Schools Don’t Need More Technology–They Need Less

I was on my high school’s board of education for a year. It was quite an honor, honestly, but I screwed it up. At the time, I was a software architect. They put me on the board as the technology guy. I was supposed to make the case for more funding for smart boards and […]

Today Is National Stomp On Marx Day

Join the fun and Stomp On Marx! Stomping on things is all the rage on some college campuses. But the kids are missing out on the real fun. Here’s an exercise I highly recommend for teachers of kids age 14 and up. Stomp On Marx! Here’s how you do it. 1. Download and print this […]

Here’s The Dirty Little Secret About Teachers Nobody Is Telling You About

I know a teacher pretty well, and I know nasty little secrets she’s not telling. She sneaks out of bed at 4:45 every morning. No one else is up. No one’s watching her. At that hour, she can do whatever she wants without consequence. She sneaks downstairs and puts on her make-up in front of […]

American Schools Replace Great Fiction With Government propaganda

[Originally posted on] English was my favorite subject in school, so much so that I can still recite from memory large passages of the books we read, like A Separate Peace: I went back to Devon School not long ago, and found it looking oddly newer than when I was a student there 15 […]

Colleges Suffocate Free Speech

Colleges in the United States are systematically destroying free speech, free thought, and creative writing. Sixty-five percent of colleges and universities censor students, even in creative writing classes. Hillsdale or nothing. Related articles GREG LUKIANOFF IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: Feigning Free Speech on Campus. “Colleges and universities a… ( ONE WAY FREE SPEECH: The […]

Studies Show Most Americans Are Too Stupid to Vote

The new fad among Democrats is to see how many illegal aliens they can pack into a voting booth.  While we conservatives decry this illegal and anti-American grab at tyrannical power, we should take some solace in this sobering fact: those illegal aliens probably know as much about the American political system as most 13th […]

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