The Seething Hatred of Maureen Dowd

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In today’s New York Times, Maureen Dowd–as rotten a human being as she is a writer–rips George Bush for writing “Let Freedom Reign,” instead of “ring” on a note announcing the control of Iraq had been passed to Iraqi’s governing council.

Maureen Dowd must be a joy. I hope I never meet her. Virtually the whole her being now works toward displaying her visceral hatred for George Bush and for anyone who would vote for him. She snipes, bitches, rants, spits, and hisses her vituperations from the pulpit of the most corrupt, unethical, and unreliable newspaper in a major market. Does her psychologist read these things? If so, why isn’t she getting more aggressive treatment.

I take solace in the fact that fifty years hence, authors and historians will continue to write books about the President who fought the terror wars even after Maureen Dowd’s bitter, angry existence has reached some anonymous end.

Something Big?

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Do you get the feeling that something–really big–is about to happen?

I do. Something tells me it will be something good and big. Capture bin Laden? Maybe, but I think that would be anticlimactic at this point. As the 9/11 Commission reported June 6, the US war on terror has all but crippled Al Qaeda’s abilitiy to do something big and bad. They are reduced to killing hapless innocents abroad one at a time with a knife. That’s not a terror organization as much as individually evil humans.

Perhaps al-Zarqawi will die in roar of M-16 fire on the street of Fallujah. That would be a wonderful, glorious thing to watch on television. No, that doesn’t make me bloodthirsty. I believe in forgiveness, redemption, and survival. Al-Zarqawi and his band will fight to the death, and so must we. (By the way, thank you, Mr. Bush, for carrying on this fight in Iraq instead of in St. Louis. I pity the Iraqi people who have to live in this mess, but I prefer it there than here.)

Or maybe this big, wonderful thing will be me personal. Maybe I’ll win the lottery or my kids will win some scholarship or my wife will look at me with that look she gets sometimes–like she’s looking upon the gates of Heaven in my eyes.

Maybe I’m just wrong. This is pure hunch. But if something wonderful DOES happen in the next few days, you heard it hear first.

Hillary Promises Dems Will Take What’s Yours

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Yeah, we were all on pins and needles, weren’t we? Speaking in San Francisco, CA, the New York Senator affirmed the most basic belief of liberalism: educated elites know better what’s good for you than you do, and they will use the full power of the US government to force you to comply with their plans.

“We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good,” she said.

I am one of the people she will take things away from. By proxy, she will deprive things of my wife and my children. My children have, in recent years, become familiar with disappointment and doing without. They don’t play sports because I can’t afford the fees. They don’t go on neat, kids vacations. They live in a nice house in a nice subdivision with excellent schools, because those things, to me, are important. Because I was a single father with sole physical custody, I passed up career opportunities that could have earned me a lot more money.

By many standards, I am wealthy. Poor people, even people like the family I grew up in, don’t live in my subdivision unless they lucked into a house. The property taxes alone are daunting. Neither, though, do I live exceedingly well. I have one car that provides utility. My wife has one, as well, since we both must work to stay in our house.

Our tax cuts last year helped a lot. If the Democrats revoke those cuts, I will probably have to move my children to worse neighborhood with worse schools. Should anyone care but me? No. But when a millionaire Democrat tells me she’s going to steal my money for “the common good,” I can respond only in the words Dick Cheney gave us: Fuck Off.

Gasoline & Traffic Signals

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Even as gasoline prices continue to fall, I am furious about the synchronization of traffic signals in my part of the world.

Once upon a time, municipalities synchronized traffic signals so that a vehicle moving at or about the speed limit would be stopped by a red light very infrequently, usually once while on that particular road. Apparently, St. Louis County, Missouri has abandoned that practice.

Last night, I had to stop for 7 of 9 signals in a 4 mile stretch approaching my home.

From my house to the nearest supermarket is 1.1 miles. There are 3 signals between them. These signals are sychronized so that each car must stop at each one for up to 3 minutes each, making the typical commute for a gallon of millk about 30 minute affair. The next-closest supermarket is 2.3 miles away, but by making a right onto highway 100 at the first signal, I can get to the more distant store and back in less than 10 minutes.

My SUV is equipped with a built-in gas mileage meter. I have determined that driving on Manchester Road in West St. Louis County stopping about every 8/10th of a mile for a signal, I get about 11 MPG. Driving the same stretch as the same speed without the signals (don’t ask how I accomplished this) I get 22.8 MPG.

If we really want to reduce our gasoline consumption, perhaps we should spend a little money on traffic light synchronization. Then again, St. Louis County would lose a lot of money in gasoline taxes, as would the federal government. Until governments do little things to double my gasoline mileage, I’ll be damned if I’ll cram into a hybrid deathtrap.

Iraq is a Nation Again

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In a move designed to shock the American press and Iraqi terrorists, the new Iraqi government took sovereign control of that country this morning in a low-key ceremony in Baghdad. The US, British, Polish, Turkish, Czech, South Korean, Japanese, and other troops are now guests of the interim government.

Just months ago, critics claimed that June 30 was a ridiculous date, that the Iraqis, being dark-skinned people who don’t speak English natively, would never be able to handle the responsibilities of self-governance with so little preparation. I mean, come on, it took Hillary Rodham nearly 30 years to become a Democrat. Moreoever, the naysayers argued, not a single prospective member of the interim government had yet subscribed to The Nation.

Well, they were wrong. While many challenges and potential potholes lie in new government’s path, the Iraqis requested the early transfer to throw off the terrorists and to demonstrate their readiness for self rule.

This move will have both immediate and long-term consequences.

Immediately, the entire operation will take on additional legitimacy in the eyes of intelligent and honest critics of the war. (The Michael Moore crowd is too bloated with Hostess snack cakes, malicious ignorance, and self-congratulatory smugness to be swayed by any event.) The indiginous governors are legitimate. Paul Bremmer is on his way home. The war is, for all intents and purposes, successfully concluded.

In the longer term, moving early to transfer power will destablize the terrorist networks that have been operating inside of Iraq. The terrorists lost the element of surprise and the argument of legitimacy. Iraqis will be impressed that their new leaders could take this step early. It shows courage and efficiency that the people of Iraq clearly admire because the clearly demonstrate them in the face of the insurgents.

This could be the beginning of a great weak and year for the President, the United States, a free Iraq, and the world.

US Restores Full Diplomatic Ties to Libya

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According to

The United States has formally resumed diplomatic ties with Libya after a 24-year break, the State Department says.

Oh, if only the al-Zarqawi story were true. Imagine, since taking office, George Bush’s State Department has overthrown Saddam and freed 25 million Iraqi prisoners, overthrown the Taliban and freed 25 million Afghan slaves, disarmed and normalized relations with Libya, and, so far, prevented a single act of terrorism on United States soil or against significant US interests since 9/11/01.

Since September 11, Bush has conducted the most successful foreign policy by a president since World War II, having liberated 2.5 countries.

On to Iran!