Trump’s Third Act: The Honey Badger

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Can you guess Stephen K. Bannon’s mantra at Breitbart? It’s not, “act like a Republican and lose.” It’s not “pivot,” a word I detest. “Honey badger don’t give a s—” is the Breitbart motto, and “the most dangerous political operative in America” is now running Donald Trump’s campaign. Raise the curtain on act three.

The entire political world is reeling today with news that Donald Trump has named the incredible Stephen K. Bannon as his campaign’s Chief Executive. Joining Bannon is renowned Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway as Campaign Manager, filling a void left by the departure of Corey Lewandowski in June.

This is a brilliant move by Trump, and Bannon’s influence has already helped produce what CBS News’ Major Garrett said is Trump’s best speech ever on Tuesday in Wisconsin.

Having been listening [to Trump’s speeches] since August 2015, [this was] objectively best drafted and best delivered @realDonaldTrump speech of the campaign. Will resonate.

First, you should know more about Breitbart’s Executive Chairman, Stephen Bannon. From an exhaustive Bloomberg profile that called Bannon “the most dangerous political operative in America”:

Bannon’s life is a succession of Gatsbyish reinventions that made him rich and landed him squarely in the middle of the 2016 presidential race: He’s been a naval officer, investment banker, minor Hollywood player, and political impresario. When former Disney chief Michael Ovitz’s empire was falling to pieces, Bannon sat Ovitz down in his living room and delivered the news that he was finished. When Sarah Palin was at the height of her fame, Bannon was whispering in her ear. When Donald Trump decided to blow up the Republican presidential field, Bannon encouraged his circus-like visit to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Hiring Bannon and Conway begin Trump’s third act because it’s the opposite of what everyone expected. It’s a double-down on Trump’s honey badger campaign.

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams has been writing about Trump’s third act for months. Adams says Trump’s campaign is like a movie script. The third act is the part where it seems the hero, Trump, has no chance of surviving. Then something big happens–something that was foreshadowed very early in the movie. Just this week, Adams doubled down on his prediction of a Trump landslide:

I still predict a Trump landslide, based on the 3rd act movie formula. Trump is in his deepest hole right now. This is when the surprise happens (next two months) if it is going to happen. He’s had other deep holes, but none as deep as this. This is the big one because time is running out.

BTW, Trump’s primary campaign came in the three acts, too. Even before Trump lost the Wisconsin primary in April, many people said Trump had zero chance of reaching 1,237 delegates.  They were wrong, of course. Scott Adams saw Trump’s 3rd act coming. Here’s how described Trump’s situation on April 4, 2016:

So I will update my description of Trump bringing a flamethrower to a stick fight by saying I forgot the audience have their own torches. Collectively, those torches are bigger than Trump’s flamethrower. And the audience left their seats and attacked, using pure emotion, persuasion, and repetition. Trump is surrounded and outnumbered.

Let’s call it his third act. In movie terms, this is the hero’s deepest hole. It looks to the audience that he can’t climb out. Trump has been branded a sexist Hitler and left to die at the bottom of the hole. There is no solution, we think.

After Trump got smoked in Wisconsin, Salon ran this headline:

After Wisconsin loss, his second-rate, overmatched staff might not be able to right the ship

Trump’s had a horrible two weeks, and reports say there’s a festering disarray within his campaign

Sound familiar?

Trump’s in about the same position now as he was in April, but with a different opponent. In April, Trump faced Ted Cruz and the GOP establishment. Now, he faces Crooked Hillary and the MSM plus the GOP establishment. He has more enemies now.

But he also has more friends.

Adams and everyone else (myself included) thought Trump would “pivot” to a normal Republican campaign. Like Romney. But Trump’s not an ordinary Republican. He’s Trump. And Trump always owns the downside by doubling down. Putting Bannon in charge of his campaign makes doubling down look like risk aversion.

The Bannon move is the biggest, boldest, and brightest move Trump has made in the campaign. Maybe in his life, but definitely in the campaign. Like Trump, Bannon is a win-at-all-cost guy. He’s media savvy. He’s intelligent. He’s ridiculously successful in many different careers. Put another way Bannon doesn’t lose. He doesn’t know how.

My prediction: Trump will win in a landslide, and the shift toward Trump began with Tuesday’s speech on how Democrats have been screwing over blacks for half a century. (Actually, since the Democratic Party founded slavery and fought a war to keep slavery in America, the Democrat assault on blacks goes back way beyond 60 years.) People called Trump’s speech a “law and order” speech, but that’s not what it was. It was really about how the Democrats intentionally destroy black lives. Trump is undeniably right, of course, and everybody knows it. Breitbart profiled Sonnie Johnson’s reaction to Trump’s speech:

podcaster Sonnie Johnson said she was “yelling and screaming” during Donald Trump’s speech in Wisconsin on Tuesday night, because “it felt like a speech that I could have written, that I would have given, that I’ve given so many times, in front of so many audiences.”

Johnson said Trump’s speech targeted what “Democrats have done to the black community over the last sixty years,” and laid things out more plainly, and boldly, than previous Republicans have dared to attempt.

In his third act, Trump will go after Democrat strongholds: African-Americans, Latinos, union members, gays, and women. He will do it the way Trump does everything: big.  Trump will end up with 20 percent of the African-American vote nationally. Maybe more. (He’s already at 14%, double Romney’s pathetic number, via The Gateway Pundit.) But at least 20 percent. (See “Trump and the Black Vote” for more.)

 I am asking for the vote of every African-American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different future.—Donald Trump

The black surge for Trump could take a few weeks. You’ll start to see the shift in polling about August 28, which is the same day as our Tea Party for Trump in Festus.

Back in April, Adams saw Trump climbing out of that hole long before most of us saw it:

But Trump already started climbing. You don’t see it yet because he is operating entirely in the third dimension. I’ll help you see it.

Bannon is the perfect chief executive for Trump’s third act. Bannon and Trump are honey badgers. To a honey badger, a cobra bite is just an excuse for a nap.

Pass the popcorn. The third act is just beginning.

Come Down to Arkansas August 13

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It’s a great honor to be invited to speak at the Arkansas Tea Party Convention August 13 (details in a bit). It’s a bigger honor that they’ve invited me back for a second consecutive year. I’d love to see familiar Missouri faces in the crowd.

I’m going to talk about how we can be way more persuasive. Persuasion is what wins elections. Not facts. Persuasion. The more you know about persuasion, the more your side will win. It’s that simple. That’s why the left dominates the persuasion fields: advertising, movies, TV, journalism, education, psychology. Our side has pretty much abandoned those fields, haven’t we?

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Ed Martin Moves to Censure Henry Barbour Over Racist Mississippi Ads

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Go Ed!

A few weeks ago, hunkered down at my laptop in my hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida. I was exhausted from seven hours of travel and a time change. But I had to take a moment to recognize Ed Martin’s commitment to all the best the Republican Party stands for.

Ed is determined to expose the GOP establishment’s willingness to do anything to destroy grassroots insurgents. Thad Cochran’s forces in Mississippi threw ethics, morality, and decency to the wind in their quest to stop a Tea Party candidate from unseating the 128-term Cochran.

So I can’t tell you how proud I was when I saw this Daily Caller article by Missouri GOP Chairman, Ed Martin. He explains why he wants the GOP to censure Barbour:

I’ve been asked why I’m involved in Mississippi. I’m not. I’m involved in Missouri, where the use of racist political ads is a common Democratic campaign trick. The most relevant was in 2004, when the George Soros-funded 527 organization, America Coming Together, distributed a flyer with an image of a black man being hosed by a white fireman. The text next to the image linked U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft (a Missouri Republican) with an effort to keep African American voters from the polls

While a Democrat has acknowledged placing some of the racist ads in Mississippi, Martin points out that Henry Barbour–a Cochran crony–has dirty hands, as well.

In Mississippi this June, Henry Barbour’s PAC funded ads by a man named Bishop Crudup with the same lie. Using images from the Civil Rights era, one Barbour flyer states that the “Tea Party intends to prevent you from voting.” The flyer was heavily distributed to black neighborhoods in clear echoes of the Soros-funded message against Republicans in 2004. The Democrats and their operatives with bylines in the media regularly accuse Republicans of voter suppression. This is the first time in my experience that a Republican has done so.

When Tea Partiers see such despicable behavior from big-name Republican establishment figures, we worry that we were used in 2009 and 2010. For the record, we delivered the House to the GOP that year, denied Obama a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.

Here’s Ed’s specific action:

I have filed two resolutions for the RNC members to consider at our meeting this week. One censures Henry Barbour for his role in the race-baiting ads. The other censures any Republicans who were involved in the racist ads. I hope my fellow RNC members consider this serious matter carefully and state forcefully that we will not tolerate racist conduct by any of our members.

Ed Martin will need our support more than ever. Please don’t confuse him with the Republican establishment. His noble fight for justice in Mississippi shows his mettle.

Go, Ed!

UPDATE: ConservativeHQ has a great story on Ed’s noble effort

Gary Weigert on WGNU. Listen

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Just to let everyone know, Gary Wiegert, is back on the radio. Every Friday at 1200 noon. WGNU 920 AM or you can connect on the computer.
Gary Wiegert is also a St Louis Police Officer and a devoted Tea Party Supporter.
Listener Call-In Line 314-448-4325

Via Patsy

Hey, Candy Crowley: Tea Party Groups Resemble the 13 Colonies, Not the Balkans

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Analogies say more about the speaker than about the subject.

Candy Crowley told KMOX Radio listeners on Friday that Tea Party groups resemble the Balkans without guns.

Wrong. Crappy analogy, Candy.  The diverse and autonomous, often quarrelsome, Tea Party groups remind me of the original 13 colonies.

The colonies were divided on just about every subject imaginable. The disagreed on slavery, on economics, on agraculture, manufacturing, cities, names — name it.  But they agreed one thing: they hated tyranny and loved liberty.

Our Tea Party groups don’t always get along with each.  We often disagree on tactics, on scope, on message.  Some want to do nothing but rally while others network and others clean up voter rolls.  We’re a mess.

Except for one thing:  WE ALL FRIGGIN’ HATE TYRANNY AND TYRANTS!!!  We LOVE LIBERTY!! And when we smell tyranny and tyrants, when tyrants attack our brothers in liberty, well, then, to quote Quentin Tarantino’s fictitious quote of Ezekiel 25: 17:

And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee.

(You can just I hear Samuel L. Jackson, can’t you?)

Now, some background.

CNN’s Candy Crowley, a St. Louis native, talks politics on KMOX every Friday morning.  On May 4, 2012, she talked about the dust-up between Tea Party Express and several Missouri Tea Party organizations, including St. Louis Tea Party Coalition. Here’s what she was talking about.

The Tea Party Express planned to stop at the Victory Field House on Hwy 141 and I-44 in Fenton on Wednesday, May 2.  Ed Martin, Republican for Attorney General, and Cole McNary, Republican for State Treasurer, share the Field House as a grassroots HQ. Many GOP candidates have a presence there.

According to sources at the Field House, Tea Party Express planned to invite all Missouri candidates to the event.  The Field House made open access a condition, because TPE had already endorsed Sarah Steelman in the GOP primary for US Senate. My sources said they were assured that John Brunner and Todd Akin, Steelman’s opponents, would be invited.

As the event drew near, the Field House was unable to get hold of TPE.  Then TPE ran a series of ads on KMOX equating their visit to the Field House with Steelman.  That’s when Ed, Cole, and crew pulled the plug on the event and, instead, hosted a  little barbecue for volunteers.

I was late and had to stand in back. 🙂

Ed Martin addresses packed house at Victory Field House.

H/t to Craig Niehaus for the idea for this post.

Down at the Lake, They Want to Know “Is the Tea Party Dead?”

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Is the Tea Party dead?  That’s the big question this week around the Lake of the Ozarks.

First, Eric Reeve The Lake Liberal wrote this letter-to in Lake News Online. He concludes:

We may hear of the Tea Party here and there in the future, but I doubt it will ever figure prominently in American politics again. I say we should take a moment and reflect on what it might have been as we say farewell to the once promising Tea Party movement.

The Camdenton Tea Party said “not so fast,” and called for a rally to show that the Tea Party is still around.

Setting The Record Straight From 2008” Camdenton Tea Party April 28th, 12:00 noon at the Camden County Court House.  Will you get to work to prove the lake liberal wrong?

Will you take the time to come hear Barbara From Harlem? She and her daughter, Bee Bee are travelling 1100 Miles to tell you a different story.

How about Patriot Paul Curtman, Cynthia Davis, and Ed Martin, and eighth grader, Sophie Shore ?

Who’s right?

If the purpose of the Tea Party movement was to hold ever larger rallies and protests, then The Lake Liberal is right. The big rally era is over, and it isn’t coming back. I’m not saying to cancel all the rallies. Far from it.  I hope we have a few big ones in St. Louis this year.  But the rallies no longer define the movement. We’ve grown beyond mere demonstration.

If the purpose of the Tea Party was to ignite a long overdue conversation about the proper and fitting role of government in our lives, about the purpose and meaning of a written Constitution, then we’ve already won.  The Supreme Court now ponders those two questions, naked and profound, for the first time in decades. And the case got to the Supreme Court because the Tea Party forced the Senate to rush through a flawed law.

But if the Tea Party’s final mission is to restore the proper balance between government and the people who created it, then our mission is far from over and its outcome far from certain.

Many people–the unknowing believers–demand all the rewards of a free society, but they don’t want to be bothered with the details.  Or they haven’t been invited to the party in the language and context that they understand.

Some want the growing economy and the next generation iPads and cars that park themselves.  But they’ve never learned that only a free society can dream and demand and design and develop such wonders; governments can’t.

It’s our job to invite the Unknowing Believers. It’s up to us to ask them to the dance, in their terms, in ways they will understand. If a rally can bring in just one Unknowing Believer, it’s a success. In fact, if the rally just inspires one knowing believer to grow the pie, we’ve done our job.

The conservative movement, branded Tea Party or otherwise, isn’t dead until we, the people who drive it, say it is.  Or until we fall silent. And I’m not about to resign or retreat, are you?

Go get ’em, Camden County!

Write it down:

“Setting The Record Straight From 2008” Camdenton Tea Party

Date: April 28th, 2012
Time: 12:00 noon
Location: Camden County Court House