Democrats Ruin the World (f-bombs included!)

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Picture this.

Every time you leave your teenage kids home alone for a weekend, you come back to stink-eyes from your neighbors, a living room that’s a sea of empty beer cans, a yard filled with cigarette butts, and a pregnant cat.

Pretty soon, you’d stop leaving those kids to their own devices, wouldn’t you? If you had to leave town, you’d find a sitter. Maybe a retired Marine uncle. Or a friendly cop to send a car by the house every half hour during the dark hours. But you wouldn’t let the behavior continue.

Now, think about how Democrats fuck up the world every time they get into the White House.

  • Kennedy/Johnson left Vietnam for Nixon
  • Carter left the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, and Iran Hostage Crisis for Reagan
  • Clinton left North Korea and al Qaeda for Bush
  • Obama left a nuclear North Korea, Syria, Russia, China, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, and a dozen other geopolitical nightmares for Trump

What’s worse is we elected those Republicans (excepting Nixon) largely to deal with problems at home. But each of those presidents had to spend his first term on foreign policy. Not because they wanted to. Because Democrats had actively fucked up the entire world while they were in charge.

Face it: international relations is just too complicated a subject for a Democrat’s brain. They’re not equipped for the challenge.

Democrats handle geopolitics like a cat handles an iPad. Sure, they can stomp on the icons and make sound come out, but the cat thinks it’s stepping on bugs when it’s actually tweeting out your online banking password. But you get million YouTube views for the video, so it all evens out.

Maybe you don’t want to think about foreign policy. Maybe you don’t want to deal with the fact that we are closer to nuclear war than we’ve been . . . ever. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter managed to help North Korea get nuclear weapons and ICBMs. Carter told Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il-song, to do whatever he wants; we’ll bring the casserole.

Now, Il-song’s deranged, inbred grandson has nukes and a million bottles of inherited Hennessy. He’s murdered his wife and her band, his brother, uncles, and thousands of others. He holds 100s of thousands of people in concentration camps. And he has a hard-on for using those nukes Grandpappy Il-song left him.

Two of my kids are within range of Kim Jong-un’s weapons. One is on shore duty with the Navy on the island of Guam. The other serves in the Navy with a helo combat squadron assigned to the USS Nimitz. So, I have some skin in this game. But this isn’t about my fatherly worry. It’s about my responsibility as a voter. And yours.

As a voter, I’m kind of like the government’s parent. As a parent, I won’t leave Democrats home alone again. They’re irresponsible, immature, and kind of stupid. That’s why they’re drawn to safer careers like acting, journalism, and university professorships. Those are good jobs for irresponsible, stupid people.

Respect the planet. Don’t ever vote Democrat.

Can You Trust the Democcrats’ Platform?

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For years voters have complained that politicians and parties say anything to get a vote. People have longed for the days of plain talk and honesty.

Well, the Democrats passed a new platform today. Two headlines emerged:

1. The Democrats rejected any reference to God.

2. The Democrats rejected Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The question is: can you trust them? Do Democrats really reject God and reject Jerusalem as the center of Israeli political life?

If they’re pandering, to whom are the Democrats pandering?

Not to people of faith, of course.  And they’re not pandering to Israel or to Jews. It seems the Democrats have rejected the blue collar independents. They’ve rejected the middle class. They’ve repudiated the American ideal. They’ve walked away from Western Civilization.

The only conclusion a rational mind can reach is that the Democrats have endorsed the Third World. And they’ve endorsed it, not as a focus for our charity to raise it up. The Democrats view the Third World as the STANDARD to which America and Western Civilization must be lowered.

The answer to my question is “Yes!”  Yes, we can trust Barack Obama and his Democratic party in their rejection of God and Israel.

Here’s Why Tax Credits Kill Society

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Tax credits reward particular businesses or developers with tax dollars from the general population.  They concentrate wealth in a few hands.  Tax credits are the way politicians play the market with someone else’s money.

Worse, Republicans are addicted to tax credits

A Missouri House Republican leader told a constituent that his party gives tax dollars to people who “spend it smarter.”  Bill Clinton said the same thing in about 1992.  That means, in the past 20 years, conservative Republicans have come to adopt the Democrat party’s position on redistribution of wealth.

Republicans dominate Missouri’s legislature. In 2011 and 2012, Republicans led efforts to transfer your tax dollars to the hands of private companies and developers.  Grassroots groups around the state rallied to stop them.  Several brave State Senators became heroes of fiscal responsibility by defying their party’s leaders and wealthy developers to thwart corporate welfare schemes.

What supporters of development and historical tax credits fail to grasp is the bad effect the practice has on society. This effect contributes to our dying economy–an economy that’s put more people into poverty than any time since the Johnson administration.

Here’s how it works.  A developer convinces legislators that his idea will help the region, but short-sighted private investors refuse to put their own money at risk to back the venture.  Playing on legislators’ natural egos, the developer essentially cons them into investing our tax dollars.  The result is a gamble with public money–a gamble that loses nine times out of  ten, according The Mackinac Center for Public Policy.

To increase the chances of success, legislators tend to tip the playing field toward the tax credit recipient.  In Missouri last year, legislators tried to give China Hub developers an unfair advantage over other warehouses with legislative language so narrow as to apply only to their favored developer, shutting out owners of 18 million square feet of unused warehouse space.

When these gambles fail, communities suffer. Disadvantaged competitors close shop and move. City and county planners build infrastructure and increase services in anticipation of jobs and commerce from tax credit financed developments.  But 92 percent of the time, the projects fail, leaving communities and businesses holding the bag.  Meanwhile, the private developers walk away and state taxpayers pay the bills.

As you prepare for the August 7 primary in Missouri, look at the people who’ve stood against corporate welfare at the cost of party and  corporate support.  It’s easy for politicians to say “no” to governors from the other party. It’s real statesmanship when legislators buck the party line to do what’s right for the people and the rule of law.

Studies Show Most Americans Are Too Stupid to Vote

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The new fad among Democrats is to see how many illegal aliens they can pack into a voting booth.  While we conservatives decry this illegal and anti-American grab at tyrannical power, we should take some solace in this sobering fact: those illegal aliens probably know as much about the American political system as most 13th generation Americans.


The fact is, most Americans are too stupid about politics to vote, which explains the 2008 election.

Just look at these horrendous numbers from Xavier University:

For example, when asked questions about our government and political leaders, the survey results found:

  • 85% did not know the meaning of the “the rule of law.”
  • 82% could not name “two rights stated in the Declaration of Independence.”
  • 75% were not able to correctly answer “What does the judiciary branch do?”
  • 71% were unable to identify the Constitution as the “supreme law of the land.”
  • 68% did not know how many justices are on the Supreme Court.
  • 63% could not name one of their two US Senators.
  • 62% could not identify “What happened at the Constitutional Convention?”
  • 62% could not answer “the name of the Speaker of the US House.”

Who doesn’t want the highest possible number of people to vote?  I don’t.

My vote should not have to compete with that of a moron who can’t blurt out “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” when asked to name the rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. (A “moron” is someone with a mental age between 8 and 12, for those of you who vote Democrat.)

If you don’t know that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land, you should not be allowed to vote–photo ID or not.  Nor should your political opinions carry weight among the 15 percent in this country who actually know something.

Combined with another survey released last week showing that liberals are politically ignorant, closed-minded, judgmental, hate-mongers, you realize that the voting franchise has been diluted too far.

A Former Governor and a Famous St. Louis Lawyer Indicted for Illegal Contributions to Democrat Party, and A Law Firm Changes Names in Mid-Quote

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Everyone else is writing about the news that former Missouri Democrat Governor, Roger Wilson and local lawyer Ed Griesedieck Jr. were indicted on federal fraud charges today.

The two allegedly made contributions to the Democrat Party (legal), and reimbursed themselves out of Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company’s coffers (illegal).

But that’s not the weird part.  After all, election fraud is the Democrats’ principal form of amusement.

The weird part is the statement from Griesedieck’s law firm. In the statement, the firm changes spelling of its name in the middle of a paragraph from St. Louis Business Journal:

Ed Griesedieck, Roger Wilson indicted by feds - St. Louis Business Journal

I’m sure it’s just a typo by the—like the 1.2 million typos I’ve committed on this blog in the past 12 years.  But I couldn’t help but wonder if Mr. Crebs was so appalled by the scandal that he changed his name to Krebs.

Who Killed the American Job Machine

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Maureen Dowd’s having trouble slathering make-up on her favorite pigs these days. Her President—the man for whom she surrendered all pretense of intelligence, wisdom, and self-control—is flailing.

maureen_dowd_x200And Maureen Dowd is going all wobbly.  Wobbly on Obama. Wobbly on America.  Wobbly on life.  Here’s an exceprt:

On the razor’s edge of another recession; blocked at every turn by Republicans determined to slice him up at any cost; starting an unexpectedly daunting re-election bid; and puzzling over how to make a prime-time speech about infrastructure and payroll taxes soar, maybe President Obama is wishing that he had thrown the game.

Maureen Dowd makes a big mistake in blaming Obama alone for America’s jobless carnival of mayhem.  It’s not all his fault.

Let’s not make the same mistake made by Dowd and her friends.  Barack Obama did not wreck the American Job Machine.

His Democrat Party did.

Face it.  When the Democrats took overwhelming control of Congress in 2007, unemployment was 5.5 percent.  When John Boehner pried the Speaker’s gavel from Nancy Pelosi’s dry, cold claw, unemployment stood at 9.9 percent.  (Source)

That’s a 44.4% increase in the unemployment number.

For two years, Democrats controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House.  What did they do with that power?

They created a new entitlement.  Even after admitting that the existing spending programs were unsustainable, Democrats invented yet another new entitlement.

Sure, George W. Bush and the Tom Delay Republicans had their problems.  But they’re not around THIS TIME.

We are living under a 100 percent Democrat economy now. The GOP’s grasp on 1/2 of  1/3 of the government can’t undo 4 years of Democrat damage.

We have a Democrat in the White House and Democrats running the Senate.  It’s not the Republicans in the House preventing Obama from moving the economy forward; it’s the Democrats in the Senate and White House frightening natural risk-takers into keeping their job-creating money in their pockets.

I can see only one solution to the continuing unemployment nightmare facing people in America. That’s to finish the work started in 2010 by turning over the Senate and the White House.