Global Warming Caused by the Sun

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Poor Dr. Sami Solanki.  He and his colleagues at the Institute for Astronomy in Zurich have discovered that sun spot activity–which has been measured since 1610 and can be reliable tracked for a thousand years before that–has a powerful influence on the earth’s temperatures.

Moreover, the sun, they’ve found, has been more active in the past 60 years–which coincides with “global warming”–than any time in the past 1,000 years.

Wait until the environmentalist whackos go after this poor bastard.  Apparently no one told him that when good science contradicts liberal prejudice and emotions, science be damned. 

He’ll find out.

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Weather and Home Improvement

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If you’ve come here in the past few days, you’ve noticed that my site’s been down. There are a couple of reasons:

1. I spent 24 out of 38 hours working in my family room (and, no, it wasn’t a Godfather maration). I painted, ripped out the carpet, and put in laminate flooring that looks wonderful. In the process, I re-routed some cables and forget to reconnect them until Monday morning.

2. Six hours after I got my servers back online, massive storms moved through the St. Louis area and took my electricity with them when they moved into Illinois. I just got that back.

I apologize for the inconvenience. If anyone would like to donate a generator, item 2 will never happen again.

UN Oil For Food Scandal (reposted)

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The stories, the facts, the meat of the case, against the United Nations are beginning to leak out.  Here is one such story from the New York Post

Saddam used bribes to UN Officials to divert $10 billion from food and medicine for the Iraqi people to building palaces and killing people he didn’t like.  The UN quietly endorsed this practice.

Giving money to UN relief agencies is more than a waste:  it’s supporting corruption that kills innocent people.  The UN must be destroyed.

Sudan: It’s Not a Famine, Damnit!

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Newsweek, via MSNBC, has a story about the “famine” in Sudan.  What the f*ck?  When Muslim extremists murder scores, burn villages, block food relief, burn crops, and lay waste to an entire country, it’s not  A GODDAMN FAMINE!  It’s murder, genocide, evil-incarnate.  It’s a spineless, greedy, UN chief taking money under the table to keep his mouth shut, as he did with Saddam.  It’s a horror and disgrace to a world that considers itself  “civlized.”

The folks at National Review have been screaming about this for a year, and now Newsweek wants us to think bad weather’s causing a lot of people to die.  Sure, they mention the government and Muslim militia, but they keep using the word “famine.”

Words mean things, at least for a particular time and place.  Forced starvation is not famine.  Murder is not famine.  Let’s reserve the word “famine” for things man cannot control and let’s ask the Old Europe wussies who were afraid to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan to act they’ve got a pair and send some divisions to Sudan. 

And then let’s withdraw from the UN.