Boycott David Letterman’s Sponsors

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If you don’t know why, then you’re reading the wrong blog.

The New Agenda is keeping tabs on sponsors of David Letterman’s show.  I have already told T-Mobile that I will cancel may $120 month service (paying the penalty) if they don’t stop advertising on The Late Show by July 15.

Top names on the boycott list:

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • T-Mobile
  • Ford
  • Nissan/Infiniti
  • Toyota/Lexus
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Citigroup (which should be out of business, anyway)
  • Chase (JPMC)
  • The Gap (plus Old Navy and Banana Republic)
  • Wyeth
  • Saturn
  • Mazda

Please check the list and avoid these companies until they leave Letterman or Letterman retires.

The Post-Palin Electoral College Map

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Sarah Palin will push 9 toss-up states into McCain’s camp (from left to right):

  • Nevada
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • Indiana 
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • Florida
This will give McCain the Electoral College victory in November, 300 to 238. 
The Palin-Effect works two different ways:  Rough Rider Admiration and Strong Woman Identification.  This estimate and projection is based on analysis of detailed polling data from Gallup and Reuters.  The terms Rough Rider Admiration and Strong Woman Identification are my own. 
Rough Rider Admiration
In Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Michigan, Indiana, and Florida, men and women who admire rugged individualissts, the outdoors, sports, and that Ronald Reagan stump-clearing ideal will trend to Palin.  This trend will be driven by admiration more than identification.  
Strong Woman Identification
In New Hampshire, Ohio, and Virginia, identification with a strong woman will be more prevelant than the Rough Rider effect.  This move will take longer to emerge.  Visible migration in the polls won’t occur until after the Vice Presidential debate in St. Louis on October 2.
The risks to these theories are, in order of likelihood:
  • Obama can neutralize the Strong Woman Identification effect by dumping Biden for Hillary Clinton.
  • McCain could subdue both effects by hiding Palin or limiting her exposure
  • A poor debate performance by Palin could neutralize her Strong Woman Identification
Since Thursday, several prominent Democrats have indicated that Obama may be considering dropping Biden from the ticket and adding Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate.  Biden is a very weak VP candidate who damages Obama’s campaign with idiotic speech almost every day of the week.  If offered the deal, Hillary might well declining fearing the move would doom Obama’s campaign.  
Already Obama has abandoned his “campaign in every state” promise to concentrate on several key battleground states:  Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Colorado.  That’s admission that Sarah Palin has striken panic in the hearts of his campaign team.  

How True

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Jay Nordlinger writes on NRO:

And, believe it or not, this advice might be worth something: I caution liberals, both in politics and in the media (same diff, right?), not to let Palin drive them nuts. A lot of conservatives — a lot of us conservatives, I might say — were driven nuts by Clinton. We were driven nuts by his enduring popularity in the face of tremendous misdeeds. And liberals will have a hard time beating McCain-Palin if Palin is making their head bang and their eyes bug.

I know that talent — especially female talent — is supposed to be Ivy- (or Ivy-ish-) educated, NPR-listening, and liberal. But sometimes it isn’t. Palin is an outright phenomenon: Deal with it.

Palin Power **Updates Galore**

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Sarah Palin’s Vice Presidential acceptance speech was a grand slam, walk-off homerun to the opposite field that knocked a beer out of Obama’s hand after the concession stand closed.

She was smooth, easy, natural, funny, smart, real, genuine, organic, and brilliant.

My favorite line:  ” . . . after the fake, styrofoam Greek columns have been hauled back to the lot in Hollywood . . .”

Chris Wallace, “A star is born.  That’s single, most compelling argument I’ve heard from the Republicans this election cycle.”

Karl Rove says she might have addressed the media-family frenzy more directly, but I disagree.  Despite my pseudo-speech last night, she did the right thing by remaining above the degenerates at NYT, WaPo, and CNN.

Obama’s campaign limply claims Palin’s speech sounded like a Bush speech.  They really don’t know what to do about Palin.  She’s both less and more than the Democrat murder machine can hit.

BTW, besides Barack Obama, the other big loser tonight might have been Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. He had been fingered as the next Reagan.  After Palin’s speech, I think Palin takes that crown.  Former Clinton communications director just gave the speech accolades:  “She put that knife in Obama’s back, and she did with a smile.  In terms of her ability to make a case against Barack Obama and do it with a smile, she is very, very good.”

The New Republic:  

Several moderate-Democrat friends of mine have been emailing–few if any would ever vote for McCain–but all agree that Palin was very strong. The more liberal among them are a little panicked. 

I completely misjudged how negative she would be. Her lines about Obama were brutally cutting and possibly over the top in places. 

Krauthammer:  “She used her small town background to show up Obama as an elitist out of touch.”

MORE TNR:  “Who’s the Celebrity Now?”

Something rather astounding is happening in this campaign. Sarah Palin may single-handedly be giving John McCain another chance at a victory which seemed a distant hope after Obama’s night at Invesco (which now feels like a month ago).


CNN Post-Speech Coverage:  Five of 6 commentators are liberals, and it’s unanimous–one of the most effective political speeches in modern times.    Wow.

InTrade Impact on Obama.  He had been well over 60%:

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Barack Obama to win 2008 US Presidential Election
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Live Blogging the Palin Speech

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Live blog of the most anticipated convention speech in our lifetimes.

Anderson Cooper, CNN: “The excitement here is palpable.”
Shep Smith, Fox: “I have never been so excited about speech in my life. I can’t wait.”
Chris Wallace, Fox: “Oh, this is big, I’m excited, and that doesn’t happen at conventions very often.”

I feel like I did at 4:30 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday in 2000: one hour before the Rammies kicked off against the Titans.

The left expect her, apparently, to throw up on the podium, rip off her dress, and do a pole dance with a bear skin rug. Talk about lowering expectations.

For my part, I think she needs to stay away from direct attacks on the media. Side glances at the left in general and Barack Obama in particular.

She does not have to hit a “home run.” Expectations are lower than whale waste. She has to simply be competent, human, ruggedly feminine, and likable.

My fingers are crossed.

If I Wrote Sarah Palin’s Speech

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. . .

They say I lack experience.  They’re right, in a way.

I have no experience wandering a city for three years trying to find myself.  No, I’ve never had that luxury.  But Barack Obama has.

And I have no experience funneling money from an educational trust into organizations run by my close friend, the convicted terrorist.  No experience at all.

Nor do I have the experience of having a political career launched by a pair of terrorists who tried to blow up the Capitol and the Pentagon, who succeeded in killing a police officer.  But Barack Obama has.

And I don’t have any experience legalizing the murder of children who survive abortion.  Barack Obama does, though.

I haven’t had the experience of moving into a million dollar mansion bought with the help of a convicted slum-lord felon.  You’ll have to ask Barack what that’s like, ’cause I don’t know.

While Barack was gaining all that experience, I was too busy.  I was busy raising a family of five, running a PTA, running a city, and running the largest state in the country.  While Barack was perfecting his resume, I was fighting corruption and packing lunches for the kids to take to school.

While Barack was working on an image for the media and a phony presidential seal, I was negotiating with oil companies and returning some of their abusive profits to the people of Alaska.

Now, people tell me that it’s impolite — imPOLitic — to bring up Barack’s sordid friends and unscrupulous practices.  We don’t talk about these things at conventions.

But the other side, through their media outlets, changed those rules.  While the other side still believes Barack’s corruption off limits, they have no problem tittering and giggling about  a 17 year old girl in a difficult situation.

While they think it improper to talk about Tony Rezko, they think it cute and funny and effective ti blame a woman for her child’s illness.

While think it’s a woman’s duty to put away an inconvenient baby, they don’t want a mother telling her children not to have sex before marriage.

While they believe in license, they have no time for consequences.

So you want to talk experience, Barack?  Go ahead.  Make my day.

John McCain has the experience of a lifetime of devotion to his country.  John McCain experienced five years of living hell in a Vietnamese prison camp with broken arms, broken legs, broken ribs, broken teeth, diarrhea, infection, bug sandwiches, boils, and boiling heat.

John McCain has the experience of saying “no” to get out of jail cards because the price was too high:  the price was honor.

John McCain has the experience of leading men in battle and through prison, teaching them courage, honor, duty, and country.

John McCain has the experience of living the resume of a great president and leader, not of simply writing one.

John McCain’s experience couldn’t fit on Barack Obama’s teleprompter.

And on November 4, John McCain and I will have the experience of sending Barack Obama back to rouse the rabble in the streets of South Chicago where he belongs.