CNN Liars Slither to New All-Time Low as Politico Hits Rock Bottom

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CNN is so afraid people will find out they’ve been lied to that CNN is lying harder than ever.

It is perfectly legal to visit the website. You can even copy information found on the site.  Yet CNN’s paid liars are telling viewers it’s against the law. Plus, they’re saying the only way you are allowed to learn the content of the Wikileaks documents is to have it filtered through CNN’s official state-sponsored Department of Truth. Check out this damning video:

“It’s different for the media, so everything you’re learning, you’re learning from us.”

Wow. Do you feel like a serf now, or what?

As horrible and dishonest as CNN is, Politico is even worse. Politico’s Glenn Thrush admitted that he considers himself a political “hack.” He let’s Hillary’s campaign edit his stories before publishing. Via Zero Hedge:

You can expect to hear all kinds of media people tell you that this is standard–to run stories by subjects for comment or correction. It is a professional courtesy.

And it’s 100% pure pasture-grade bullshit. 

I may not be famous like John Podesta, but I’ve been written up in newspapers and magazines plenty of times. Never has a reporter run anything past me. Never. Not once.

And if @GlennThrush’s action was commonplace, why would he admonish John Podesta “Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this?” Huh?

I have told people “please don’t tell anyone I did this,” too. Nothing that I’m proud of. We ask for secrecy when we’re doing something we know is WRONG!

If you still think your opinion of Donald Trump is based on truth, you might want to re-read this post from the top. Maybe you should ask someone you really trust to read it to you. Explain it, even.

The press has been lying about Trump for a year. They’ve been lying about Hillary for decades. While Trump has some obvious flaws, he loves America and he wants to make it great for people like you and me. You probably know that elites have been eating out our subsistence for years. Trump wants to drag them away from the trough.

Hillary, on the other hand, is a wicked, nasty witch. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how the FBI confirmed that Hillary Clinton is a disgusting beast

Learning to be wrong

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I am wrong a lot.

When I was 25, I was wrong a lot, too.

The difference between 1988 and 2015 is not that I’m particularly smarter now, but that I’m used to being wrong. Somewhere along life’s journey, I realized two things:

  1. Being wrong isn’t the end of the world.
  2. Being wrong is the beginning of learning.

When I was 25, I refused to admit being wrong about anything. Now, I assume I might be wrong about everything. Recognizing–even embracing–our own fallibility seems rare, to me at least, among young people of any era, any culture, and generation. School teaches us that being wrong is bad and that learning is the overcoming of ignorance. On these two points, education is wrong.

Politico Was Wrong

The discredited Politico hit piece on Dr. Ben Carson smacks of the folly of youthful mindset. Politico was wrong and has since changed its false headline and slanderous lede without admitting its error.

Politico’s Kyle Cheney wrote the piece. Cheney graduated from Boston University in 2007 making him about 30 years old. I know little about Mr. Cheney, but he seems to display what psychologist Carol Dweck calls “a fixed mindset.” People with a fixed mindset are more concerned with demonstrating their infallibility than in learning and growing. And, having managed young people most of my life, fixed mindset seems a particular malady of men in their late teens through their early thirties.

Learning Begins With Error

Learning begins, not with a blank slate, but with recognition of error. The entire scientific method depends on error. A theory emerges only when the scientist fails to falsify his own assumptions. As the great Richard Feynman said:

If your guess disagrees with experiment, it is wrong. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your guess is, how smart you are, who made the guess, or what their name is… it is wrong.

Without the guess there is no experiment; without experiment there is no learning.

Mr. Cheney might learn from his error now that the experiment disagrees with his guess. Or he might hold onto his fixed mindset, trying to prove that the experiment was wrong, not his guess. Not that he should ask me for advice, but I would offer this: always assume you might be wrong.

For more on Being Wrong, see this TED talk by journalist Kathryn Schultz:

Media Conspire to Suppress Republican Turnout

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St. Louis’s is doing its fair share to suppress the Republican voter turnout. They’re pumping a handful of counted votes to give the impression that Obama is walking away with the national popular vote:

Here’s the scam. Only 42 votes have been counted in a country of 150 million registered voters. In other words, it’s crap. No responsible news organization would post such misleading nonsense–except in hopes of discouraging Romney voters.


But that doesn’t stop the voter-suppression wizards at KSDK , the AP, and Politico from splattering a meaningless graph across their home pages.

(Note: Politico has since removed the misleading graphic.)

Let KSDK know you don’t appreciate voter suppression tactics.

h/t @michelle_moore


UPDATE: In response to @Michelle_Moore’s watchdog journalism, the vote suppressors have update their misleading graphic.

Mitt Romney’s Cleaning Up in Early Voting, but It’s Confused the Hell Out of Politico

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Gallup released its early voting poll today, and it shows Mitt Romney winning 52% to 45%—right in line with their Likely Voter poll numbers. Here’s the chart.


Politico Reporter Can’t Read

But Gallup’s section on early voting by party ID completely lost Politico’s Kevin Robillard.

Robillard looked at the chart that shows when voters intend to vote by party and candidate and mistook it for voting results. This poll question shows that those who support Obama as as likely to vote early as are those who support Romney. No surprise. 

Here’s precisely what Gallup says about this section:

However, when one looks at the voting intentions of likely voters according to candidate support, the political impact for the two candidates appears to be roughly equal.

And here’s what Robillard thinks it says:

Neither candidate has a particular edge among early voters nationally compared to those who will cast their ballots on election day
Read more:

Robillard doesn’t understand that there are simply MORE people who intend to vote for Romney than for Obama. 

What’s worse is the entire liberal media establishment is now confused—or lying—about the poll. They’re taking Robillard’s stupidity and running with it.

More Bad News For Obama

John Nolte points out that Obama’s early voting results are down 22 points from 2008.  That’s huge, and explains why Minnesota and Pennsylvania have moved from Safe for Obama to Toss-Up. 

If Romney wins Pennsylvania, we’ll be celebrating early on the November 6.  Call your friends in PA, comment on Pennsylvania blogs and news sites.  Target people who will vote right if they vote.  Forget conversions—just move the friendlies.

A Turning Tide Swamps All Lefties

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For  three consecutive days the hard left of American politics executed a prepared battle plan:

  • Personify the Enemy (Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck)
  • Isolate him or her (Rightwing vitriol, conservative talk radio, “crosshairs”)
  • Vilify without mercy (Hate, violence, accessory to murder)

Democrat Mark Penn showed us the left’s cards in November when he said that Obama needs an Oklahoma bombing to help him “reconnect” with the American people.


Enabling Event: When a seriously deranged young man opened fire on a crowd of people surrounding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson on Saturday, George Soros’ s propaganda machine went to work.

Round One: A series of blog posts and tweets shot across the internet.  The messages were scripted to create a false story: the shooter was a tea partier and Army veteran doing what all conservative do.

Round Two: The complicit press jumped in with “news” stories about Republican ads showing bulls eyes and crosshairs and containing “dangerous” words like “target.”  The media applied no filters or logic to the progressive script, presenting the Words Kill meme as fact.

Round Three:  Leftist politicians like Dick Durbin (D-IL) hit Sunday talk shows to read their scripts.  Mimicking the press, these pols state unequivocally that tea partiers and their “harsh rhetoric” killed six people in Tucson.

Round Four: Progressive members of Congress introduce legislation (prepared in advance for quick filing) to sharply limit First and Second Amendment rights.

But something happened.

This time, Conservative America didn’t lay down and let the left walk all over it.  This time, we didn’t have to rely on Republicans to show spine in the face of vicious lies.  This time, the Tea Party movement—established February 27, 2009—was ready.  This time, we were prepared to represent ourselves against the forces of darkness.

Thousands of conservative bloggers, researchers, tweeters, and pundits gave up their weekend to examine the charges and respond. Quickly we recognized patterns.  It was obvious that the leftist assault was coordinated and planned.  Markos Moulitsas and Eric Boehlert and Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher did not write their evil little libels on the fly; they merely selected “Option 984.b” from their play books and assigned “Tucson” to the variable when prompted, it seemed.

Once Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik launched his over-the-top tirade, we realized that the left was committed to all out war.

Saturday evening, Sunday, and Monday we posted our findings and our opinions.  Those with larger megaphones spoke for the millions of wrongfully accused Americans.

By Monday night, the left began wobble.

Liberal comedian Jon Stewart announced that he doesn’t buy the left’s story that Jarod Lee Loughner is a product of conservative politics.

On Tuesday, more liberals began to back away from the abyss into which so many of their fellows had willingly marched.

Erica Payne said don’t blame the tea party:

The blame for this heinous act lies squarely with the voices in Jared Lee Loughner’s head, not the ones pontificating over talk radio. And repugnant as I find Sarah and her cosmic boyfriend, they are not responsible for the violent actions of a single crazy person.

Barbara Walters says not to blame Palin:

“This is a deranged young man. This is a Timothy McVeigh… We don’t know what his motives are and we can hope that all the vitriol calms down. But to blame Sarah Palin as some are doing I think is very unfair to her,” Walters added.

Salon’s Steve Kornacki actually admitted to speaking too soon:

But it should also be noted that what we have learned so far about Loughner defies ideological branding. Based on his MySpace page and series of YouTube videos he apparently made, Loughner is fixated on his area’s literacy rate, government “mind control methods,” and … something having to do with America’s currency. A high school classmate describes him as “left-wing.” He also is apparently fond of “Mein Kampf” and Karl Marx and may be somehow connected to a fringe anti-immigration group. And he despised Giffords. Make what you will of all of that. My hunch is that Lougnher is just basically crazy, and that his political thinking isn’t particularly coherent or organized.

(h/t Jennifer Rubin of WaPo)

Former Politico journalist, Josh Kraushaar, calls out his old blog and media in general:

And in the aftermath of the Tucson shooting, the media’s worst tendencies were on display, from the onset of the crisis when several outlets inaccurately reported that Giffords had died, to the immediate, unwarranted assumption that the killer was associated with the tea party.

These might be acts of conscience. Or is it self-preservation?

The Hill reports (via Gateway Pundit) that only 32 percent blame “rhetoric” for the Tucson shooting.  It’s sad that 32 percent of the people either manufacture or swallow whole vicious lies about decent people. But the poll could spell big trouble for the left.

Saturdays’ shootings and murders were horrific. They require mourning and grief.  Many of us suspended or suppressed those feelings because of lies perpetrated by the most prominent names in leftist politics:  Kos, Boehlert, Olbermann, Matthews, Clinton, Durbin, Fonda, and more.

The left, particularly the press, exploited a tragedy and toyed with raw human emotions in order to slander their political opponents.  When that fact sinks in, the American people, including many liberals, will be furious.