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Firing John Kerry Is Obama’s Only Hope for Credibility

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John Kerry isn’t fit for Secretary of State, and the whole world knows it.

If Obama every had a strategy for Syria, John Kerry destroyed it in a matter of minutes Monday.

First, Kerry said any American response to unspeakable humanitarian crisis in Syria would be “unbelievably small.” Man, you know that fired up the Marines floating off the coast of Syria. I can see them, Mae Wests on, ready to charge the beach, hearing that dreadful command: “Fix bottle rockets!”

Then, with the entire internet still laughing at his first gaffe of the day, Kerry went further. He said Syrian president Bashar al Assad had one week to surrender his chemical and biological weapons.

Immediately, the State Department contradicted Kerry. But it can’t. The State Department reports to John Kerry. Only the President can overrule a diplomatic offer from the Secretary of State.


But it was too late, and the Russians know their protocol.

Putin offered to oversee the inspections and control of Syria’s biological and chemical weapons. Then the White House tried to claim responsibility for the maneuver. The progressive press doctored up stories claiming this weapons surrender was in the works weeks ago.

The trouble is, everyone watched Obama’s Keystone Cop chief drooling through diplomatic hell. The truth was out there and obvious and disturbing. Shep Smith put it best: “we just got played.”

Barack Obama appointed Kerry to a very important job. And John Kerry has proven himself perfectly capable of accidentally launching World War III.

Obama owes himself, the United States, and the world relief from the risk posed by Kerry’s incompetence.

Until our Secretary of State is a sober adult, we have no business considering military action.

Little Wars Waste Lives. Go Big Or Stay Home

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War is too damn serious to fight in half-measures or for a president’s pride.

And I am sick of American troops leaving our shores filled with vigor and ambition and hope only to return disillusioned, scarred, maimed, or dead. On this, left and right are beginning to agree.

Here are just some of the wars we fought half-assed in my lifetime:

  • Vietnam
  • El Salvador/Nicaragua
  • Libya
  • Iraq I
  • Iraq II
  • Afghanistan

By “half-assed,” I mean sending troops into harms way with no better purpose than to stop fighting on some arbitrary date and time. A date determined by crusty old men and cracked old ladies in Washington whose net worth doubles every time the US flag drapes another coffin.

A calendar isn’t worth killing our kids for. You can buy calendars at Walmart for a $14.95, and they come with pictures of hot women or cute puppies, not dead Marines.

So if we’re going to have this debate, let’s go all the way.

I will support war with Syria if we are fighting for unconditional surrender of the enemy.

I will support a war resolution that tells the executive branch to any and all means to bring the enemy to his knees, including nuclear weapons.

I will support a war of massive proportions if we’re in it to win it and fight until the last enemy—or the last American—is dead or captured.

I will support a war in which every American suffers to some degree. No toilet paper, no Comedy Central, gasoline once a week, no new cars or computers, and no entertainment awards shows of any kind.

I will support a real war that meets the criteria I wrote about (with embarrassingly stilted language) in my 1993 book The Conservative Manifesto:

The United States seeks to be left alone. Therefore, when we are provoked to the point that force is required against a foreign country, the objective of the United States’ action will be total and unconditional surrender of the enemy. Likewise, the United States will not place its armed forces in harm’s way unless the objective of our action is total and unconditional surrender of the enemy.

My son Patrick, who just grabbed something out of the refrigerator behind me, was just a baby lying in his playpen next to my desk when I typed those words. He turned 20 this summer. When I wrote that, I was wearing my summer whites—the Navy’s summer office uniform. I was living in Navy housing in Groton, CT.

My position on war isn’t new. And it’s been consistent. Unlike Secretary of State John Kerry who opposed every action America undertook until he became Sec State and eligible to put his name on the trophy if we win.

So here’s my bill for Congress, the one I will support:

1. A state of war exists between the United States and Syria and shall remain until Syria’s government surrenders to American forces without condition.

2. The Executive shall prosecute this war to its successful end as defined in paragraph 1 using all weapons available—or that become available—including nuclear weapons.

Bring up that bill, Senator McCain. Have that debate with the American people. Say it! Have the balls to tell the American people and the world we mean business. Or shut up.

If you’re not willing to fight a total war, read up on the current conditions in Libya, Egypt, and Iraq.

Stop getting people killed and leaving messes for other people to clean up—or die trying.

It’s time to choose.

War or peace.

Defeat or victory.

No more Vietnams.


Am I Crazy If I Don’t Believe the President?

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John McCain and John Boehner believe him.

John Kerry believes him.

Nancy Pelosi, too.

But I don’t.

I don’t believe the US has irrefutable, indisputable proof that the Syrian government intentionally killed 1,500 people with sarin gas.

I don’t believe it.

Not yet.

And neither does Yossef Bodansky.

You’re probably thinking “this Bodansky guy’s some conspiracy kook, too.”

Here’s Bodansky’s Wikipedia header:

Yossef Bodansky (born in Israel) is an Israeli-Americanpolitical scientist who served as Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives from 1988 to 2004. He is also Director of Research of the International Strategic Studies Association and has been a visiting scholar at Johns Hopkins University‘s Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). In the 1980s, he served as a senior consultant for the Department of Defense and the Department of State.

He is also a senior editor for the Defense and Foreign Affairs group of publications and a contributor to the International Military and Defense Encyclopedia and is on the Advisory Council of The Intelligence Summit. Bodansky’s numerous articles have been published in Global Affairs, Jane’s Defense Weekly, Defense and Foreign Affairs: Strategic Policy and other periodicals.

Bodansky’s more credentialed than Barack Obama and John Kerry combined.

Bodansky doubts the US official story–the story Obama, Kerry, McCain, and Boehner are advancing as justification for another war. His sources are affiliated with the Syrian opposition.

Those sources have evidence that the opposition launched the sarin gas attacks that allegedly killed over 400 children and 1,000 others.

But that’s not all.

Bodansky suspects the White House aided the deadly attack.

The extent of U.S. foreknowledge of this provocation needs further investigation because available data puts the “horror” of the Barack Obama White House in a different and disturbing light.

Bodansky’s article in World Tribune explains:

The mere fact that weapon storage sites under the tight supervision of U.S. intelligence were opened up and about a thousand tons of high-quality weapons were distributed to the opposition indicates that U.S. intelligence anticipated such a provocation and the opportunity for the Syrian opposition to exploit the impact of the ensuing U.S. and allied bombing. Hence, even if the Obama White House did not know in advance of the chemical provocation, they should have concluded, or at the very least suspected, that the chemical attack was most likely the “war-changing development” anticipated by the opposition leaders as provocation of U.S.-led bombing. Under such circumstances, the Obama White House should have refrained from rushing head-on to accuse Assad’s Damascus and threaten retaliation, thus making the Obama White House at the very least complicit after the act.

If true, Obama could spend time at the defense table at The Hague.

Call me crazy. Call me war-weary. Call me a kook.

I’m not ready to launch another war. I’m not ready send Americans into another civil war in the Middle East. I’m not ready to help Damascus to become the next Benghazi.

We’ve seen the chaos that ensued from our interventions in Libya and Egypt. We know that Obama is incapable of finishing a job. We know we’ve lost or damaged some of the best young people of the Millennial Generation with very little to show for it.

I know McCain’s a war hero who plays pocket poker during hearings on the war, but I know he’s wrong a lot.

I fear that if we jump into this war in Syria, the consequences could be huge. Russia will likely step up support of Assad. Al Qaeda will end up with more American weapons and intelligence. When cruise missiles prove inadequate, US Marines will die in someone else’s civil war.

I’m tired of watching flag-draped caskets with motorcycle escorts parade down I-44 past my office window.

I won’t vote for anyone who votes for this war unless they first convince me that war in Syria is the only thing that will preserve the republic. If Ann Wagner or Roy Blunt votes for war and survives their primary, I’ll vote for a third party or abstain from those votes. If the next GOP presidential candidate emerges from Congress, same there.

I’m ready for peace.

Are you?

Is Petraeus Taking Obama With Him?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Note:  This is a flight of fantasy. If anything in this post is later shown to conform reality, it’s pure coincidence.  Nor am I accusing Gen. Petraeus of any crime or of compromising of national security secrets. (Just enjoy it, will ya?)

A sex scandal rocks the king of spies.

An email chain unravels the Pentagon high command.

A cover-up exposed.

It’s like the back cover of a Nelson DeMille novel.

Generals don’t forget they’re soldiers just because they crawl behind a desk.


Soldiers look out for each other.

General David Petrraeus’s nature is to have the back of every American in uniform. And every American assigned to some shit-hole consulate representing the USA.

When people under a general’s command die, the general dies a little with them. Maybe that’s why a fender-bender killed Patton at the end of WWII. He’d already absorbed a lot of blows by proxy.

So imagine David Petraeus’s fury at the Obama Administration’s handling of the Benghazi massacre. Good men left to die while the President raised money for his re-election.

Then the President’s people go on TV to blame to the CIA for the debacle.

“The f***ing gall!”

As pressure mounts from non-MSM journalists, and the White House continues to lie and stonewall, General Petraeus has had it. On October 26, Petraeus throws Obama under the bus by flatly contradicting Obama’s claim that the CIA gave the order to stand down in Benghazi.

Repercussions?  he thinks. Who cares. The Commander in Chief failed in his most basic duty, and the press is letting  him walk.

The media and Congressional Democrats didn’t give a damn about a few lives in Benghazi.  And there’s no way to get their attention on the matter. Even if Petraeus quit and shouted “cover-up” from the highest mountain, Brian Williams’s head is too far up Obama’s ass to hear a pound of C4 detonating 5 feet away.


And then comes the lady trouble.

Petraeus is smart enough to know that sex sells newspapers. And TV ads. Wrap a national security story inside a torrid affair with a ex-military hottie and a Tampa Troop Groupie and everybody suddenly knows everything about everything.

Jill Kelley: Troop Groupie

He knows that he and West Point graduate Paula Broadwell are going down at some point. Why not take the White House down with them?

So the general makes sure the mistress knows just enough about the Benghazi fiasco to rock the White House, but not enough to compromise sources, methods, or operations.

(There IS a new James Bond movie out, ya know.)

Tonight the FBI raided Broadwell’s house. They’re confiscating papers and computers—anything with a magnetic disk or SSD. They’re looking for classified information that Paula shouldn’t have.

Fox News reports that on October 26—the same day Patraeus contradicted the White House about Benghazi—Paula Broadwell may have included classified information about the attack in a speech in Colorado.

The White House, eager to destroy Petraeus, will leak all the nasty spy stuff they find on the little lady’s hard drives. Andrea Mitchell will breathlessly read the “secret” memos about that horrible night in September. Americans who through “Ben Ghazi” was a kid they sat begin in second grade, will learn all about the #7HoursOfHell.

(Did you know that Petraeus conducted his own investigation of Benghazi last month?)

Could It Be?

Could David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell have thrown themselves on a grenade to get the word out about Benghazi?

Regardless, Patraeus is ruined. But if this case ended as a complicated act of defiance over Benghazi, this affair could be his finest hour.

After all, they’re reporting on Benghazi now, aren’t they?


Obama the Reckless

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On Saturday, the United States suffered its highest human lost since the Afghanistan conflict began.  At least 38 elite, brave American warriors died in combat.

Flasback to May 23 of this year. That’s when Barack Obama made the surprise announcement that he would begin accelerated troop withdrawals in July.  That timetable meant beginning the withdrawal during the summer fighting season.

Current and former military experts advised the president against this reckless move. People who understand war knew that the President would place lives unnecessarily at risk for his own political gain.

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs, testified to the House Armed Services Committee:

The president’s decisions are more aggressive and incur more risk than I was originally prepared to accept.

General David Petraeus, the NATO commander in Afghanistan, testified to the US Senate:

The ultimate decision was a more aggressive formulation, if you will, in terms of the timeline than what we had recommended.

(source: The Telegraph)

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham called the President’s decision “an unnecessary risk” and asked him to reconsider (The Daily Beast).

Then Defense Secretary Robert Gates justified the decision, saying it was based on the political situation in the United States, not the military realities on the ground in the theatre.

In the end. Mullen and Gates admitted that the decision was the President’s and the President’s alone. That should make it very difficult for Obama to pass the buck on this one. Still, you know he’ll try.

Eternal rest grant unto them o Lord, and let the perpetual light shine on them. May their souls and those of all the faithful departed, through Your mercy, rest in peace.

Stand With Israel

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Dear friend,

In the wake of President Obama’s reckless comments directed
towards Israel, I have just added my name to Grassfire Nation’s
“I Support Israel” petition, and I’m urging you to do the same.

Click here for more and to add your name to Grassfire Nation’s
“I Support Israel” petition by clicking below:


P.S.  I find this site interesting, but I don’t know much about the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. Please share your knowledge in the comments.