NFL Losing a Laugher (Video)

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Blowout. Embarrassment. Lopsided. Laugher.


Fans are doing to the NFL what Ray Rice did to his girlfriend in that elevator.

Bars are banning football.

The VFW has condemned the NFL. 

Fans are burning jerseys.

American Sniper’s widow livid.

Viewership is down 11% year-over-year.

Fans boo players they recognize.

Baltimore fans demanding Ray Lewis statue come down like he’s General Lee.

Major NFL sponsors are under increasing pressure to pull ads.

The anthem-haters are becoming the biggest sports PR disaster since the Black Sox scandal.

Up Next for the NFL: labor dispute will shorten either 2017 or 2018 season, or both. Owners will take a stand against anthem protests. Players’ union will object. All hell will break loose.

Pass the popcorn. Trump is #winning. 



Jack Kemp Stood for Civil Rights . . . And America

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Jack Kemp is on the top of my wall of heroes. Literally. An autographed Kemp card sits on top of my bookshelf housing the works and images of my heroes.

As the NFL self-destructs, it’s worth reading about Jack Kemp’s work for civil rights. And for the Republican Party. And for conservatism.

Jack Kemp’s Activism

Kemp did it all. And, thanks to Jeffrey Lord, we can remember Kemp’s finest moments of civil rights activism:

The 1964 American Football League All-Star Game was scheduled to be held in New Orleans in January, 1965. Kemp and team-mates Ernie Warlick and Cookie Gilchrist were members of the Eastern Division team. When they arrived at the New Orleans airport, Gilchrist and Warlick hailed a nearby cab. The cabbie told Gilchrist: “You have to take a colored cab”, to which Cookie replied “I don’t care what color it is, we just want a cab!” The driver explained that they had to wait for a cab used only for black patrons. He peered out at Kemp, though, and said “I’ll take you.” Kemp replied that if the cab was too good for his friends, it wasn’t good enough for him.

After similar treatment of the black players at their hotel and other Big Easy establishments, Kemp joined with the rest of the white players on the squad to support the black players in their boycott of the city. In an early civil rights stand, the players held out and the game was moved to Houston.

That’s Jack Kemp. Patriot and leader.

Jeffrey Lord asks that you honor Jack Kemp by shunning the NFL and all its works and all its empty promises.

Turn off the games. Don’t go to the games. Stop buying the endless merchandise.

As it were, it is apparently time for the fans of the NFL to “take a knee.” To boycott the NFL by simply closing their wallets and walking away from rich, privileged athletes who couldn’t polish Jack Kemp’s cleats. Much less have the real courage to go outside the football stadium and help — yes — make America great again.

The NFL that threatened to fine players for honoring 9/11 victims. The NFL that prohibited the Dallas Cowboys from honoring police officers assassinated in the line of duty. The NFL that now claims players right to desecrate the flag at work cannot be infringed. That NFL doesn’t deserve another American nickel.

You Can Take Action

Yet, that NFL that expresses its disrespect for the United States with juvenile pre-game demonstrations takes $7 billion in United States tax dollars to build stadiums.

Along with the NFL, let’s not do business with the NFL’s largest sponsors:

  • Boycott Ford
  • Boycott GM
  • Boycott Anheuser-Busch
  • Boycott Nike

How ignorant of Ford and GM. Did they do the math before supporting this anti-American demonstration? How many pickups do Ford and GM sell to former NFL fans? How many pickups and SUVs? (I’d buy Toyota and Nissan stock now.)

Next, the president should sign an executive order prohibiting any federal agency from advertising during NFL events. He should prohibit the Department of Defense from participating in any NFL event. No flyovers. No parachute drops. No color guards.

Finally, it’s time to remove the NFL’s antitrust exemption. Let the owners be subject to the laws that govern other industries.

In other words, it’s not enough to turn our backs on football. It’s time to actively destroy the NFL. 


My autographed Jack Kemp card



Villanueva Was Wrong

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By now you’ve seen the photo. The iconic photo. One lone Army Ranger veteran defying his team to salute the flag during the Star-Spangled Banner.

screenshot CBS


You know that Alejandro Villanueva’s jersey and t-shirt immediately became the best-selling merchandise from the NFL’s store.

Villanueva served three tours of combat duty as an Army Ranger. He’s authorized to wear the Bronze Star. He stood for his country. In Afghanistan with the Army and in Pittsburgh alone.

But Villanueva made a big mistake. 

Today, Villanueva apologized for standing with hand on heart for the national anthem. He apologized to his teammates. That was Villanueva’s mistake.

Never apologize for doing what’s right.

Villanueva says he inadvertently threw his teammates “under the bus.” By standing for our national anthem, Villanueva fears, “I made my teammates look bad.”

No, Al. You didn’t make your teammates look bad. Your teammates made your teammates look bad.

You, Al, did not throw your teammates under the bus. Your teammates threw you under the bus. Your teammates threw your fellow veterans under the bus. Your teammates threw your country under the bus.

You, Al, owe none of your teammates an apology. Your teammates owe you an apology. Your teammates owe their country an apology.

You are the only player on the Pittsburgh Steelers who earned respect. The rest of your team and your coach deserve scorn.

Stand tall, Al. You did the right thing. Don’t let those bastards get you down.

What Else Can You Do?

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Brain damage. They all have brain damage. And they’ll likely die from it. Like Aaron Hernandez.

99 out of every 100 football players have serious brain damage.

Kneeling for CTE

NFL players and owners decided to show their disrespect to the flag, law enforcement, and the USA by kneeling during the national anthem. In a foreign country.

The president responded by saying the NFL (and the TV networks) would be in big trouble if people stopped watching or attending games.

Not everybody will stop watching football, of course. Just certain people. People, like me, who served in the military. People, like me, who have kids in the military. People, like me, who have loved ones in law enforcement. People, like me, who put America first.

Even among people like me, though, there’s a problem. What else can you do? On a Sunday afternoon, a Monday or Thursday night, what else could you possibly do?

What Else Is There?

It’s not like you have any choices. I mean, can you think of anything to do besides watching football?

Of course not. There’s nothing else on television. Netflix shuts down during football games. You don’t have any family or friends to visit. There’s no work to be done. No floors to be swept. No bedrooms to be painted. No laundry to be folded. No books to be read. Nothing to be done, is there?

When there’s a football game on, there’s nothing else to do. You almost have to watch those large, mostly minority men, get concussed. In fact, the new American pastime is watching men develop brain damage one play at a time. (See Aaron Hernandez family’s lawsuit against the NFL.)

Football, Suicide, Homicide, and Assault

Sure, you could go to and bet on the next NFLer to commit suicide or kill a loved one, but that only takes a minute. Football games last 3.5 hours with all the commercials. But you could, if you wanted to make some money on it, bet on NFL player suicides and felonies. It’s one way to take back some of the money people wasted on Rams’ personal seat licenses.

Several ex-NFL players (Junior Seau, Dave Duerson, Andre Waters, Ray Easterling) who took their own lives were diagnosed with CTE postmortem. CTE victims have struggled with impulse control, turned violent against their spouses, abused drugs, raged and acted irrationally. In 2012 Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, who had CTE, killed his girlfriend before shooting himself. —TIME Magazine

Come to think of it, maybe that’s what the whole NFL is doing by kneeling: committing suicide as a league.

Yesterday, I was a little angry at the NFL. Today, I’m angrier. Yesterday, I was angry about the anti-American sentiment of the commissioner and the players he owns. Today, I’m angry at the NFL and its owners. They make money by damaging men’s brains. The NFL and its sponsors are as bad as cigarette makers.

How Can You Watch?

After reading this TIME magazine article, I feel sorry for NFL players. They’re basically emotionally disturbed. Because of football. Football makes you crazy. Mentally or emotionally, football players can’t really be considered competent:

[T]he Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in which researchers examined the brains of 111 deceased NFL players; 110 of them, or 99%, had CTE. Just this week, a study in the journal Nature’s Translational Psychiatry found that among of sample of 214 former high school, college, and professional players, playing tackle football before the age of 12 increased the odds of problems with behavioral regulation, apathy and executive functioning later in life by twofold, and the odds of suffering symptoms of depression threefold.

If you can think of something else to do while football’s going on, please share it in the comments below. Consider this a public service. You wouldn’t want to take pleasure in watching men get brain damage for their owner’s enrichment, would you?

Franco Harris: All American

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You might not know about Franco Harris. You might wonder why he’s so unhappy, like many of us are, with the NFL’s anti-American antics lately. But his wonderful heritage tells a lot about why my favorite running back respects America.

His dad was an Army soldier. His dad met his mom in Italy during World War II. They married and returned to New Jersey.

[Read this fantastic 1996 Baltimore Sun biography of Franco Harris.]

Franco’s dad stayed in the Army after the war. To make ends meet, the elder Harris took on several part-time jobs.

Franco’s immigrant mother, Gina, also worked. She worked in school cafeterias. She even started a business importing Italian coffins.

The Harrises raised Franco on work and love of country.

Despite being half black, half Italian, the son of an immigrant, in an era of racial tension, segregation, and social turmoil, Franco Harris kept is focus on the beautiful values Cad and Gina Harris instilled in their son.

  • Faith
  • Work
  • Country
  • Education

Those were the values Harris grew up with. They’re the values so absent from the NFL today.

Football and the USA need fewer Kaepernicks and more Francos.


The great Franco Harris (32) rushes toward the end zone against the same old Rams, following blocks of Vietnam veteran Rocky Bleier (20)


NFL Hates Football Fans; Fire Them All

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You can see the battle brewing. It’s coming to a head. And no one is telling you the real reason the NFL is dying before your eyes.

Everyone sees the symptoms of football’s death spiral:  empty stadiums. Crashed ratings. low quality. Criminals on the field. Some people call it “the National Felony League.”

Frustrated fans look for better entertainment. Ticket sales remain high for one reason: stupid corporate executives. Stupid executives think it’s still a status symbol to control lots of NFL tickets. It’s not. Holding a lot of NFL tickets is a sign of stupidity. This isn’t 1999, folks. American sports fans have moved on.

[Breitbart: 34% Less Likely to Watch NFL Because of Anthem Protests]

But none of that gets to the reason for football’s demise.

The NFL’s Real Problem

The real reason for football’s demise is complicated. Inferior quality of play is one. Terrible officiating another. And the league’s stupid rules. Too many pads that become weapons. Outrageous prices designed to drive away retail fans and attract that corporate executives and their tax-free marketing dollars.

Those are reasons. But they’re not the main reason for football’s collapse.

The main reason is more human. Football’s death spiral is all about the players and owners. And the fans.

Television ratings for the NFL have been slipping since the beginning of the 2016 season. The league and observers have blamed a combination of factors, including competing coverage of last year’s presidential election, more viewers dropping cable television, fans’ discomfort with the reports of head trauma and the anthem protests.” —CBS, Boston

And it’s a sad story that reflects the divisions throughout the country.

The NFL is dying because NFL insiders despise NFL fans. The players hate their fans. The owners hate their fans. The sponsors hate the fans. And the fans can sense it.

You know’s the epitome of the NFL fan? Donald J. Trump.

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Line

“Get that son of a bitch off the field right now . . .” —President Donald J. Trump in Huntsville, Alabama

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners,” President Trump told 20,000+ roaring fans in Huntsville, Alabama last night,  “when somebody disrespects our flag, to say ‘get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out. He’s fired. He’s FIRED!'”

That’s the line everybody remembers. The line everybody loves. The vulgarity. The emotion. The voice of the voters who elected him. Perfectly delivered. Perfectly summarized. A perfect takedown of NFL flag desecrators and their owners.

Players and Owners Hate Their Fans

Ever since failed quarterback Colin Kaepernick first took a knee to show is disdain for the country that made him a millionaire, some NFL players have made it clear: their values are not their fans’ values.

NFL owners, meanwhile, have been afraid to deal with their players’ contempt for the fans and the country.

But the people know. People know.

Our brains are wired to recognize contempt in others. We can see it. We can smell it. Our brains detect even the tiniest sign of contempt. Because contempt is a potential threat. And our survival as individuals and as a species requires early, reliable threat detection.

When NFL ratings and attendance began their decline last year, you can bet a major part of that decline stems from our brain’s remarkable ability to detect a threat. A threat posed by the players who hate their fans. Hate their fans’ values.

Trump Exposed NFL’s Contempt for Americans

Well, President Trump brought the players’ contempt to a head. Immediately after the president’s remarks, NFL players and even NFL commissioner Goodell, took to Twitter to express just how much they despise their fans in places like Huntsville, Alabama.

Former player Shaun King and others weighed in. Their brainless, selfish, anti-fan, anti-American tweets don’t deserve space on my blog.

Americans have no reason to support the NFL any longer. The commissioner and the owners have taken their stand. Or, I should say, have taken their seat. They’ve taken a seat to show their contempt for the flag, the country, our president, and their fans.

You Can Live Without Football

I did not watch a single NFL game last year unless football was the only thing on in a public bar or whatever. You can do the same. And, judging from this tweet, a lot of people stayed away from the Rams-49ers game on Thursday.

Look at that empty stadium. For a rivalry game!

I was a St. Louis Cardinals football season ticket holder. I played high school football. I loved my great football heroes like Jackie Smith, Ottis Anderson, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Franco Harris, Jim Hart, Dan Dierdorf, Conrad Dobler. (I’ll stop there. Too many to name them all.)

The Greatest Show on Turf era in St. Louis gave us so many great, lifelong memories. Football is such a great sport.

But the greed of the owners and players, the cowardice of their corporate sponsors, and the politicization of the game by players and owners alike has made football a disease to me. And to many others. Football disease.

[Franco Harris: ‘Players in my day would have dealt with anthem protesters.‘]

I’m sad to see football go. As crazy as that sounds, football is dead to me. Football is dead.

It’s time for the fans to administer last rites. Time for the fans to say, “get those sons of bitches off the field right now. Out. They’re FIRED!”

Or maybe the good players will deal with those anthem protesters. Like the old days.