The Way It Is

On Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI spoke to Italian clergy, and his statements seem, at first blush, rather sad. He told the assembled that Christian churches in the West appear to be dying. In particular, the so-called mainline Protestant churches have been losing members for nearly a century. Jay Anderson at Pro Ecclesia conjectures: “Mainstream churches” […]

Should Worship Embarrass?

My weekly attack on Catholic liturgical abuse needs some caveats: I accept the teaching of the Second Vatican Council as bound in heaven as on earth. I accept the validity of the New Mass based on the church’s Magisterium and the indefectability of the church. I do not believe that people who attend (by choice) […]

Two Promises

First, barring something really earth-shattering in the Terri Schiavo case, I will not blog about that issue tomorrow. Second, I will now drink a Diet Coke, watch the rest of Letterman, and climb into bed beside the most wonderful woman in the world. Please remember: As disturbing as the Schiavo case may be, the world […]

Vaccines Run Amok

About a year ago, I fired off a letter writing campaign to Missouri legistors urging them to fight a movement, sponsored by then-governor Bob Holden, to require Chick Pox vaccines for all Missouri children entering school.  Michelle Malkin points out that Ohio has passed such a law with a link to the chicken pox vaccine […]

Scouting for Food

This Saturday, the Boy Scouts will be around to pick up the bags you filled with canned goods for their Scouting for Food program.  Here’s a list of the “perfect” bag: After consulting with numerous food pantry directors in the area and seeking nutrition advice from Roberta Larson Duyff, a local registered dietitian and author […]

Attacking Atkins

Letigimate organization do a couple of things with their web sites: 1. They list, by name and credential, the individuals who comprise their governing boards 2. They identify researchers by name and credential 3. They provide a means for readers to communicate with them, such as e-mail addresses or feedback forms The Partnership for Essential […]