Make Missouri Great Again—Greitens for Governor

As I pointed out last Saturday, a tiny faction of Missouri conservatives prefers Missouri’s pathetic status quo to true leadership and positive change. Those people apparently approve of Missouri’s horrible economy, weak schools, and declining stature in the country. And nowhere does Missouri’s decline stand out like San Diego, California. Last week, I spent a […]

Why Are Some Missouri Conservatives Putting Position Before Interest?

Let’s play a little thought experiment. Suppose you read that a scientific study proved dark blue socks look best with a gray suit. Then someone known for his remarkable sense of style shows up wearing purple striped socks with a gray suit. What would you do? Before you answer that, consider this. You’ve probably heard […]

How the NRA Picks Candidates

You might find yourself freaking out that NRA endorsed the Democrat for Missouri Governor instead of Republican Eric Greitens.  If you think about it, though, the endorsement makes perfect sense from the NRA’s perspective. You realize that the NRA is a lobbying firm, and lobbyists have an easier time working with an established asset like Koster […]

Greitens’s Win Was Just a Moment in Time. But a Big Moment

Navy SEAL Eric Greitens won the first political race of his life. Few first timers win a major party’s nomination for governor of a state. You’ll probably hear just how rare Greitens’s feat was. But not tonight. I want to tell some stories. Eric Greitens gave up a morning of this campaign to talk to […]

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