Terrible Day for NeverTrump—Great Day for the Constitution

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One way to summarize Donald Trump’s first business day in office is to say he followed through on many, many campaign promises. Another way to look at it is that Trump slaughtered NeverTrump. Both explanations are accurate, but one is the cause, the other the effect.

First, you know I pay very little attention to Facebook. Too much craziness over there. But friends of mine do occasionally send me screen shots of things they find outrageous. So I know what a lot of NeverTrumpers were posting last year, even after the election. None of those NeverTrumpers expected Trump to do what he said he’d do.

Boy, does NeverTrump look like a bunch of fools today? By doint what he said he’d do, Trump drove the last nail in NeverTrump’s coffin.

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Here’s a brief summary of what Donald Trump has done since November 8:

  • Saved or created 1.3 million American jobs
  • Appointed the most conservative, most qualified Cabinet in US history
  • Affirmed his commitment to drain the swamp and serve only the people of the United States
  • Bombed the hell out of ISIS on Day One
  • Placed a hiring freeze on the US government (except for military)
  • Ordered government agencies to resolve disputes with citizens in the best interest of the citizen*
  • Met with CIA rank-and-file, receiving numerous standing ovations
  • Signed Executive Order halting further implementations of Obamacare
  • Signed Executive Order banning use of US tax dollars for abortions overseas
  • Signed Executive Order pulling US out of TPP
  • Restored bust of Winston Churchill to Oval Office
  • Called Benjamin Netanyahu
  • Met with business executives, promising 75% cut in regulations, huge cuts in taxes, and warning that they will be severely punished for moving US jobs overseas
  • Met with union leaders, receiving long round of applause
  • Received accolades from Teamsters Union for pulling out of TPP
  • Reaffirmed his commitment to Scalia-like appointment to Supreme Court

That’s an amazing list of accomplishments that NeverTrumpers said would never happen. And in just one working day as President!

These actions are completely consistent with everything Trump said he’d do. And they’re completely consistent with his broad philosophy of government: the government is there to serve the people, not the other way around.

But I’ll go futher: Trump is already shaping up to be the ultimate movement-conservative president in US history. In other words, he’s running ahead of Reagan at this point.

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NeverTrumpers ought to read Ken Masugi’s fantastic article on American Greatness. Masugi points out that Trump’s inaugural address was the strongest defense of the Constitution in more than a century:

In truth, no inaugural address has defended the Constitution so vigorously since Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural, because none so directly confronted the foundational threat to the Constitution in Franklin Roosevelt’s First Inaugural.

Because Masugi’s piece is so important, I’m going to include an extended quote for you. It’s very important. But I really want you to go read the whole piece.

Masugi argues that Trump’s speech surpassed Reagan’s when it comes to rolling back the intrusive power of government bureaucracy. Please read this carefully:

Since 1933, all presidents, Republican as well as Democrat, have accepted this willfulness, which destroys the rule of law and even the pretense of constitutional government. Only Ronald Reagan forthrightly resisted this temptation:

From time to time, we have been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. But if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?

Thus, Reagan argued that ordinary Americans are heroes, who can live quite well without a bureaucracy over them. But President Reagan had insufficient powers, forcing him to compromise with a House of Representatives controlled by Democrats.

Yet President Trump never even mentioned the Constitution, his critics whine, so why accept a campaign rally speech on this solemn occasion as a defense of the Constitution?

The short answer is that since Reagan, 16 years of Democratic presidents plus 12 years of Bush Republican presidents have solidified the hold of the administrative state over America. This coup against republican government is the subject of Trump’s ire and the popular anger that propelled his unlikely election.

Look, I know how NeverTrumpers became misguided and mistrustful of Trump. I was, too, for a time in 2015. I wrote a book about it.

But it’s time for all people of the right to recognize the opportunity before us now. Donald Trump is the conservative savior we’ve been asking for. He’s the only one we’re going to get for many, many decades to come. If you don’t make the most of this golden, God-given opportunity, you will take it to your grave. And, if you take this to your grave, those of us who warned you to open your damn eyes will dance on it.

*In his Obamacare EO, Trump made history according to Judge Napolitano. Via Fox News:

Napolitano said that the order directs agencies to “dial back the severity of the enforcement and [not] to punish a person or a state for what you think is their non-compliance because it might not be non-compliance in a couple of months.”

Napolitano added that he’s never before seen a president say “you will exercise your judgment against the government and in favor of the individual. That is truly revolutionary and is exactly what [Trump] promised he would do.”

John Roberts Switched His Vote Under Outside Pressure

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It won’t look like decay to many.  John Roberts will be the toast of the political class for years to come. He’ll attend all the prettiest events with the prettiest people. Barbara Streisand will have him out to her massively carbon-releasing Hollywood mansion.  The Washington Post intelligentsia will place his bust in its pantheon of The Evolved.  He might even golf with Bill and Obama.


But beneath the black robe grows a dark stain on his soul.  Day by day,  decision by decision, the stain metastasizes.

He’ll look at his grand kids and wonder how they’ll react when they learn that their grandpa betrayed his conscience and his country to avoid scorn from the political class. What will his great-grandchildren’s textbooks say about him?

And what of his country?  Will his  moral collapse speed America’s descent into totalitarianism?  Maybe the government’s textbook writers will treat him with favor.

Or will his old team prevail?  The team of rugged individualism and the power of principle.  Will America somehow rally and recover its former greatness?  And if so, how will our future history books represent the Supreme Court Chief Justice who couldn’t take the heat of Chicago politics in Washington?  How will our side describe the justice who caved?

We know now that Roberts switched his vote under intense pressure from the White House and from the press.  He sold out the more than 60% of Americans who oppose socialize medicine in order to win favor with the 8% known as the “political class.”

CBS News reports the extent of Roberts’ ostracization from the court’s conservatives:

The fact that the joint dissent doesn’t mention Roberts’ majority was not a sign of sloppiness, the sources said, but instead was a signal the conservatives no longer wished to engage in debate with him. [emphasis added]

Roberts is now a man without a country, without a cause, and without a confederate. The liberals don’t need him, and the conservatives can’t trust him.

I suspect history will be very unkind to John Roberts, no matter how America ends. History is unkind to cowards.

UPDATE:  Michael Patrick Leahy calls for lawsuit over Obamacare’s failure to adhere to origination clause.

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Obama, Obamacare and the Supreme Court

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First, my prediction:

1) Is Obamacare a tax? (8-1 Against)

Technically speaking, if Obamacare is a tax, it could be non-justiciable until implementation.  However, judicial precedence suggests the courts may review a tax before its implementation in certain circumstances.  The Government did not even want to argue that Obamacare was a tax, so the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) appointed a separate attorney to make the argument.  The only SCOTUS justice that appeared to entertain this line was Justice Breyer.

2) Is the mandate unconstitutional? (5-4  For)

3) Is the mandate severable? (7-2 Against)


It is not judicial restraint to accept an unsound, narrow argument just so the Court can avoid another argument with broader implications.  Indeed, a court would be remiss in performing its duties were it to accept an unsound principle merely to avoid the necessity of making a broader ruling.

We find no basis for the proposition that, in the context of political speech, the Government may impose restrictions on certain disfavored speakers.  Both history and logic lead us to this conclusion.

It’s Impossible to Exaggerate the Historical Importance of the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare Decision

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When the Supreme Court releases its opinion on the ObamaCare case, America will change fundamentally. This is the most important case to the future of the republic since the Great Depression or the Civil War.

Official ObamaCare Pace Car If the court upholds ObamaCare, it will end the principle of government limited by a written Constitution.  Anthony Kennedy and Antonin Scalia said as much. A vote by Kennedy to uphold the legislation, then, would be a vote for unlimited government power. As Allahpundit puts it:

What they’re [Obama’s lawyers] asking for, in other words, even though they can’t phrase it this way, is a waiver from the Commerce Clause because this boondoggle is that important. And Kennedy, per his “heavy burden of justification” reasoning, just might give it to them.

If, however, the court strikes down ObamaCare, everything that the Tea Party fought for for the past three years will have been vindicated by the highest court in the land. America’s closest brush with totalitarianism will have been averted.

For 100 years, progressives have beaten the American people to the ground and stolen our power. They’ve stored all this power in Washington, DC. From 1942 to about 1982, the courts were allies of progressivism.  Since then, the courts have been relatively neutral, occasionally transferring more power to the government, rarely returning power to the people, mostly maintaining a cumbersome status quo.

This case changes everything. Either we have a Constitution or we don’t.

Where Were You When Obama Nullified the Constitution?

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Most Americans know more about forensic evidence in the Casey Anthony case than they do about the Constitution.  That ignorance gave Barack Obama the hubris to end constitutional government in the United States. He did it, and you probably didn’t even notice.

Obama_DictatorOver the course of a week, Barack Obama made a series of so-called recess appointments. In the process, he and his henchmen in Eric Holder’s Justice Department effectively nullified the US Constitution.

The Constitution separates the federal government into three co-equal branches: executive (president), legislative (Congress), and judicial (courts).

Article I of the Constitution gives each House of Congress the power to make the rules under which it operates.

Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two thirds, expel a member.

One of the the rules each House sets for itself involves recess.  The Senate has rules governing its recesses; the House of Representatives governs its own.

But Obama Administration, through  the Justice Department, overruled the Senate’s rules on recesses.

Even the liberal New York Times found this dictatorial move troubling, recognizing that the White House has overturned a Senate rule:

On Wednesday, Mr. Obama went where Mr. Bush had declined to go. He invoked his constitutional right to recess appointments to install four nominees — the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Richard Cordray, and three members of the National Labor Relations Board — effectively calling the pro forma Senate session illegitimate.

Its experts agree that Obama has nullified the Constitutional power of the Senate to advise on and consent to certain presidential appointments:

Republicans, lawyers and parliamentary experts say the move, if it survives potential legal challenges, could herald an end to the Senate’s constitutionally guaranteed right to advice and consent.

It’s easy for the left to shout “hyperbole” when confronted with terrifying evidence of Obama’s aims. This naked power grab exposes the sorry state of Constitutional government in the United States.  It demands drastic action by the courts and Congress and the people.

I see no reason why Congress, business, government employees, and citizens would obey any ruling, regulation, or requirement issued from the illegitimate offices filled without the Senate’s advice and consent. No one is required to obey an illegally appointed official, just as no one is required to obey an illegal order in the military. (In fact, a member of the military is required to disobeyillegal orders.)

The most significant of these appointments is the frighteningly powerful office Consumer Financial Protection Bureau—an office with the power to fine private businesses up to $1 million per day.

I also call on all Missouri and Illinois candidates to the US House or Senate to publicly state their position on these anti-Constitutional appointments.

Here’s what Constitutional scholar Mark Levin says:

The President of the United States is trashing the Constitution now day in and day out.

What do you think?

Read More on Heritage Foundation.

Image source: http://brian-therightperspective.blogspot.com/2012/01/levin-president-trashing-constitution.html