Hillary Wants Americans to Suffer European-style Terrorism

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Another terrorist attack is going on in Munich, Germany right now. At least 3 people are dead, but police can’t get into the shooting sites to find out how bad it is. Shooters are still at large. All public transportation has been shut down because terrorists are shooting up subways, too. There’s a 99% chance the terrorists are Muslim immigrants. This is what Hillary’s immigration plan looks like.

Two days ago, a Muslim immigrant went on an ax-hacking spree on a German train. Getting chopped with an ax is a horrible way to die, in case you were wondering. That’s why terrorists do it.

Before that, a Muslim immigrant to France mowed down scores of Bastille Day revelers in Nice, France.

And before that, there was a Muslim terror attack at an airport in Turkey.

And before that . . . you get the idea.

Just last week, Germany’s immigration minister called for more immigrants.  He’ll say that today’s terror attack is the fault of Germans who don’t comply with Sharia law. Germany is effectively an Islamic State.

Hillary Clinton wants more immigrants from terrorist countries to come here. If she’s elected, Americans will be shot up in shopping malls, just like Germans. And kids will get crushed by Muslim-driven trucks in cities like Cleveland and St. Louis. That’s the path we’re on.

That’s your choice. Safety and security with Trump or death and terrorism with Hillary.

You Won’t Believe How Many Islamic Terrorist Attacks This Year

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Good morning.

One of the reasons Trump will win in a landslide is safety. Trump has warned for years that we are weak and political correctness makes us weaker. Everybody knows he’s right. NeverTrumpers were saying this until Trump said it.

Last night, a Muslim terrorist killed at least 84 people in Nice, France. They were ordinary people lined up to watch fireworks, the same way you did on the 4th of July. Now, they’re dead because the EU and the French government has open borders. The terrorist was a Tunisian. 

Does it seem as if there’s a new terror attack every week? That’s probably because there is. Actually, 2016 has seen an average of 45.3 Islamic terror attacks per week. That’s 1,268 terror attacks so far. The list huge.

Those 1,268 Islamic terror attacks killed 11,664 people and wounded 14,087 people.

And we have 24 weeks to go in the year.

Only one candidate wants to protect Americans first, and that’s Donald Trump. 

As I pointed out in Turning On Trump, the Islamic terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino jolted me. That’s when I started seriously considering Mr. Trump. Those attacks made it clear as a mountain stream that our leaders were doing nothing to protect us. They’re letting in thousands of refugees infused with terrorists.

These refugees carry diseases that we never allowed into our country. Democrats say it’s okay for Americans to die if that’s the price we have to pay to let in refugees. Hillary Clinton wants more refugees with diseases and terrorists in their midst. I don’t.

As Phyllis Schlafly said in December, Donald Trump seems to be our last hope. At the time, I thought she was exaggerating. But I don’t now. Donald Trump is our last hope. 

This is what open borders look like:

It’s Been a Great Month for ISIS

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If you’re football team, you’re measured by games won. If you’re a computer company, you’re measured by products shipped. If you’re and international terrorist organization, you’re measured by mayhem created.

Let’s face it, ISIS is on a roll.

What a week! Nearly 200 murders across three countries on two continents. Not bad for a JV team, huh? Let’s look at the week:

  • Istanbul Airport: 45 murdered, 52 hospitalized.
  • Bangladesh Bakery: 20 murdered, 13 escaped.
  • Baghdad Mall: 115 murdered, 200 injured.

If we go back a couple of weeks, there was the Orlando Pulse night club massacre that puts ISIS’s death toll over 200.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry says all this carnage proves ISIS is losing. Whatever.

I think it’s pretty clear that no one in this administration has a clue how to do anything but preach. And I include Crooked Hillary in “this administration.” They’re like the doctor, then professor, and the politician: they tell others what to do even though they can do nothing of value themselves.

Meanwhile, this administration’s refugee and immigrant policy has introduced drug-resistant tuberculosis to Wisconsin and possible other states. When America had a sane immigration policy, people with infectious diseases were barred. That’s because the first purpose of our government is the safety and welfare of Americans. This administration thinks the first purpose of government is to flood the country with people who hate us.

I guess when you’re part of a global elite with bunkers and private islands, you don’t care how many of your countrymen might die to keep you fat, dumb, and happy. For those who are not part of that global elite, I say it’s time we bulldoze those bunkers.

Now, if only we had a candidate for president who puts America first and reminds people of a bulldozer . . .

You might find such a candidate in my new book.

How to Feel Safe from Terrorism

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Think about the word “news.” In a moment, I’m going to ask you more questions about the news. Before that, though, you probably heard about the terrible terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey. Dozens killed, scores injured. “It was like hell,” one witness recalled.

Where did you get news of this latest terrorist attack? Facebook? Television? Radio?

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news? Take a moment to think back to when you first heard the news. Close your eyes if you think it will help remember and recall.

How did you feel when you heard reports of explosions in the Istanbul airport? Were you surprised? Did you know at the time that Istanbul is in Turkey, or did you think “where is Istanbul?”

Did you tell anyone? I did. I read the FoxNews.com headline to a colleague. “Multiple explosions reported at Istanbul airport,” or something like that.

Do you watch news on television or do you rely on the internet to keep informed? You are reading this blog now. Is this news to you? Or do you think news means CNN or the Wall Street Journal or CBS Radio news? Whatever you think when you think “news,” you’re bound to hear a lot more about terrorism soon.

Sometime today or tomorrow you will likely watch the news again. When you hear more about terrorism, ask yourself, “Is it supposed to be this way?” Don’t you wish when you hear about terrorism and terrorists it would be the last time?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say that ISIS is almost defeated. They say there’s less terrorism today. So why do you hear about so many new terrorist attacks? Could it be that Obama and Clinton lie to you?

You should keep track of how much people talk about terrorism on the news. The news people are mostly Democrats–over 90 percent of people in the news business. So you’d expect them to say what Obama and Clinton want them to tell you. And the news still talks about terrorism, terrorists, and terror attacks, don’t they?

Maybe terrorism is getting worse, not better. Maybe ISIS is getting stronger, not weaker. Maybe your kids are less safe today than they were eight years ago.

You might find yourself hearing “terror” and thinking about terrorism more and more. If you do, ask yourself this: who made it so bad? The people who’ve been running the government for 8 years, or the guy who runs buildings and golf courses?

The more you hear “terror,” the more you like Donald Trump. And the more you like Donald Trump, the less you fear terrorism.

It’s so easy now, isn’t it?

If you really want to feel safe from terrorism, try reading my new book. It’s bullet-proof.

Irish, Jewish, Gay

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Richard Brookhiser called the moment’s start, and I called its death. But before we get into that, are you as surprised as I am about Zuckerberg’s war on gays?

You would think that a jihadist attack on a gay nightclub would trigger an anti-terror backlash against Islamic terrorists, would you not?

Anti-Gay Jihad

Instead, America’s radical left has declared a jihad against gays. Leading this jihad is Imam Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. Zuckerberg’s improvised excommunication device is banishment from his social network. And Zuck aims his weapon at two kinds of gays:

  1. Gays who oppose Islamification of the West.
  2. Gays who support Donald Trump for President.

Here are just a few examples Zuckerberg’s anti-gay jihad:

You probably thought, like me, that the Orlando Massacre would trigger an anti-Islamic terror backlash, but it’s pretty obvious the left in America is going after gays instead. Look at all the Democrats and media types who defend violent attacks against Trump supporters, especially gays and Hispanics. Even NBC admits gay Trump supporters are subject to violent attacks:

A number of gay men who have decided to throw their support behind Trump told NBC OUT it has not been an easy road. Juan Hernandez, a gay and Latino member of the Log Cabin Republicans, said his support led to physical violence by anti-Trump protesters at a rally in San Jose. Images of the attack and his bloodied clothes went viral.

The same NBC story highlights a Marine veteran who’s afraid to reveal his last name:

“When you put your name out on a national level as supporting someone who attracts that much vitriol and disgust, you’re putting yourself up for doxxing … Especially for someone like me who’s considered a ‘traitor,'” added Eric, who is a member of LGBTrump, an online network for LGBTQ people who support the GOP presidential hopeful.

Why hasn’t Imam Zuckerberg banned NBC News for reporting this? It’s coming, folks, just watch.

Where’s the left’s outrage over this open war on gays? Huh? Where the hell are they?

They’ve moved on because the Gay Moment has passed.

America’s Gay Moment

This violent anti-gay backlash from the left confirms my 2013 hunch that America’s “Gay Moment” was ending. For about 40 years, gay was THE cultural moment in America, but all moments end, as Richard Brookhiser wrote in 1999.

Brookhiser identified three great moments in 20th century America:

  • The Irish Moment (1900 to 1945)
  • The Jewish Moment (1946 to 1999)
  • The Gay Moment (1971 to about 2014)

Here’s how Brookhiser identifies Moments:

The form for describing Minority Moments is a two-part phrase. The first element is always plucky . Plucky suggests the minority’s embattled status (but not too embattled, because to enjoy a Moment is to have won). The second element is some quality that is characteristic, in their own and the world’s eyes, of the minority. The Irish were plucky and brave (the Fighting Irish). The Jews were plucky and smart (10,000 intellectuals and comics). Gays are plucky and cool (gays themselves might say plucky and fabulous -and why not? Everyone understands).

And when a moment ends, the moment’s champions turn against the cause. The people who championed the Irish turned against the Irish. The folks who then championed the Jewish moment turned against the Jews. And now, as I predicted three years ago, the gay moment has ended and the anti-gay backlash has begun.

Which all reminds me of a story.

The Tea Party’s Moment

In 2010, I was sitting in a restaurant at the Grand Ole Opry convention center in Nashville along with about 30 other people attending the National Tea Party Convention. Andrew Breitbart was there, and he made an observation. The 30 or so people sitting at a long, long table represented something of the Tea Party leadership at the time. After dinner, Breitbart took a quick poll of ethnicity and discovered that more half of that Tea Party leadership group was either Irish or Jewish or, in the case of Breitbart, both. (Andrew was raised Jewish by his adoptive parents, but his biological parents were of Irish descent.) What wasn’t as well known at the time–some of those Tea Party leaders were gay.

Now, people of Irish descent make up about 10 percent of the US population, while Jews account for about 2.6 percent. And gays less than 2 percent. Which means that all three of Great Moments were over-represented in the Tea Party leadership. Grossly over-represented in fact.

You might say the Tea Party got its moxie, its pluck, from the three great cultural “moments” of the past century. And now, owing in part to the horror at Pulse nightclub, the representatives of those now out-of-favor moments fight for our lives against the left’s latest “in” group.

The new American moment, championed by Zuckerberg, Hillary, and the radical left, is the Muslim Moment. And, unlike the first three moments, this one will end in tears. The only question is: whose tears?

P.S. If you think I’ve lost my mind, try reading “How Phil Robertson Ended the Gay Moment.” I was even crazier back then.

Stanford Sexual Assault Case

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You likely heard about the letter of the girl who was sexually assaulted on Stanford’s campus. Two passers-by saw a man molesting an unconscious woman. The man was sentenced to six months in jail and three years’ probation. Many people were outraged by the sentence, but no one told the woman she needs to do some soul searching, did they?

But why not? Why not ask the woman to reflect on her actions and things she might have said. Isn’t it possible she’ll come to realize she might have driven her attacker to his crime?

You might think I’m a terrible human being, but I have company in high places. For example, after an Islamic terrorist killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 others, President Obama said Americans “need to do some soul searching.” That’s because Obama believes American actions and attitudes drive peaceful, loving Muslim to ISIS. In other words, the president believes “we had it coming” and we need to uncover and get rid of our massive national character flaw that drives people to kill us.

If we all need some soul searching after an Islamic terrorist kills scores of people in a night club, doesn’t a sexual assault victim need some soul searching after her trauma? That only seems fair, does it not? While we’re at it, shouldn’t we consider banning men between puberty and retirement from college campuses? That’s the demographic most likely to commit sexual assault. If gun control can prevent Islamic terrorism, then guy control should stop rape, right?

The alternative is too politically incorrect to consider. Aggressively profiling and going after terrorists might hurt feelings, and we can’t have that. Just ask Crooked Hillary or Legacy Obama. They will tell you profiling doesn’t work, and soul searching does. Maybe if she wins, Hillary will eliminate the FBI profiling practice. It’s hurtful and divisive, right?

Obama’s words of healing must have satisfied would-be Islamic terrorists, right? One would think, but, while Obama was lecturing Americans on their need to search their souls to figure out what we did to deserve this, another Muslim terrorist from Iran took hostages in a Amarillo, Texas Walmart.  A politically-incorrect sheriff’s deputy shot that terrorist dead before the terrorist had a chance to kill anyone.

Let’s call on that deputy to do some soul searching, too. Otherwise, he’s no better than the rape victim who blames her attacker or the terrorism victim who blames terrorism.