Christian Dean (con’t)

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The Democrats have a real dilemma:  Dean is seen by more and more people as both a shameless opportunist and a man who can’t speak straight. Making mistakes of fact at a pace of three a week, he runs the risk of looking significantly less intellectually vigorous than President Bush–something most people thought unthinkable a few months ago.  Is it any wonder that Kerry, Gephardt, and the rest of the Democrat field are scared of Dean?  And should we all be?

Dean Hypocrite on Security (and so many other things)

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As governor of Vermont, Howard Dean repeatedly ignored warnings that his state was unprepared for a potential nuclear problem involving the Yankee Nuclear Power Plant and that security at the plant was unacceptable.

According to the Associated Press, Dean, who criticizes the Bush Administration’s war on terror nearly every day, underfunded critical programs to secure the nuclear plant even after September 11.

“During Dean’s final year in office in 2002, an audit concluded that despite a decade of repeated warnings of poor safety at Vermont Yankee, Dean’s administration was poorly prepared for a nuclear disaster,” the AP story said

Dr. Dean’s continuing hypocrisy illustrates both his unfitness for office and his supporters’ intellectual laziness.  That his followers consider Dean’s lying, hypocrisy, and constant erroneous assertions indicates that these people are far more interested in the destruction of the United States than in electing a superior president.

Thanks to Drudge for pointing this out.

Dean House Party Flops

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Ryan Lizza of The New Republic went to a Dean house party on December 30.  His report is worth reading, and it jibes with my own research into the house parties.

On December 28, I decided to see which of my neighbors might be hosting a Dean house party.  Like Lizza, I was curious and wanted to attend one as a non-Deaniac observer.  While Lizza, who lives in the DC area, had about 30 parties to choose from, pickings were slim in St. Louis, Missouri.  There were only 7 listed, and two of the seven had disabled their web links.

Of the five remaining, one had 3 guests registered, the other 4 had zero–except for host and family.  Because of this, I decided not to go. In a crowd of 15 or so people, I could mingle, get some info, find out if these Deaniacs are as stupid as their candidate.  But I’m afraid that going one on one with such a person in his home might get tricky.  I could hear myself saying,

Kennedy and Durbin v. Democracy

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I HATE computers!

750 words of analysis of the unfolding story about a Democrat senate conspiracy to subvert the federal judiciary, and my computer screwed you, dear reader, out of it. 

I will rewrite it if I get the energy.  This is all that remains–a quote from Federalist No. 64 by John Jay:

the President and senators so chosen will always be of the number of those who best understand our national interests, whether considered in relation to the several States or to foreign nations, who are best able to promote those interests, and whose reputation for integrity inspires and merits confidence.

In summary, anyone who votes for Kennedy or Durbin, votes against democracy and freedom.

Pope wants “New World Order”

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His Holiness, John Paul II, has begun a crusade of his own.  According to The Guardian,  the pontiff wants to replace the United Nations with an organization capable of preventing things like the liberation of Iraq.

 The pope made his speech flanked by none other than Cardinal Renato Martino, a devout America-hater who felt sorry for Saddam Hussein

Donations Wanted

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Deaniacs send money to the Dean campaign whenever there’s a negative story about their candidate. (The fact that this method raised $15 million in three months says something about Dean, but I’m not sure what.) I propose that readers donate $5.00 to this blog every time Dr. Dean says something stupid. The money will be used to improve the site, allow me more time to research and write, and, if Dean remains on the front pages until November, let me retire a wealthy man this time next year.