Iraq is a Nation Again

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In a move designed to shock the American press and Iraqi terrorists, the new Iraqi government took sovereign control of that country this morning in a low-key ceremony in Baghdad. The US, British, Polish, Turkish, Czech, South Korean, Japanese, and other troops are now guests of the interim government.

Just months ago, critics claimed that June 30 was a ridiculous date, that the Iraqis, being dark-skinned people who don’t speak English natively, would never be able to handle the responsibilities of self-governance with so little preparation. I mean, come on, it took Hillary Rodham nearly 30 years to become a Democrat. Moreoever, the naysayers argued, not a single prospective member of the interim government had yet subscribed to The Nation.

Well, they were wrong. While many challenges and potential potholes lie in new government’s path, the Iraqis requested the early transfer to throw off the terrorists and to demonstrate their readiness for self rule.

This move will have both immediate and long-term consequences.

Immediately, the entire operation will take on additional legitimacy in the eyes of intelligent and honest critics of the war. (The Michael Moore crowd is too bloated with Hostess snack cakes, malicious ignorance, and self-congratulatory smugness to be swayed by any event.) The indiginous governors are legitimate. Paul Bremmer is on his way home. The war is, for all intents and purposes, successfully concluded.

In the longer term, moving early to transfer power will destablize the terrorist networks that have been operating inside of Iraq. The terrorists lost the element of surprise and the argument of legitimacy. Iraqis will be impressed that their new leaders could take this step early. It shows courage and efficiency that the people of Iraq clearly admire because the clearly demonstrate them in the face of the insurgents.

This could be the beginning of a great weak and year for the President, the United States, a free Iraq, and the world.

US Restores Full Diplomatic Ties to Libya

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According to

The United States has formally resumed diplomatic ties with Libya after a 24-year break, the State Department says.

Oh, if only the al-Zarqawi story were true. Imagine, since taking office, George Bush’s State Department has overthrown Saddam and freed 25 million Iraqi prisoners, overthrown the Taliban and freed 25 million Afghan slaves, disarmed and normalized relations with Libya, and, so far, prevented a single act of terrorism on United States soil or against significant US interests since 9/11/01.

Since September 11, Bush has conducted the most successful foreign policy by a president since World War II, having liberated 2.5 countries.

On to Iran!

Breaking News: Al-Zarqawi Captured?

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Econopundit is reporting, from a source listening to Iraqi radio, that Iraqi intelligence has captured terrorist Al-Zarqawi. If so, mark June 27 as the turning point in the Iraqi operation: the second deadliest terrorist in the world captured, and a democracy in the Middle East. Not to mention NATO capitulation to Bush and Blair and limited victories for the administration handling of Gitmo detainees from the Supremes.

A Blow to the Drug War?

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The 9th Circuit’s ruling held that the federal marijuana laws did not apply to medicinal use of marijuana in two specific cases. As you should know, the Constitution prohibits Congress from making laws on matters that lie outside its enumerated powers, which are very limited. One of those powers, though, known as the commerce clause, gives Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce. The commerce clause has become the conduit for Congressional abuse of the states and of the people.

Federal drug laws rely on the commerce clause for Constitutionality. Claiming that drugs are imported and sold throughout the United States, Congress applies its power to regulate interstate commerce to regulate, or ban, the possession and use of marijuana. The problem is, as the 9th found, growing, curing, rolling, and smoking pot does not require any commerce. It certainly doesn’t require interstate commerce. Unless the government can prove that marijuana in one’s possession came into his possession by way of another state, then the commerce clause cannot apply.

Many, including I, expect the Court to weasel its way out of this one. Conservatives tend to be more situational than principled. To anyone with a 3rd grade education, a backyard garden and interstate commerce are two different things, so Congress cannot regulate a garden. Regardless of one’s view of marijuana, one’s view of the government in Washington must be jaundiced with the understanding that, by stealing one piece of power from the people, Congress sets itself toward stealing all.

Watch this case closely, as it will foretell the future of freedom and government power for years to come.

Father’s Day

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You sent me out.
I resisted.
You made me go.
I went.
Brian showed up
with LeAnne.
I broke his toe,
played Golden Tee.
(I lost)
You trusted me.
I missed you.
I saw a room.
You weren’t there.
I drank
without you,
with friends.
You sent me out.
I went.
I paid and left.
I walked.
You made me go.
I’m home now.
Father’s day:
It’s when a man
that the woman
makes the man.
You made me.
I resisted.
I was wrong.
You made me.
I resisted.
I’m the man.
You made me.