew Dana Loesch a bit, but Dana had never met me.

By taking the stage that on February 27, Ed, Dana, Lembke, the Loudons, Jackie Smith, and everyone else took a chance. I could have been a racist or anarchist. I could have been a problem.

But they came anyway.

Both the Loudons and Ed Martin told me later that they understood the personal career risk of showing up at the Tea Party Protest.

They also understood something else: “This country is going to hell in a hand basket, and if we don’t stop the slide right now, we won’t have a country to run for office in.”

So Ed came down and spoke. He also gave me advice in the days just before the event. Ed had been among the first to offer his help, but among the last to get my request for help. It took me until Wednesday to figure who Ed was.

In my book, that makes Ed Martin the only original Tea Partier in the race.

Republican Dirty Tricks?

I wanted you to know my thoughts on this race early, so there’s no confusion. I’ve been told that the Missouri GOP establishment plans to run a very dirty campaign against Ed and against his supporters.

We’ve been warned. Threatened, might be a better term.

Well, the Left’s been after you and me for over two years. Some in the Missouri GOP have hated us almost as long. When we come under attack from both sides, just remember to duck; they’ll take out each other.

Easy Wins

I know that some Tea Partiers will support Ann because they want to rack up an easy win. They figure that supporting the Republican Establishment’s candidate locks in victory. That’s fine. I want a big win, too.

But I want to win the war, not just a skirmish. And I want to win one for America and for the Gipper, not for the Establishment.

If I wasnted to please the GOP, I could have found a part time job in 2009 and sent all the money to the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. If I wanted an easy Republican win, I could have supported Dede Scozzafava in NY23 and claimed that victory. But I didn’t. I’ve worked too hard on this Tea party gig.

Ed’s a Winner

Ed Martin ran a brilliant campaign against Russ Carnahan last year, coming within 1 percentage point in a Democrat +7 district. No one in my lifetime had come so close. Running in the new Republican +5 2nd District, Ed Martin would blow Carnahan out of the water, all other things being equal.

Jeanette Cooperman wrote in St. Louis Magazine:

Martin came closer to winning than anyone predicted, taking rural areas and outer suburbs, Ste. Genevieve County, and Jefferson County before losing the city.

Besides, Ed Martin is the only original Tea Partier in the race.

Only One Tea Party Candidate

Ed Martin for CongressWere there no Tea Partiers in the race, I’d probably back Ann. But there is one, and only one, Tea Partier in the Republican race for Missouri’s new 2nds District. He earned that title, not by paying some organization for its endorsement, but by helping to organize the first events—before Tea partying was cool.

We asked Tea Partiers “Why Do You Tea Party” in 2009. When I read their answers, I realize that there is only one of us running for the 2nd District, and that’s Ed Martin.


This editorial–posted to my personal blog–is my opinion. It does not represent the official position of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition. I am sorry I did not make this clearer in the original.