As You Watch, You Will Be Healed

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You probably never thought you’d see anything like this, but it just happened.

What’s it like when a nation turns from strife to peace and healing?

Watch this most amazing moment in politics, in history. You might find yourself tearing up when the Bishop wraps The Donald in a prayer shawl. Powerful.

In my remarks to the 500 people at the Tea Party for Trump at Surdyke Harley-Davidson in Festus last Sunday, I spoke about the need for healing in America.

Today, Donald Trump and the congregation at Great Faith International Ministries in Detroit lovingly and carefully administered a suture toward that healing. Which means the bleeding can stop. Which means the healing can begin.

Amazing day, folks, to end and amazing week.

The more you see Trump work, the more you feel hope for America. And the more you hope you feel, the more you’ll want to read my book. It’s very hopeful.

It’s Been a Great Month for ISIS

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If you’re football team, you’re measured by games won. If you’re a computer company, you’re measured by products shipped. If you’re and international terrorist organization, you’re measured by mayhem created.

Let’s face it, ISIS is on a roll.

What a week! Nearly 200 murders across three countries on two continents. Not bad for a JV team, huh? Let’s look at the week:

  • Istanbul Airport: 45 murdered, 52 hospitalized.
  • Bangladesh Bakery: 20 murdered, 13 escaped.
  • Baghdad Mall: 115 murdered, 200 injured.

If we go back a couple of weeks, there was the Orlando Pulse night club massacre that puts ISIS’s death toll over 200.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry says all this carnage proves ISIS is losing. Whatever.

I think it’s pretty clear that no one in this administration has a clue how to do anything but preach. And I include Crooked Hillary in “this administration.” They’re like the doctor, then professor, and the politician: they tell others what to do even though they can do nothing of value themselves.

Meanwhile, this administration’s refugee and immigrant policy has introduced drug-resistant tuberculosis to Wisconsin and possible other states. When America had a sane immigration policy, people with infectious diseases were barred. That’s because the first purpose of our government is the safety and welfare of Americans. This administration thinks the first purpose of government is to flood the country with people who hate us.

I guess when you’re part of a global elite with bunkers and private islands, you don’t care how many of your countrymen might die to keep you fat, dumb, and happy. For those who are not part of that global elite, I say it’s time we bulldoze those bunkers.

Now, if only we had a candidate for president who puts America first and reminds people of a bulldozer . . .

You might find such a candidate in my new book.

How to Feel Safe from Terrorism

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Think about the word “news.” In a moment, I’m going to ask you more questions about the news. Before that, though, you probably heard about the terrible terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey. Dozens killed, scores injured. “It was like hell,” one witness recalled.

Where did you get news of this latest terrorist attack? Facebook? Television? Radio?

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news? Take a moment to think back to when you first heard the news. Close your eyes if you think it will help remember and recall.

How did you feel when you heard reports of explosions in the Istanbul airport? Were you surprised? Did you know at the time that Istanbul is in Turkey, or did you think “where is Istanbul?”

Did you tell anyone? I did. I read the headline to a colleague. “Multiple explosions reported at Istanbul airport,” or something like that.

Do you watch news on television or do you rely on the internet to keep informed? You are reading this blog now. Is this news to you? Or do you think news means CNN or the Wall Street Journal or CBS Radio news? Whatever you think when you think “news,” you’re bound to hear a lot more about terrorism soon.

Sometime today or tomorrow you will likely watch the news again. When you hear more about terrorism, ask yourself, “Is it supposed to be this way?” Don’t you wish when you hear about terrorism and terrorists it would be the last time?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say that ISIS is almost defeated. They say there’s less terrorism today. So why do you hear about so many new terrorist attacks? Could it be that Obama and Clinton lie to you?

You should keep track of how much people talk about terrorism on the news. The news people are mostly Democrats–over 90 percent of people in the news business. So you’d expect them to say what Obama and Clinton want them to tell you. And the news still talks about terrorism, terrorists, and terror attacks, don’t they?

Maybe terrorism is getting worse, not better. Maybe ISIS is getting stronger, not weaker. Maybe your kids are less safe today than they were eight years ago.

You might find yourself hearing “terror” and thinking about terrorism more and more. If you do, ask yourself this: who made it so bad? The people who’ve been running the government for 8 years, or the guy who runs buildings and golf courses?

The more you hear “terror,” the more you like Donald Trump. And the more you like Donald Trump, the less you fear terrorism.

It’s so easy now, isn’t it?

If you really want to feel safe from terrorism, try reading my new book. It’s bullet-proof.

Permission to Trump

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Ever feel like it’s not okay to admit you’re for Trump?

Everybody who listens to this new podcast, Permission to Trump, will benefit in one way or another. Some people will feel liberated. Others vindicated. Everyone improved.

You will want to listen and share with your friends. And soon you’ll want to buy my new book Turning on Trump. Sign up to stay up to date now.

Mark Levin Is Turning On Trump

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“That’s outstanding,” said the Great One.

The Republican leadership in Congress doesn’t have the guts to go to the floor of the Senate or the floor of the House and make these charges. This is outstanding. You can’t let Hillary Clinton get away with her corruption, her cronyism, her criminality. I don’t care who you support or don’t support. She’s detestable.


Mark Levin said some terrible things about Donald Trump. Levin supported Ted Cruz in the primaries. Sometimes he sounded like Glenn Beck wrote his monologues.

But situations change. People change. People turn on Trump.

I can’t possibly know if Mark Levin will end up supporting Trump enthusiastically or not. I’m not in Levin’s head. But Levin’s monologue about Trump’s masterful speech on Wednesday feels familiar. I went through a similar turning.

My new book, Turning On Trump, walks you through my turn. Whether you’re a Never Trumper, a Trump Lover, or somewhere in between, you’ll find something to cheer about when you buy Turning On Trump. If you’re undecided, you will want to find out how one Tea Party leader changed his mind about America’s most pressing needs. And if you know someone who needs to hear it’s okay to change your mind, buying Turning On Trump as a gift will make you feel wonderful. It’s almost effortless.

You can sign up to be notified when the book hits the stands here.

Here’s Mark Levin’s brilliant monologue on the Trump speech.