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War Dividends

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Back in 1989, the term Peace Dividend was all the rage. Peace Dividend referred to money Democrats could spend on welfare programs and pork as a result of the end of the Cold War. Today, Bush and Blair announced a new, better, and real dividend: the dividends of war.

After seeing the effectiveness of Bush’s policy in overthrowing Saddam, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi has admitted trying to develop weapons of mass destruction — but now plans to dismantle all such programs. The US and UK made the announcement, today, after months of secret negotiations with The Colonel.

No rational human being can conclude that Qadhafi’s actions are the result of anything but good old fashioned fear of the hell the US military can unleash. Qadhafi instigated the negotiations in April, just after the US, UK, et al, launched the war to liberate Iraq. He knew he was next, and Bush’s comments left no doubt.

“In word and in action, we have clarified the choices left to potential adversaries,” Mr. Bush said.

Three cheers for real men of substance, Bush and Blair, whose steadfastness against evil, the UN, and terrorism has wrought yet another dividend.

Kofi Annan “Frustrated”

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The vassal of vascilationville, Kofi Annan, is frustrated that the US and the Iraqi Governing Council are not giveing him “specific answers” to his questions regarding the UN’s role in post-war Iraq. The ballsy son-of-a-*** is sounding pretty damn uppity about it.

Markets Update

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Well, the President gets more positive coverage with a press conference, the Army announces the arrests of Iraqi resistence leaders based on information contained in documents found with Saddam, and the markets respond by turning down. The Dow, up by more tha 80 points earlier in the day, is at +60, while NASDAQ is just about flat at +2.
The American investor class knows nothing of patriotism. Sometimes, at seminal moments in history, it is right to subordinate your personal wealth to the national or world good. But the same “me first” monied folks who sold like mad after 9/11–Warren Buffett foremost–are padding their pockets today. Greed and selfishness know no bounds, political, patriotic, or otherwise.