You’ve Been Drinking Wrong All Along PODCAST

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It’s a beautiful day in spring. The sky is radiant and wonderful blue. Birds singing, trees starting to bloom, grass an impossible shade of vibrant green. A cool and welcoming breeze licks your bare skin, your cheeks, and playfully ruffles your hair like a lover.

Your work is done, now, so you sit in your favorite outdoor chair and take in the relaxing, comfortable view. Smell the freshness of spring wildflowers. Let the sun gently warm your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. That’s right, you deserved this.

Now you reach for a perfect vodka and cranberry juice to relax a bit more and damage your liver.

Wait, what?

I said “damage your liver.”

Yes, it’s true. Every sip of alcohol produces a measurable spike in liver stress just minutes after. Take a look:

Liver stress caused by alcohol consumption by Chigurupati Technologies

Now you have something to think about, don’t you, as you try to relax on this beautiful day in spring. You try to enjoy that delicious Cape Cod, but a little voice now whispers in your ear: “liver damage, my friend. Liver damage.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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And maybe it isn’t that way for you. If you happened to make your drink with vodka made with NTX, that 300% increase in DNA and liver damage is 93% smaller. Ninety-three percent safer. Almost completely safe. Almost no damage at all.

That’s right, you might be drinking a safer drink and not even know. [continues below podcast]

The reason you don’t know? It’s not your fault. You don’t know what’s in your drink because some bureaucratic nerds at the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau in Washington decided you don’t deserve to know. These government weasels have banned discussion of NTX’s health benefits in the United States. The TTB, as it’s known, has ruled that the First Amendment does not apply to health and wellness.

And this isn’t the first time the federal government has tried to prevent consumers like you from learning heath information that could save your lives or protect your children from crippling diseases. In the 1990s, Bill Clinton’s administration tried three times to deny women safe access to information about folic acid and spina bifida. As a result, over 25,000 new, preventable cases of spina bifida occurred while the federal government censored information from the public.

That’s disgusting, and every employee of the TTB should ashamed. And shunned. Do you know anyone who works at this secretive agency? If so, ask them why they won’t let you know what’s in your drink.

You’ve been drinking wrong all along, but you now you have a healthier choice. Demand your right to know what’s in your drink. It could save you life.

On Wednesday, I will take part in a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington where Bellion Spirits, Chigurupati Technologies, Campaign for Liberty, the Coalition for Safer Drinking, and legendary First Amendment lawyer Jonathan Emord will announce plans to force the TTB to honor the Constitution and let you know what’s in your drink. What you do with that information is up to you, but you have every right under the Constitution to have the information now.

Ponder that as you enjoy this beautiful spring day.

Discsolure: I am the National Spokesperson for the Coalition for Safer Drinking and author of Fight to Evolve: The Government’s Secret War on NTX now available for the Kindle on Amazon for just 3,99.


Thanks for Overwhelming Book Launch!

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Just a quick note because I’ve been on the road all week.

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Fight to Evolve by Willam T. Hennessy Number 2 on Amazon Kindle Store for Censorship.

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Thank you all, so much, for pushing this vital story to the top. NTX is a lifesaving functional food innovation that could end liver disease caused by alcohol. If you, like me, enjoy your drink, you need to read this book. And you need to find an adult beverage that’s made with NTX.

Please read this book, and make sure your friends and loved ones who drink read it too.

Don’t drink? That’s okay. The book is about how crony capitalism kills people. Real people. Really dead. And how the crony capitalists nudge the federal government to stifle free speech. (There is no First Amendment for innovators, did you know?)

Liver disease can cost millions of dollars, but Fight to Evolve on Kindle is only 3.99. That’s dirt cheap compared to illness, is it not? Buy it now, read it now.

Thanks, again, for putting me on top of Kirsten Powers and within striking distance of Juan Williams. (click here to see what I’m talking about.)

Thank you, readers and book lovers!

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Breaking: White House Shuffles Export Import Management (parody)

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Washington (APP) —In a Rose Garden press conference today, President Barack Obama introduced Art Vandelay as his choice to head the troubled Export Import Bank for a five-year term, pending approval by the Senate.

The shake-up comes as Congress debates whether or not to extend the bank’s authorization amid heavy opposition from conservative and libertarian groups led by Heritage Action for America.

Mr. Vandelay brings almost 30 years of experience in the export-import business, where he traded in commodities as varied as potato chips, diapers, and matches.

Critics point out that, for much of his career in export-import, Vandelay ignored exports, focusing only on imports.

“At the time—the 1990s—I felt imports were the way to go. But I never abandoned my roots in the full export-import ecosystem,” Vandelay told reporters.

President Obama praised Mr. Vandelay’s courage in abandoning exports just when demand for American diapers was surging in the 1990s. “Art Vandelay defied his critics, including his girlfriend at the time, to do what he thought was right for his business and his country.”

Mike Needham, CEO of Heritage Action, dismissed the President’s praise, saying, “It’s no coincidence that Vandelay’s company benefited from numerous Ex-Im loans during the Clinton administration. We’ve seen numerous reports that companies like his received favors from the Export Import Bank during Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State Department. His appointment just highlights the crony nature of the bank.”

Vandelay’s tour of duty with the bank could be short-lived. If Congress fails to extend the bank’s authorization by June 30, automatic wind-down provisions will kick in and the bank will be unable to create new loans or loan guarantees. Experts on Capitol Hill believe conservative lawmakers have the upper hand and the bank will sunset.

Here’s more on Art Vandelay, via Seinfeld:

Seinfeld – Importer/Exporter by iamse7en

Join Heritage Action and St. Louis Tea Party to learn more about Export Import on Saturday at 4:15 on the roof of Paddy O’s by the ball park.

Come to Export Import Speaking and Gathering This Saturday at Paddy O’s

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With Opportunity for All; With Favoritism Toward None

Join Us
Paddy O’s–618 S. 7th Street, St. Louis, MO
4:15 PM Saturday, May 30
RSVP on Facebook

They say the Export Import Bank is a tiny agency that creates jobs for small business while producing a profit for the Treasury. And rescues baby rabbits from dangerous predators. And it’s gluten free.

Call us skeptics.

We saw the news that Goldman Sachs used the Export Import Bank to secure funding for a financially unstable buyer—after paying the Secretary of State’s husband $200,000 for a fifteen-minute speech.

Crony much?

We believe in opportunity for all. And favoritism for none. Especially paid favoritism. And bought-government.

Join us at Paddy O’s before the Cardinals play (trash) the Dodgers on Saturday, May 30 at 4:15 p.m.

Hear from:

  • Paul Curtman, MO Rep, dist 109
  • Andrew Koenig, MO Rep, dist 99
  • Jack Spooner, Activist, Attorney

PLUS: Heritage Action’s Ben Evans will be your gracious host and sponsor. St. Louis Tea Party’s Bill Hennessy might say something, too. (But don’t let that stop you.)

Paddy O’s is a wing of baseball heaven, steps from Busch Stadium, and the ultimate party destination before and after Cardinal games.

We will provide some awesome Paddy O’s BBQ, and you’re welcome to wash it down with Paddy O’s delicious, satisfying libations.

Here’s the easy part:
Opportunity for All—Favoritism for None
A non—partisan gathering & speaking event
Sponsored by Heritage Action for America and St. Louis Tea Party Coalition
(but mostly by Heritage Action for America)
Saturday, May 30 at 4:15 PM
Paddy O’s, 618 S. 7TH STREET SAINT LOUIS, MO 63101

PARKING: This is the bad part. Two hours before a Cardinal game, parking will be at a premium. The closest free parking is on Lebanon Dr. west of 7th Street. The cheapest lots, convenient to to  Paddy O’s are along 7th Street south of Chouteau. Here’s a map of the area:

Why the Export Import Bank Matters Now

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Start small–end big.

Raise your hand if you know someone who woke one morning and ran a marathon having never so much as walked around the block.

No hands?

Of course not. A few freaks of nature might be able to go from zero to 26.2 in no time, but most people would hurt themselves trying. And never do it again.

When a sane sedentary person decides to run a marathon, he starts by walking. Then jogging. Then learning. Then applying what he’s learned to extend his runs. And so on. Eventually, barring injury, he runs a marathon.

Missouri’s Republican Congressional delegation wants you believe it can get all limited-government at once.

Call Ann Wagner’s office to talk about Ex-Im and you’ll hear a litany of reasons why she should vote to extend the First Federal Bank of Cronyism. Among her (discredited) reasons will be: “Ex-Im isn’t the battle to fight. It’s too small. Let’s keep our powder dry for something big!”

Right. What I hear is this: “I don’t have the guts to fight mega-corporations over something small, but I’ll miraculously find courage to fight for the flat tax or the Transportation Empowerment Act or something monumental.”

She might actually believe it. Some people believe they could go out and run a marathon anytime they choose without working up to it.

They’re both wrong.

If the GOP, with majorities in both houses, lacks the courage to let Ex-Im sunset now, who believes they’ll find the courage to stand up to crony corporations over something really big?

Yesterday I wrote about a nation 2,000 miles off course and people who want to wait for a miracle to get their country back to the starting line to try again. The Missouri Republicans who want to extend Ex-Im now and save their energy for a Really Big issue later fall into this trap.

There is no magic potion.

There is no rainbow-colored limited-government pony.

There is only way to walk back the mistakes of progressivism: turn around and start walking.

If Republicans can’t take the corporate heat from cooking Ex-Im, they won’t stay in the kitchen for the recipes that really matter.

I’m not asking for Ann Wagner or Roy Blunt to repeal the 17th Amendment; I’m asking them to do the right thing on a matter they say is too small to think about.


The Lazy Person’s Cure for Herpes Ex-Im

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Every six months.

Just when you can you least afford it.

It happens.

A breakout.

It’s Herpes Ex-Im, a cronyism disease that can make the prettiest economic system look sick.

Herpes Ex-Im is a virus that attacks your economy’s competitive system, resulting ugly blemishes. Even your lover won’t want to kiss you.

But there’s a cure.

Left untreated by Congress, Herpes Ex-Im will die. 

The free-market system has built-in defenses against crony diseases like Herpes Ex-Im. Certain behaviors, like Congressional action, can compromise your economy’s immune system, allowing Herpes Ex-Im to spread.

The good news Congress can cure this ugly, painful disease by doing what Congress does best: nothing. 

If Congress ignores the Export-Import Bank, it will die in June.

Write your member of Congress and Senators. Ask them to ignore the Export-Import Bank reauthorization and let the free market destroy the virus known as Herpes Ex-Im.