“We Are Killing Terrorists”

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Elections have consequences.

One consequence that we’ve all experienced: when you elect a street fighter, you get street fights.

Another consequence that terrorists are experiencing: when you elect a street-fighter patriot, terrorists die.

President Trump tonight reminded so many of us why we elected him. Because he’s a street fighter. Because he’s a patriot. Because there are bad people who wish us harm, and Donald Trump is okay with killing them.

I am okay with killing them, too. By the scores. By the barrel. By the megaton. By any means necessary. Kill those terrorist bastards, kill them all.

Tonight, President Trump delivered the best speech of his life. As a veteran, this speech made me wish I could go back in. (I’m a little too old.)

Trump’s speech was moving, inspirational, and, most shockingly, humble.

I’m normally against incursions, but I’m down with this. I’m down with Trump.

I wasn’t against incursions when I was younger. But I have two sons serving right now. One in Guam. Another in the Persian Gulf. I pray for them every day. I pray to see them again. I pray they serve well, but I know they will. I pray for the day get to take the two blue stars off my window. And never replace them with a gold one. Some might say I sort of have skin in this game.

Either of them could end up involved in Trump’s Afghanistan strategy. But I firmly believe that this president and this cabinet can do what their predecessors failed to do. Trump and Mattis can wipe out the terrorists. So I’m down.

One line meant a lot to me.

“We are not nation building again. We are killing terrorists.

That’s what it’s all about.

Killing the fucking terrorists. Wherever they might hide.

War & Tariffs: What to do about North Korea

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If you think about geopolitics at all, you know North Korea poses many problems for its neighbors. And for the United States. And for the whole world.

If we take attack North Korea militarily, over a million South Koreans will die. Along with a lot of Americans on ships and on land over there. Nobody wants that. It might come to that, but nobody wants it.

Now, North Korea has ICBMs that can drop a nuke on Alaska. Or Hawaii. Soon they’ll be able to hit California.

Here is my two-pronged approach:

1. 500% Tariffs

Impose a 500% tariff on all imports from any country that maintains trade relations of any kind with North Korea.

Many countries, including China, continue to trade with North Korea. A blanket 500% tax on imports would hurt us, sure. But it would cripple China’s weak economy. China, and all other nations doing business with Kim, would have to sever ties immediately. And if they don’t, well, that giant sucking sound you hear will be manufacturing plants opening up all across the fruited plane.

China takes only one thing seriously: money. Threaten their money supply and Xi will finally man up and take down Li’l Kim.

But that tariff needs some spine. A spine that will put the fear of Trump into every world leader.

2. Declare War

Congress declares that a state of war exists between the Government of North Korea and the Government and the people of the United States of America.

Being in a state of declared war does not require combat. But if Congress passes a war declaration, the world knows the president can initiate combat any time the mood strikes. With a single tweet, he can order our armed forces to wipe North Korea off the face of the earth.

People will pay attention to that. Kim will know that his life is in the hands of Donald J. Trump’s next tweet. China will know. Japan will know. South Korea will know. And Russia will know.

In plain English, the declaration of war is justified as follows:

  • North Korea’s leaders have repeatedly said they intend to use nuclear weapons to blackmail or attack the people of United States.
  • North Korea’s leaders have violated every UN mandate intended to stop North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and intercontinental delivery abilities.
  • North Korea has now the means, the motive, and the opportunity to attack the people of the United States with nuclear weapons.
  • Therefore, it is our right as human beings and our duty as a government to adopt this unanimous declaration of war between North Korea and the United States.
  • This declaration will remain in effect until altered or abolished by Congress.
  • May God have mercy on their communist souls.

Get Serious

It’s time to get serious. Ever since Jimmy Carter flew to Pyongyang to bring Kim Il-sung a batch of Miss Lilly’s secret peanut brittle, the North Korea has marched relentlessly toward total war against the United States.

Through three administrations, the United States threatened, appeased, cajoled, and looked the other way.

As President Trump said, the time for strategic patience with North Korea is over. Nothing will be gained by waiting until Kim wipes out millions of Americans as they sleep in bed. Nor do we gain by giving into his terroristic blackmail.

On this Independence Day, it’s time to declare independence from the fear and intimidation that puts the entire world at risk. It’s time declare economic and military war against North Korea and her greedy enablers.

The two actions, taken in tandem, will likely prevent war. It’s a bold move, but it’s necessary. Millions of American lives depend on it.

Happy Fourth.

God bless the brave heroes of our armed forces, especially those serving with my sons in the Pacific Theater.

Democrats Ruin the World (f-bombs included!)

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Picture this.

Every time you leave your teenage kids home alone for a weekend, you come back to stink-eyes from your neighbors, a living room that’s a sea of empty beer cans, a yard filled with cigarette butts, and a pregnant cat.

Pretty soon, you’d stop leaving those kids to their own devices, wouldn’t you? If you had to leave town, you’d find a sitter. Maybe a retired Marine uncle. Or a friendly cop to send a car by the house every half hour during the dark hours. But you wouldn’t let the behavior continue.

Now, think about how Democrats fuck up the world every time they get into the White House.

  • Kennedy/Johnson left Vietnam for Nixon
  • Carter left the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, and Iran Hostage Crisis for Reagan
  • Clinton left North Korea and al Qaeda for Bush
  • Obama left a nuclear North Korea, Syria, Russia, China, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, and a dozen other geopolitical nightmares for Trump

What’s worse is we elected those Republicans (excepting Nixon) largely to deal with problems at home. But each of those presidents had to spend his first term on foreign policy. Not because they wanted to. Because Democrats had actively fucked up the entire world while they were in charge.

Face it: international relations is just too complicated a subject for a Democrat’s brain. They’re not equipped for the challenge.

Democrats handle geopolitics like a cat handles an iPad. Sure, they can stomp on the icons and make sound come out, but the cat thinks it’s stepping on bugs when it’s actually tweeting out your online banking password. But you get million YouTube views for the video, so it all evens out.

Maybe you don’t want to think about foreign policy. Maybe you don’t want to deal with the fact that we are closer to nuclear war than we’ve been . . . ever. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter managed to help North Korea get nuclear weapons and ICBMs. Carter told Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il-song, to do whatever he wants; we’ll bring the casserole.

Now, Il-song’s deranged, inbred grandson has nukes and a million bottles of inherited Hennessy. He’s murdered his wife and her band, his brother, uncles, and thousands of others. He holds 100s of thousands of people in concentration camps. And he has a hard-on for using those nukes Grandpappy Il-song left him.

Two of my kids are within range of Kim Jong-un’s weapons. One is on shore duty with the Navy on the island of Guam. The other serves in the Navy with a helo combat squadron assigned to the USS Nimitz. So, I have some skin in this game. But this isn’t about my fatherly worry. It’s about my responsibility as a voter. And yours.

As a voter, I’m kind of like the government’s parent. As a parent, I won’t leave Democrats home alone again. They’re irresponsible, immature, and kind of stupid. That’s why they’re drawn to safer careers like acting, journalism, and university professorships. Those are good jobs for irresponsible, stupid people.

Respect the planet. Don’t ever vote Democrat.

Trump Launched 59 Cruise Missiles at Leftist Narratives

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No child of God should ever suffer such horror.

—President Donald J. Trump

The most powerful weapon in the world is narrative.

The most powerful weapon in the world is narrative.

That’s another way of saying the pen is mightier than the sword.

The most powerful weapon in the world is narrative.

Tonight, President Trump blew up four narratives of the left. And he made America great again in the world.

First, the Hitler narrative is dead as a doornail. A few people really believed Trump was the reincarnation of Hitler. By launching a Navy cruise missile strike on Syria, Trump used US weapons to protect and defend and avenge Muslim babies. Hitler didn’t do that. Humanitarians do what Trump did. Humanitarians. Trump just moved from Hitler to Mother Teresa. Narrative destroyed.

Second, the Russia narrative is dead as a doornail. Dead. Over. You will never hear about Russian complicity again. Trump attacked a Russian ally in living color. He punched Putin in the nose. The Russian narrative is done. Forever.

Third, the incompetent narrative is dead as a doornail. Incompetent people telegraph their moves. Trump shocked the entire world by bombing the hell out of a Syrian air base seemingly without warning. He knows what he’s doing, and that “incompetent” narrative is now dead.

Fourth, the “Trump is a lightweight” narrative is dead as a doornail. Don’t forget that commie Chinese dictator Xi is in Mar-a-Lago. Today, Xi was the senior statesman. Tomorrow, Trump will be the big bull in the room. Xi knows it. Trump just took the lead on the world’s stage.

I’m not going to debate the details of Trump’s action. Because details don’t matter. Ever. Narratives matter, because narratives are the most powerful weapons in the world.

Trump just made America great again. He made us the big kids on the block, where the block is the world.

Geopolitics is back. Realpolitik is in. America is in charge. And 18 months of leftist, anti-Trump narrative is dead as a doornail. Dead as doornail.

What is North Korea thinking now? What is Iran thinking now?

Tired of winning yet?

P.S. Two of my children are in harm’s way in the US Navy. My thanks to them for their dedication and professionalism.

UPDATE: This image and message will sink deeply into the American psyche>

New York Times emphasizes the same Trump pull quote as I did:

The Hubris of Nation Builders

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Guest Post by Lee A. Presser

My friend Bill Hennessy wrote an excellent 11-12-16 blog analysis of Anglo-American history and how it relates to Mr. Trump’s victory (http://hennessysview.com/2016/11/12/how-the-second-born-twin-can-be-older-than-the-first/).  After reading that blog I phoned him to add a tangential thought.  Bill suggested I share the thought with you.

It took 561 years (from the Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence) for the idea of limited government and political equality to infuse itself into Anglo-American culture.  By 1776 enough people believed in the possibility, that they were willing to fight for it and organize a government based on it after a battlefield victory.

In 2003 George W. Bush sent American troops into Iraq to remove its leader, Saddam Hussein.  At the start of the war, 72% of Americans interviewed in a CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll were in favor the war, while 25% were opposed.  That support rapidly eroded when the public discovered that after Saddam Hussein was in custody, President Bush intended to keep troops in Iraq until that country was democratized and a representative form of government was inaugurated.

President Bush had a strong mandate from the American people to win a war and remove an evil leader.  He did not have a mandate to sacrifice American lives to democratize Iraq.

Unlike the Anglo-American quest for limited government and political equality, the Iraqi people had been on no such journey.  They never imaged limited government as a cultural goal nor were they going to organize a government based on it after a battlefield victory.  Their culture, like most Middle-Eastern and Asian cultures, believed in strong leadership from the top down.  Individuals owed allegiance to the head of the family, the various family leaders submitted politically and militarily to the strongest leader.

Had President Bush crushed Saddam Hussein, hung him and his immediate chain of command, warned the successor leaders of Iraqnot to attack American interests again, he would have ended the war there and then.

Apparently, President Bush thought the Iraqi people could immediately achieve what it took Anglo-American culture over 500 years to accomplish; for the idea of limited government and political equality to infuse itself into a culture.  He insisted on providing the Iraqi people a form of government they did not seek and most knew little about.

Greek philosophers had a word for President Bush’s thinking process, hubris.

The Only Rule of Engagement Will Be Victory

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Guest Post by Lee Presser

When FDR sent the troops to fight World War 2, he sent them to win.  Since 1945, the political class has not given America’s military that clear instruction when being sent to war.  Political considerations have modified the goal of winning.  In Korea, it was fight but do not anger the Chinese.  In Viet Nam, it was fight but do not attack the enemy if they are standing on the other side of line drawn on a map.

By the time we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, the Rules of Engagement were so restrictive, winning was not an option.  The Political Class sent our young men and women to be maimed and killed, to be afflicted with psychological trauma, but not with the one instruction which would have made the sacrifice worth the effort; Win. 

By the start of the 2016 Presidential election cycle, polls reported that Americans did not want to send more sons and daughters to fight a ground war in the Middle East.  Can you blame them?  In the past mothers and fathers had the internal satisfaction of knowing their child was doing his duty and protecting the family from an enemy.  Grief stricken families proudly displayed Gold Star flags. 

In this post 911 world, sacrifice is questioned.  Some see the fallen and the maimed as patsies rather than as patriots.  Families feel regret without the satisfaction that comes with victory. 

Paris changed people’s minds.  The American public sees the danger of allowing our undefeated enemy to continue fighting while we sit dumbly awaiting his arrival at our local mall, coffee shop, or music venue.  Americans are ready to act decisively but fear the political class is not. 

It is time for the American military to be allowed to take the gloves off.  We must fight to defeat the enemy.  A strategy which starts with words ‘degrade an enemy’s capability’ is actually a formula for degrading the fighting will of Americans.  The goal of war is to break the enemy’s will to fight, forcing him to the table for a negotiated peace.  If they will not give up, they all must be destroyed.  The Battle of Guadalcanal, the Battle of Peleliu, and the Battle of Iwo Jima are but three examples of destroying an enemy who failed to surrender to the American military. 

When we go back to the Middle East, it must be with overwhelming military force.  The only rule of engagement will be victory.  It is time America puts the fear of God in those barbarian cowards who hide among the civilian population and expect that will shield them and their heinous acts from American justice. 

God bless America!  God protect those who fight in her name. 

If this sounds familiar, see Rules of War