Donald Trump’s Crazy Ivan

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Cold War submarine lore. I can’t go into all of it here, but I can tell you about one bit of that lore: the Crazy Ivan.

Modern submarines have incredible passive sonar arrays. They can hear everything in the ocean for hundreds of miles around. Everything.

Everything except something directly behind them. Behind a submarine is a big propeller or “screw.” It turns. It pushes water abaft. The noise and the motion combine to prevent sound waves from reaching the sensors. That shaded zone is the baffle area.


Photobucket. Uploaded by: cbleyte
To check for enemy submarines that might be following directly behind you, you have to turn the ship to a new course. And you have to do it fast. If you turn too slowly, the enemy can respond with his own change in course and speed to stay inside your baffle zone. But if you’re traveling too fast and you turn too hard, you risk colliding with your enemy. That’s bad for both boats.

Old submariners had a story. Russian submarine captains traveling at high speed were under orders to clear baffles with a hard rudder. Dangerous as hell. No time to evade. American submarines called this risky maneuver “the Crazy Ivan.”

The phrase “Crazy Ivan” hadn’t crossed my mind since 1994. That’s when I left the submarine service. December 1994. But “Crazy Ivan” was the first thing I thought of when I read this story on The Gateway Pundit today:

Trump is clearing his baffles.

The Russian hacker story broke when, do you remember?

October. The media, in collusion with Obama’s FBI, CIA, DOJ, and Homeland Security leaked stories of a massive Russian conspiracy to throw the election to Trump. It was a topic in the last debate between Trump and Clinton you’ll recall.

The Russian story was a cover for Comey’s letter to Congress. The letter stating he’d reopened his investigation of Hillary’s illegal servers. Hillary needed cover. The Deep State provided.

If the story had worked, if Clinton had won, you’d have never heard another word about Russian hackers. The “evidence” would have been swept into the dustbin of history.

But the narrative failed. Trump won. And people who believed the Russian hacker story kept it alive. People who weren’t privy the story’s trumped-up origins. The stories in October were probably bullshit. But the geniuses at the CIA covered the bullshit with just enough molasses to hide the smell. The media bit. And the stories only grew.

On January 19, Michael Schmidt of the New York Times wrote a story about US government wiretaps. Those wiretaps, he claimed, implicated Trump lieutenants in the (phony) Russian hacker fiction. The story was timed to embarrass and discredit our new president.

Look for yourself. Here’s the change history of that article. In every version of the headline, the word “wiretap” appears.

Now, Michael Schmidt seems to claim he never wrote that story, that the New York Times never published it. The New York Times wants you to believe the headline you just read never happened.

Michael Schmidt would tell such an obvious lie for only one reason: panic.

Schmidt’s panicking. He’s panicking because Trump pulled a Crazy Ivan on his ass. Schmidt wasn’t ready for that. Politicians don’t pull Crazy Ivans. Politicians make safe turns to clear baffles. But Trump ain’t no politician.

When Trump tweeted about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower, he really just fed the media’s lies right back to them. Molasses and all. The media can’t deny Trump’s allegations without denying their own reporting on the Russian hack. Reporting they’ve done every day since mid-October. Breitbart has more evidence that the media created the Obama wiretap narrative.

That headline, “Wiretapped Data Used in Inquiry of Trump Aides,” was most assuredly not a right-wing production, and it’s not even slightly ambiguous about the existence of wiretapping. Jeff Dunetz at The Lid couldn’t help noticing that the exact same reporter who wrote that New York Times piece in January is now claiming, right in his headlines, that Trump has “no evidence” of the very same wiretaps he reported as established fact just two months ago.

If Trump’s wrong, then there is no evidence of collaboration with Russia. None. Nowhere. Never was. The media is exposed as a bunch of horrible liars.

But if Trump is right, Obama is going to prison.

As Scott Adams points out, Trump often gives himself two ways to win and no way to lose.

Two Ways to Win: We often see Trump choose strategies that have two ways to win and no way to lose. That’s the best risk management of all. For example, when Trump warned that Iran should release American prisoners before he gets elected, he created two ways to win and no way to lose. If the prisoners were released (and they were), Trump could claim his threat was effective. (He did.) If Iran kept the prisoners, Trump could say the United States needs a bad-ass President like him to deal with Iran.

He’s done it again.

Pass the popcorn. Then watch our friend Ed Martin dig into this subject on Fox Business News.

John McCain’s Most Evil Sin

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John McCain may have done some heroic things, but he is a hero no more.

Imagine how you’d feel.

A knock on your door.

Through the deadlights around your front door, you see a car with government stencils on the side. When you get close enough, you look out and see a man in uniform. An officer. You know. You know why he’s here. Your throat tightens. You want to turn around and walk away. You can’t. You must open the door. You must let this officer recite his grim script.

“The Secretary of the Navy has asked me to inform you that your son was killed in action  . . .”

You can imagine that parents of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines pray every day that they never hear those words. Yet we never forget that we might.

If it happens to you, your greatest hope is that your son or daughter gave his or her life for the highest purposes. That your child’s death will lead to some greater good. That they did not die in vain.

The gravest sin one can commit against the fallen fighter and the fighter’s family is to denigrate the nature of their child’s service and death. Shooting a grieving parent would be more merciful and holy than telling them their child’s death was meaningless and useless.

John McCain told Ryan Owens’s family that Senior Chief Owens died in vain. McCain repeatedly called the Yemen mission a “failure.” He refused to apologize to Owens’s family. And he clumsily attempted to cover his tracks with an absurd assertion that any military operation that results in a loss of life is a failure.

By implication, McCain called D-Day a failure. By his logic, every American fighting man and fighting woman who died in combat died in vain.

The press, of course, celebrated McCain’s idiotic assertions. Yet, we know now that the “failed” raid resulted in actionable intelligence:

I hope Senior Chief Owens’s family now realizes that Senator McCain was wrong. Ryan Owens is a hero whose life and death gave material, measurable assistance to a better world and a higher purpose. He did not die in vain.

I hope all Americans now realize that Senator McCain is an emotionally crippled man who believes he betrayed his comrades in Vietnam. McCain acts out of the immense guilt his personal weakness instilled in him.

You feel no duty to treat Senator McCain as a hero. His heroic actions in the 1960s cannot excuse his many grave acts of evil since.

When Democrats Loved ’em Some Ruskies

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In 2012, Barack Obama got caught telling Russian Prime Minister Medvedev that he’d have more “flexibility” after the election.

Later in 2012, during a debate, Obama accused GOP candidate Mitt Romney of stoking Cold War fears against our new friends in Moscow.  Obama said, “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because…the Cold War’s been over for 20 years!” In fact, in 2012, the whole pantheon of pantsuit partiers mocked warnings about Russia.

Now, of course, Obama won’t be satisfied until Trump goes to condition 1SQ for strategic launch (spin up all missiles) against the Russians. Warmongers.

Democrats everywhere scream “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”


The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!

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In 1966, Hollywood liberals made a very funny movie. The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! The movie mocked Cold Warriors and ridiculed hyper-paranoia about the dangers posed by Russia.

Some of those same Hollywood liberals are now running around screaming “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!”


Trump Rally in Ballwin, Missouri Saturday

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Reader Rick reminded me that there’s a Trump rally closer to St. Louis on Saturday. He provides a link to the Facebook page.

If you can’t make it to Jeff City, here is another opportunity on Saturday, March 4, 11-1.
Vlasis Park, Balwin
See you there!

Thanks, Rick!


11 am to 1pm
14811 Manchester Rd, BALLWIN 63011

97.1 FM Emcee Marc Cox
Alyssa and Celeste Drinkard perform National Anthem

  • Speakers include:
  • Missouri State Senator Andrew Koenig
  • State Representative David Gregory
  • Radio personality Super Dave
  • Activist Chris Arps
  • Stephanie Rubach, R.N. on Obamacare
  • StL Republican Central Committee Chair Bruce Buwalda
  • Tim Jones, Former Missouri Speaker of the House

AR-15 Raffle from Defensor Tactical to support Thin Blue Line K-9
Trump Merchandise and Patriotic T-shirt Vendors
Photo fun with our Life-size Donald Trump stand-up
SPofA T’s and rally towels

*Parking in Vlasis Park is limited, so you may want to consider these options that are often used during the annual Ballwin Days festivals:

Park and short walk from
1.School/Ballfield parking lot south side of Manchester on Ballpark Drive. (Park and walk north on Ballpark Drive across Manchester up to Kehrs Mill and keep right to the park)
2.Retail parking lots off Reis and Manchester, across Manchester from Vlasis Park and City Center. (Park then walk up to cross Manchester at Reis Road signal and walk north directly into Vlasis Park)
3.Retail parking off of Holloway, north side of Manchester, just west of Vlasis Park. (Park and walk east on Kehrs Mill Road across Holloway, continuing east behind Fire Department toward Vlasis Park)

Q. Why are we having the rallies?

A. We are organizing the rallies so the grassroots everyday citizens can show support for President Trump and his “Contract with the American Voter” to “Make America Great Again” in a positive, upbeat manner.
We want to show Americans and the world why we support President Trump and that the vast majority of Americans who voted for him want to get on with our nation’s business influence public opinion in a positive way.

Q. What can I expect at the rallies?

A. You can expect to find like-minded fellow citizens who share our core conservative values. You can expect to hear our National Anthem. You can expect to hear informed and inspiring speakers. And you can expect to find diversity at the rallies; Main Street Patriots is non-partisan.

Q. Can I bring signs to the rallies?

A. Signs that support President Trump’s agenda for America in a positive manner are encouraged. You would need to check with the rally organizer(s) to make sure signs are allowed in compliance with local ordinances.

Find more about the events and how to setup your own rally at

For more info, please contact:

Mrs. Rene Artman

Becky Niehoff

Edie Bargen

Trump Rally Missouri

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The President needs us. From Show Me Trump


President Trump needs our support and hundreds of Missourians have already RSVP’d that they’ll be attending! It’s clear he is being severely pressured by Democrats and the media alike. Our rally will send an important message to our new Commander in Chief–We The People support you! Find the Facebook event page by clicking here.

These pro-Trump rallies are happening on Saturday across the entire USA – don’t miss the Missouri statewide rally in Jefferson City! Attendance is looking excellent, and the updated flier is below. Many carpools* are available below. If you want to join one, we can put you in contact with the right one if necessary.


9:15 am MEET (approx)


Contact: Lisa

9:45 am MEET at the far west end of Taubman Outlet mall parking lot

10:00 ROLL


Contact: Linda

7:30 am MEET at the commuter lot at 201-275 E 4th St, Eureka, MO 63025

8:00 am ROLL


Contact: Karen

7:00 am MEET at Farmington Walmart (707 Walton Dr, Farmington, MO 63640 – look for the American flag near gray F-150 pickup)

7:30 ROLL promptly

ROUTE: Hwy 67N to Hwy 32W to Hwy 8 (west) in Potosi to Hwy 68 (west), then Hwy 63 (north) for 50 miles

9:10 BREAK McDonald’s in St. James

9:25 RESUME travel, Hwy 63 from Hwy 68 (Vichy), pass United Methodist Church in Vienna

(arriving early enough to get lunch on your own in Jefferson City)

9:15 am (approx)


Contact: Mary

7:45 am MEET at commuter lot at 1305 Historic US 66 across the street from the Shaw Nature Preserve

8:10 am (join caravan arriving from Eureka)


Contact: Cary

MEET at Exit #49 off I-70


Contact: Angel

9:30 am MEET at the commuter lot at Woods Chapel and Hwy 70

10:00 ROLL


11:30 am MEET at McDonald’s

12:00 ROLL

9:45 am MEET at Casper’s Conoco 1763 US Rt 50, Linn, MO

10:00 ROLL


Contact: Mae

9:15 am MEET at Old Dutch Mill Gas Station (intersection of Hwys 19 and 50)

9:40 ROLL


Contact: Michael

8:30 am MEET at Second Baptist Church parking lot (3111 E Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO 65804)

9:00 ROLL


Contact: Connie

6:45 am MEET at the commuter lot at Weber Rd and Old Gravois (12400 Old Gravois Rd)

7:15 am ROLL


8:30 am MEET at McDonald’s

9:00 ROLL


10:00 am MEET at commuter parking lot off Hwy 64 – take the circle at the exit on the north side of Hwy 64, then take the Corporate Parkway, make your first left onto S. Callahan Rd., and the commuter lot will be on the left side of the road.

10:30 ROLL


Contact: Gary and Brenda

8:30 am MEET at McDonalds, 602 S Harris St, Willow Springs

9:00 ROLL

(arriving early enough to get lunch on your own in Jefferson City)