Come to Export Import Speaking and Gathering This Saturday at Paddy O’s

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With Opportunity for All; With Favoritism Toward None

Join Us
Paddy O’s–618 S. 7th Street, St. Louis, MO
4:15 PM Saturday, May 30
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They say the Export Import Bank is a tiny agency that creates jobs for small business while producing a profit for the Treasury. And rescues baby rabbits from dangerous predators. And it’s gluten free.

Call us skeptics.

We saw the news that Goldman Sachs used the Export Import Bank to secure funding for a financially unstable buyer—after paying the Secretary of State’s husband $200,000 for a fifteen-minute speech.

Crony much?

We believe in opportunity for all. And favoritism for none. Especially paid favoritism. And bought-government.

Join us at Paddy O’s before the Cardinals play (trash) the Dodgers on Saturday, May 30 at 4:15 p.m.

Hear from:

  • Paul Curtman, MO Rep, dist 109
  • Andrew Koenig, MO Rep, dist 99
  • Jack Spooner, Activist, Attorney

PLUS: Heritage Action’s Ben Evans will be your gracious host and sponsor. St. Louis Tea Party’s Bill Hennessy might say something, too. (But don’t let that stop you.)

Paddy O’s is a wing of baseball heaven, steps from Busch Stadium, and the ultimate party destination before and after Cardinal games.

We will provide some awesome Paddy O’s BBQ, and you’re welcome to wash it down with Paddy O’s delicious, satisfying libations.

Here’s the easy part:
Opportunity for All—Favoritism for None
A non—partisan gathering & speaking event
Sponsored by Heritage Action for America and St. Louis Tea Party Coalition
(but mostly by Heritage Action for America)
Saturday, May 30 at 4:15 PM
Paddy O’s, 618 S. 7TH STREET SAINT LOUIS, MO 63101

PARKING: This is the bad part. Two hours before a Cardinal game, parking will be at a premium. The closest free parking is on Lebanon Dr. west of 7th Street. The cheapest lots, convenient to to  Paddy O’s are along 7th Street south of Chouteau. Here’s a map of the area:

Ashcroft Passes on Opportunity to Deny Medicaid Expansion Fix

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Last week, I wrote about the Missouri Republican Establishment’s plan to win a windfall for lobbyist Kit Bond via Senate candidate Jay Ashcroft. Not that the Establishment cares about Bond, but they want Medicaid expansion passed before they beg for money for 2016 from the Missouri Hospital Association and Chamber of Commerce.

Well, the St. Louis Post Dispatch asked Ashcroft about the deal, and he couldn’t quite bring himself to deny that he would pass Medicaid expansion if elected.

Noting Bond’s lobbying role, Tea Party leader Bill Hennessy alleged in a recent column that Ashcroft has already committed “to help push Obamacare in the Missouri Senate.”

Ashcroft laughed at that accusation.

“I haven’t agreed to anything with regard to Medicaid expansion,” he said.

If helping people get quality medical care is the goal, “Medicaid expansion is one way to do that, and I’m open to talking about that. But I’m afraid we’re focusing on one of the potential solutions instead of saying, ‘Here’s the problem, what are the whole myriad of solutions we could use?’”

So a Medicaid deal is still in play, Jay?

For the record, none of the Missouri US Congress Republicans who attended a fundraiser for Ashcroft have denied Kit Bond’s influence in the event. Or on Ashcroft’s last-minute decision to run.

I understand it will be difficult to fill John Lamping’s shoes, but evading questions about backroom deals on Obamacare is a step in the wrong direction for Ashcroft.