The Power and the Glory

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"For over a thousand years Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeteers, musicians and strange animals from conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conquerors rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children robed in white stood with him in the chariot or rode the trace horses. A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting."
– Gen. George C. Patton

In 2008, the world hailed Barack Obama. Even staunch conservatives voted for him.  I know some. They deluded themselves, of course, but they voted for Barack Obama.

Today, his supporters politely heckled him in a back yard in Ohio.

The Tea Party has effectively seized the Republican Party. Glory is not yet ours.  We need to find 38,000 new voters in the 3rd District alone. 

And even then, glory is fleeting.  Eyes will be on us.  Not just the angry eyes of our enemies, but the hopeful eyes of the unemployed. The praying eyes of the disillusioned. The proud eyes of our believers.

Glory flees regardless of what we do, but we can move from triumph to triumph, seizing new glory and  releasing the old.

We can also squeeze glory and feel it slide between our fingers and float away. That’s what Obama did. And Clinton in his first term. 

All glory is fleeting. Letting go leaves your hands free to grab the next triumph. 

Learn to let go and keep your eyes open. 

The next chance to shine is every day between now and November 2.  Come to 4512 Hampton Avenue, Monday through Saturday after 10 am. 

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Take Your Bill and Shove It, Mr. President

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Missouri voters roundly rejected ObamaCare, all of its works, and all of its empty promises.

By an overwhelming, unmistakable 71 percent, we said to the Obama Regime, “Take this bill and shove it.”

The overwhelming passage was a slap in the face to the Missouri Hospital Association and to BJC President Steven Lipstein who spent nearly $500,000 trying to convince their employees that the hospital chain profits trump the Constitution.  Pathetic worms.

To those who worked tirelessly, like Caroline Mueller, Ben Evans, Annette Read, Margaret Walker, Robin Weymire, Patrick Touhey, and dozens of others, we all owe a big thanks.

Thanks also to those who sweated through the hottest day of the year to man the polls yesterday in support of Prop C and conservative candidates.

Thanks to those who banged doors, hung signs, and walked miles for issues and candidates, including my sister, Mary, who’s been a few thousand homes in recent weeks.

Thanks to Ed Martin for letting my dad, a WWII and Korean War veteran, lead the Pledge of Allegiance at last night’s celebration.

Thanks to all of the candidates who stepped into the ring.  Yes, people get emotional in campaigns. Yes, people violate Reagan’s 11th commandment.  In the end, though, we must honor those who do take the plunge and stand for office. Someone has to—otherwise Basil Marceau would be governor of Tennessee.  Or (yikes) Missouri.

On to November.  If we want to repeal ObamaCare, we need to expel from every rubber stamp who voted for it, every rubber stamp’s sister who supports it, and every corporation that profits from it.

Let them all earn a living for a change.

Choosing Battles

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For the record, I do not apologize for focusing on the most important battles facing self-government since the American Revolution.

choose 1 red pill or blue pill

Earlier this week, McGraw Milhaven of 550 KTRS criticized Tea Partyers for not opposing Missouri legislation, introduced by and championed by Republicans, that will force insurance companies to cover treatment for children diagnosed with Autism and associated conditions.  (I personally oppose this legislation, by the way.)

Before that, a few Tea Partyers criticized me and others on facebook  for not doing “enough” to support the Missouri Healthcare Free Choice act, which recently passed both the House and the Senate. The Healthcare Free Choice Act will be on the August 3 ballot, making Missouri the first state in the union to hold a binding referendum on ObamaCare. (I support Healthcare Free Choice Act and will actively support passage of the referendum as time permits.)

The Tea Party’s Focus Has Been Federal

In spite of our work on state and local projects, the Tea Party movement didn’t come about to address Autism or state referenda. The Tea Party was born, according to my records and memory, to change the federal government, first by resistance, then by changing Congress.  Others described the movement as “a ten-round fight ending with a knock-out on November 2, 2010.” From my first reaction to the Tea Party of February 27, 2009:

The Tea Party was only the first step in a march that ends with a Congress that understands that America is not a land, it’s an idea. That idea is that human beings are the best judges of what will achieve happiness.  Free to follow that judgment, some will fail, but more will exceed their wildest expectations.

Now, I’m not the official mouthpiece of the Tea Party movement in St. Louis or anywhere else.  But a lot of people did ride to the sound of the drums Dana Loesch and I were beating in February and March 2009.  Nowhere in that rhythm did we pound out state legislative issues.  Here was my most exhaustive thoughts on the purpose of the movement from that period.

More recently, at the newspaper’s invitation, I wrote something of a vision statement for the movement on the Op-Ed page of the Christian Science Monitor. Again, I focused on the federal government.

While many local tea party organizations involve themselves in local or state issues and races, the movement’s primary interest lies in Washington. Nearly 8 in 10 Americans distrust the federal government, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll. Among tea partyers, that statistic is closer to 9 in 10. That’s important because it highlights a very important common theme: a libertarian view of Washington’s role.

States Have Limited Power Against Congress

Maybe you think that we should focus more on Missouri legislation and less on electoral politics. Fine.  But federal law usually trumps state laws,and this White House will fight this Missouri law at every turn.  The feds might do so unconstitutionally, but Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama couldn’t care less about our Constitution.  Nor could Elena Kagan, for that matter.

I am focused on changing the government in Washington because that government has become destructive of and abusive toward the people and the state of Missouri.  Missouri laws cannot stop Washington until we change the people in Washington. It’s as simple as that.

The Tea Party Must Focus

The Tea Party movement is comprised of mostly ordinary people with little spare time or money. We fight an enemy that’s funded by the richest billionaires on earth. (And this battle isn’t new.) We can either focus on one battle and win it against the odds, or we can diffuse our focus get our asses creamed from Maine to California.

In The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado (and Why Republicans Everywhere Should Care)

I learned that even massive amounts of money (and four billionaires pumped $10s millions into a few  races in Colorado in two cycle), changing political tides is very, very difficult.  Without money, disciplined focus is paramount.

We have far more people on our side than the progressives in Colorado had on theirs.  We have the numbers to make this work. And we have the passion. We do not have the people, the time, the money, or the energy to change everything at once. We can change Congress in 2010.  We can improve Congress and change the White House in 2012.  By 2014, we’ll start seeing a difference in the courts. By 2020, we might see a budget surplus and diminishing national debt.

But we won’t see any of these wonderful goals if we split ranks and fight 57 enemies.  And we sure as hell won’t win if we keep fighting each other.

Focus on Washington

Elena Kagan might be a socialist.  She might also be an all-out Commie with a picture of Chairman Mao tattooed on her left rump.  Unless ten Democrat Senators turn against her, she will be voting on whether Missouri’s Healthcare Free Choice act can be enforced.  And there’s nothing we can do about that.

The reason there’s nothing we can do is because a leftist President is calling the shots, and his party controls both houses of Congress.  Nothing that happens in Jefferson City, Missouri, will change that.

But we can do something about the future.  We can make Kagan Obama’s LAST socialist Supreme Court appointee.  We can do that by getting conservatives elected to Congress.  In Missouri, in Illinois, in Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Wyoming, Colorado, and everywhere else.

I didn’t help form Ensuring Liberty because I was bored with too much time on my hands.  I did it because we need something like the NRCC formed by and operated by Tea Partyers.  That’s what Ensuring Liberty is.  We help get people who resemble Michele Bachmann and Todd Akin elected to the House.  It’s noble mission and I wish you’d join us.  While you might live in a safe district, America needs your time, energy, and money in other districts, maybe other states.  It doesn’t matter where the 216th vote for ObamaCare came from.  We need 290 votes to pass a veto-proof repeal of ObamaCare.  Two hundred ninety.  We need 67 Senators, and we have 41.

Don’t Forget Home

Please don’t think that I don’t care about home.  I do.  I care enough about St. Louis and Missouri and Illinois to fight the Washington invader that threatens everything we have.  I want the Missouri legislature to be more important to us than the US Congress is.  I want the right Missouri candidates to win on August 3 and again on November 2. In no way should anyone turn their backs on our local races in 2010.

But our attention to state races must be proportional to the candidates’ needs and the importance of that office.

John Kennedy, when running for President, was accused of buying the White House with is father’s money. (His father was billionaire Joseph P. Kennedy.)  At a Gridiron dinner, Kennedy said:

I have just received the following telegram from my generous Daddy. It says, “Dear Jack: Don’t buy a single vote more than is necessary. I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay for a landslide.”

So win all the important races. Win a with an uncontestable margin. We need a landslide of races won, but we don’t need a landslide in any one race.

The Enemy Is In DC

Until Washington cuts spending, eliminates entitlements, balances its budgets, and obeys the law of the land, we must focus on taming that beast. Yes, we will keep an eye on Missouri politics.  We will support smart legislation and oppose stupid things.  But we cannot turn our backs on the most important Congressional elections in US history in order to pass or oppose bills in Jefferson City. At least I can’t.

Now, to those who have worked so hard on Missouri legislation this past year, thank you.  Thank you and congratulations. You have made a real change to our lives—change for the better. I just hope you’ll understand that with the limited time and energy I have, I feel my calling is in helping conservatives take back Congress. If we don’t do that this year, we might not get another chance.

Now, let’s get to Block Captain training, grab our Pocket Constitutions, and go out there to win one for the Gipper.

Geek out on this

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You’ll be glad you did.


This eighteen minute presentation synthesizes almost everything I believe about leadership and inspiration.

We own Why 

We believe that God’s law trumps Man’s, and that the Constitution trumps Congress. And the President. And the courts.  We believe that each one of us has the will and the capacity to dream our own dreams, live our own lives, and die our own noble deaths without government assistance or government contraints.  We believe that our destiny is just that: ours. 

And “we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”

We could use a man like John Fitzgerald Kennedy today. John Kennedy, who spoke of our “belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God,”  would surely be proud that a Boston tradition of rebellion against despotism lives on today all across our country.

So ask yourself why you do what you do.  Why do you believe what you believe.  And tell the world why you do and believe as you do.  The sound of freedom is irresistible: spread it far and wide.

Iraq Strategy: Vindicated

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Last week, a colleague commented that he only put credence into international polls.  As if the poll gods were listening, today ABC News released the most affirming poll for President Bush’s Iraq strategy ever conducted. 

It must have pained the ABC News editors to write such a glowing headline: 

Poll:  Broad Optimism in Iraq

So pained, in fact, that they felt compelled to immediately qualify that statement:

But Also Deep Divisions Among Groups

And the story, on the front page of, begins by exposing the MSM liberal bias:

Surprising levels of optimism prevail in Iraq with living conditions improved, security more a national worry than a local one, and expectations for the future high.  

“Suprising,” indeed, if you’ve spent the past two years intentionally ignoring the good news in Iraq while willfully embellishing the bad and spinning everything in between. 

The story is so full of suprises that the text reads like ABC has just discovered quantum mechanics:

 Despite the daily violence there, most living conditions are rated positively, seven in 10 Iraqis say their own lives are going well, and nearly two-thirds expect things to improve in the year ahead.

 Surprisingly, given the insurgents’ attacks on Iraqi civilians, more than six in 10 Iraqis feel very safe in their own neighborhoods, up sharply from just 40 percent in a poll in June 2004. And 61 percent say local security is good — up from 49 percent in the first ABC News poll in Iraq in February 2004.

 Average household incomes have soared by 60 percent in the last 20 months (to $263 a month), 70 percent of Iraqis rate their own economic situation positively, and consumer goods are sweeping the country. In early 2004, 6 percent of Iraqi households had cell phones; now it’s 62 percent. Ownership of satellite dishes has nearly tripled, and many more families now own air conditioners (58 percent, up from 44 percent), cars, washing machines and kitchen appliances.

 Three-quarters of Iraqis express confidence in the national elections being held this week, 70 percent approve of the new constitution, and 70 percent — including most people in Sunni and Shiite areas alike — want Iraq to remain a unified country.

This was the classic “Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago” poll.  The answer among Iraqis is a resounding, “YES!”

Unlike the news filtered daily through the eyes of anti-American news editors, the Iraqis themselves, through this poll, had a chance to speak loudly and clearly to the world:  Thank you, President Bush. 

Expect most of the MSM—those who didn’t cough up a nickel for the survey—to ignore this.  (For that matter, has nothing on the poll, and they helped pay for it.) The AP’s headline finds only negatives: “Most Iraqis Oppose US Troops, Poll Says.” This close to Christmas, the last thing the media want is good news for the President.  But this poll can’t be ignored.  The White House will trumpet it.  The blogosphere will dissect it.  Americans will heed it.

The final analysis, though, is too obvious to miss:  President Bush’s Iraq policy is vindicated by the very people it sought to liberate.  The Iraqi people are better off now than they were four years ago.


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Christianity Headlines

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Here’s what’s making news around the Christian world

  • Chinese become Christians faster than you can say “In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritu Sancto” (OrthodoxyToday)
  • Emily at AfterAbortion reports that Daily Kos is making anti-life hay because some pro-violence anti-abortionists protested outside an abortion clinic. When will the pro-life side realize that prayer trumps murder?
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