Looking ahead to season four of Trump: The President

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Scott Adams first identified Donald Trump’s greatest strength. What do you think that might be?

It’s not his money or his business experience. Those are strengths, sure, but they’re not THE strength.

Scott Adams believes Trump’s campaign was a movie script. Here’s what Adams wrote way, way back when Trump’s candidacy was still just a PR stunt because he had zero chance of winning even a single primary:

A movie script is almost always arranged in what the professionals call a three-act form. In this model, the protagonist always has some sort of life-changing event (such as suddenly becoming the frontrunner for president) in act one.

In act two, we see the protagonist living out the results of that change. In the Trump movie, we see a smiling candidate amassing popularity and defying the experts. Just like act two in any good movie. This is the calm before the storm.

At the end of the second act, nearly all movies follow the model where some unsolvable problem rears its head. The audience must feel that the protagonist can’t escape this problem. We know the movie is fiction, but we still feel the emotions of the actors. We love the feeling of the third act because it reminds us of our own unsolvable problems. The main difference is that the movie hero finds a way to solve the unsolvable. That solution is what makes it a movie. The audience needs to feel the third act tension followed by an unexpected solution in order to get the chemical rush of movie enjoyment.

If you follow Scott Adams, you already know that Trump intentionally sets traps for himself. He creates “unsolvable problems” that everyone knows will be his downfall. From his immigration statements to his war with Megyn Kelly to jailing women who have illegal abortions to pussygate, Trump turns every small win into a future disaster with the things he says.

And, yet, here we are. Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Nothing can change that. Trump is president, and Israel is about to name the new Western Wall train station after him.

So I buy some of Scott Adams’s story. Trump does provide viewers a great action-adventure storyline. Every win sows the seeds for the next unsolvable problem. People feel compelled to tune in to the next episode to see how The Donald escapes this mess. Like the old Batman series. Or Silicon Valley. Or . . . here’s where I think Scott Adams is wrong.

Movies usually resolve themselves pretty neatly. Except for Star Wars, which ended with Darth Vader escaping to set up his next attack on Luke, Han, and the Princess. But most movies don’t explicitly sow the seeds of future problems in the resolution of the current story. That’s more like television.

Great TV heroes need a nearly as-great villain. Or, in the case of Batman, many near-equal villains. Trump has many near-equal villains: Robert Mueller, James Comey, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, etc. There’s also the really scary villains like Iran and Kim Jung Un. When those villains start to drift away, Trump has an uncanny knack for pulling them back in. Ratings depend on a series of insurmountable problems. We want to see how our hero escapes each one of them. And we demand that every plot line has its resolution.

The Villains

In other words, Donald Trump has turned world history into a television series. And we’re already at the end of season three.

Season One: The series begins as Trump descends the huge escalator in Trump Tower and declares his candidacy by saying Mexico isn’t sending us their best people, but their rapists and drug dealers. Pundits and experts write his candidacy off as a publicity stunt. But our hero seems to be serious. Trump defies conventional wisdom by eschewing a ground game and focusing on huge rallies with tens of thousands of people. And despite all of his supposed missteps and inflammatory rhetoric, Season One ends with Trump miles ahead of his closest competitor for the GOP nomination, but the entire conservative intelligentsia turns against Trump, setting an insurmountable problem for Season Two.

Season Two: Season Two of Trump begins with the run-up to the first Republican caucuses and primaries. At this point, Republicans are either fully behind Trump or fully against him. The leading conservative magazine devotes an entire issue to hating Trump. And Trump loses the first event to Ted Cruz in Iowa. But Trump rallies, sweeping a number of primaries leading up the decisive Super Tuesday blowout. He even holds a bizarre press conference that’s really an infomercial for many of the Trump businesses. It’s the strangest thing anyone has ever seen in American politics. At least in the TV era.

The first half of Season Two ends as Trump wins the nomination and continues his unconventional ways. He fires two campaign managers. He gives a blistering “America First” acceptance speech. He does everything wrong but Trump stills comes out on top.

In the climax to Season Two, Trump upsets the favored (by 98%) candidate to become the president-elect. His enemies, left and right, band together to form a Resistance movement. And the Russian Collusion narrative sets up our hero for the ultimate downfall in Season Three. Ask any anti-Trumper or NeverTrumper on December 29, 2016, and they’ll tell you Trump won’t survive the first 100 days in the Oval Office. Everyone expects the Deep State to take Trump down. Stay tuned for Season Three.

Season Three: Trump’s third season opens with a controversial inauguration. Trump disputes press estimates of the crowd size at his inauguration. Then Trump fires the FBI director, his attorney general recuses himself from the Russian investigation, and an underling appoints a sinister special counsel named Robert Mueller. Mueller is the smoking guy from X Files brought to life. Mueller is like The Penguin or Mr. Freeze. (Comey is The Riddler.) The anti-Trump press declares his presidency a failure after two attempts to overturn Obamacare fail in Congress.

But Trump looks amazingly deft at foreign policy. He wins favor with China’s leader. Israel loves him. His support base grows more resilient. His opponents lose popular support when they turn to mass violence over the summer.

Season Three ends with our hero’s biggest win since the election. Trump drives home the largest tax reform since Reagan and biggest single tax cut in US history. But the Russian narrative continues unabated, setting up Season Four. Pundits and experts say Republicans will lose the House and Senate to Democrats in the upcoming off-year elections.

Season Four: Here are just some of the open plot lines going into season four:

  • Will Robert Mueller find evidence of Russian collusion?
  • Will the Justice Department’s inspector-general indict Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzock, or Bruce Ohr?
  • Will Trump’s wall get Congressional okay?
  • Will North Korea nuke San Francisco triggering World War III?
  • Will Iran go to war with Saudi Arabia triggering World War III?
  • Will Trump get his big, beautiful infrastructure bill through Congress?
  • Will Democrats take control of the House and Senate and immediately begin impeachment proceedings?
  • Or will Trump find a way to get out of these jams before Season Four ends?

We don’t know how season four of Trump: The President will unfold. But we have to watch it. It’s the greatest show on earth.

In 3 Minutes You’ll Be Able Fend Off Any Verbal Attack About Trump

Reading Time: 3 minutes

You probably don’t believe it. You’re probably reading just to argue. But three minutes from now, you’ll be armed.

Armed and ready to do verbal combat.

Armed and ready to defend your Trump vote.

Armed and read to win any intellectual confrontation.

Think it’s impossible? Keep reading. You’ll find out defending your vote for Trump is easier than you could imagine. Your opponent will be standing there, jaw moving, lips quivering, voice lost, brain scrambled.

You’ll be giggling.

Scott Adams Blows Everybody Out of the Water

You know Dilbert. Its creator, Scott Adams, is a persuasion expert. He persuaded millions to read a stupid cartoon every day for decades. He knows what he’s doing.

Adams made a periscope today that did the impossible. He explained the entire Tea Party movement. Without mentioning the Tea Party, he told the whole world what we wanted.

You’ll find the link to Adams’s Periscope video in a moment. But first, a summary of Scott’s thoughts:

  • Trump is a builder
  • Building projects begin with demolition
  • Trump is in the demolition phase
  • Trump demolished the GOP, the DNC, the old idea of “presidential” and lots more
  • When Trump’s done demolishing everything that needs to be demolished, he’ll start building beautiful new things

Still not convinced? Here’s Scott’s complete list of stuff Trump’s demolishing before your eyes:

  • Republican Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Bush dynasty
  • Clinton dynasty
  • Fake news
  • TPP
  • Obamacare (it’s dying)
  • Political correctness
  • Regulations
  • North Korea
  • Pollsters
  • Deep State (work in progress)

You probably agree, now, that Trump is in the demolition phase of his presidency. He’s breaking all the things the Tea Party wanted to break. And then some!

So you agree that Trump is great at demolishing stuff. What happens next?

Keep reading. You’ll find out.

This Is Trump

Last night in Phoenix, we saw Trump.

Someone on Fox News tonight put it best: the Trump Sandwich.

The Trump Sandwich goes like this:

  • A few minutes on-script and very presidential
  • A half hour off-script, off the cuff, hilarious, wild, and fun
  • Back on-script to wrap it up, hitting all the key points

That’s the Trump Sandwich. His supporters love it. His haters hate it. But it’s effective as hell.

In the 30-minute, wild, off-script rants, Trump does his demolition. 

In the scripted moments, Trump lays the foundation for what he’s building.

Some people say, “I wish we’d get more of the very presidential Trump and less of the wild, off-script Trump.”

They’re wrong. Never gonna happen. Forget about it. Trump is Trump. Trump is a Trump Sandwich. He is not going to change. He is who is.

And Trump is who we elected. Because we love the Trump Sandwich. We love it. You know you love it.

Building the America We Need

Trump is demolishing the parts of America that no longer work. Trump is demolishing the deranged things the way chemotherapy demolishes deranged cells. Trump is killing the deranged parts of America.

And he’s already laying the foundation for what’s to replace those deranged cells. It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it’s great. You’re gonna love it.

The new America is worthy of America’s heritage. It’s worthy of you and me.

No one would claim America of the past decade is worthy of the American people.

It’s like the old Commodore Hotel in New York. Trump’s first big project.

First, Trump bought it. He promised to preserve it.

Next, Trump demolished it. Not entirely. But he completely redesigned the building which pissed a lot of people off. They wanted the old Commodore, the one that failed. Trump built a new, modern facade. A new interior. Everything. Unrecognizable. But beautiful. And successful.

Then, Trump sold the Commodore for a fortune.

In the process, Trump turned around a dying neighborhood. He gave a horrible, decaying part of New York a new life. People got jobs there. People started businesses there. Everything got better.

Because of the improvements in lives, people forgave Trump for demolishing the old Commodore and erecting something beautiful and vibrant.

And that’s exactly what Trump is doing for America.

He’s demolishing the deranged cells.

He’s building something vibrant and beautiful. Where every American will flourish. White, black, Hispanic, gay, Christian, Jew, atheist, Muslim, immigrant, native.

Just like New York.

We’re just in the demolition phase.

The building has begun, but it’s hard to see.

This is what the Tea Party wanted, but we weren’t builders.

We now have a builder.

America’s about to get great again.

Three minutes up.

You are armed.

Here’s that Scott Adams Periscope:


Scott Adams explains Trump’s demolition phase. https://www.pscp.tv/ScottAdamsSays/1OwxWoPjRLnxQ?t=1m52s

How to Destroy Radical Islam Without Firing a Shot

Reading Time: 1

You probably know that I admire Scott Adams quite a bit. He’s brilliantly predicted everything Trump has done. And he’s not finished dazzling us with his prediction skills.

Yesterday he made a prediction of how we’ll kill ISIS. It isn’t pretty. He’s not advocating what will happen. He’s just telling us what will happen.

I’m going to offer an alternative end to ISIS. It’s one I’ve advocated for attacking radical Islam since 2001. And it’s far less brutal. It’s perfect for a Master Persuader President like Trump.

Try to remember the feelings in the fall of 2001.  It’s easy. The month after 9/11 was a time of high anxiety. Amid the angst, my ex-wife asked me what I would do about radical Islam.

My answer: undermine their youth.

I went into a little detail.

I said, “corrupt their youth. Replace their religion with sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. Destroy the dignity and authority of parents, especially fathers. Give them distractions–cell phones, computers loaded with video games. And wait 10 years.”

Today, I’d substitute smart phones for computers. (The iPhone was still six years away then.)

She responded later, saying, “but that’s what you’ve always said was ruing this country.”

“Exactly,” I said.

I like my plan better than Scott’s. Not only does mine avoid the problems of a messy genocide (followed by a lot of finger-pointing), my plan opens up new markets for American goods and services. All those Carrier air conditioners that Trump will keep coming out of Indiana need to go somewhere. What’s a better market for AC units than a desert?

If George Bush had implemented in my plan in 2001, the terror threat would be over and GDP growth would be 5 percent.

Dethroning the Pointy-Haired Bosses of the Universe

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Okay, let me explain this in the simplest possible way…


–Scott Adams, Dilbert

Lately…the Peter Principle has given way to the “Dilbert Principle.” The basic concept of the Dilbert Principle is that the most ineffective workers are systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage: management.

― Scott Adams, The Dilbert Principle: A Cubicle’s-Eye View of Bosses, Meetings, Management Fads & Other Workplace Afflictions

You probably know a Pointy-Haired Boss, don’t you? It’s the manager who’s so grossly incapable of anything useful that he’s finally put in charge of everything. Afraid others will recognize his malicious ignorance, he sucks up all authority and delegates all blame. Scott Adams writes a cartoon called Dilbert that highlights these worthless boobs. But Scott gets one thing wrong. When the biggest idiots manage government, they can do the most damage possible.

Not all incompetent boobs work in business. A lot of them, the most incompetent and most malicious ones, work in government. The very worst work in places like Washington, DC and Brussels, Belgium. And these boobs demand the most power, create the most chaos, and punish the most people for even hinting they have spotted the idiot’s stupidity.

These boobs are the Pointy-Haired Bosses of the Universe, or PHBUs for short. (Not be confused with the abbreviation for Phenylbenzylurethane, PhBU, though both are highly explosive and very dangerous to handle.)

Last Thursday, voters in the United Kingdom pointed out the stupidity of the idiots who run the European Union by declaring the UK’s independence. Ordinary people all over the world celebrated this bold act of courage and common sense. But the Pointy-Haired Bosses of the Universe are mad as hell, and their uber-matieralistic mininons are scared to death. Now the punishment begins.

Now the punishment begins. 

When a worker at a company irritates the Pointy-Haired Boss, the worker usually gets humiliated or fired. When an entire country of workers irritates the Pointy-Haired Bosses of the Universe, war might even break out.

The PHBUs at the EU have built cushy lives for themselves, and that cush is paid for with taxes extracted from workers in places like the UK. If the EU and the European Central Bank don’t stop this independence stuff, pretty soon the PHBUs will have to go out and find real jobs–jobs that are far less cushy and jobs that pay a lot less. In these real jobs, they might even be held accountable, God forbid.

Ben Hunt, my favorite economics writer, says the EU and the ECB have no choice but to destroy the British economy.

From a game theory perspective, the EU and ECB need to crush the UK. It’s like the Greek debt negotiations … it was never about Greece, it was always about sending a signal that dissent and departure will not be tolerated to the countries that matter to the survival of the Eurozone (France, Italy, maybe Spain). Now they (and by “they” I mean the status quo politicians throughout the EU, not just Germany) are going to send that same signal to the same countries by hurting the UK any way they can, creating a Narrative that it’s economic death to leave the EU, much less the Eurozone. It’s not spite. It’s purely rational. It’s the smart move.

Since Germany is the richest country in the EU, Germany pretty much runs the EU and the ECB. So the coming war–financial or otherwise–will be between Germany and England. Sort of like the last two big wars.

[UPDATE: EU Foreign Affairs Chief Calls for Creation of EU Army]

You’re probably thinking I think Brexit was a bad idea. Who wants another world war, after all? I don’t. But I applaud Brexit for the same reason I’m glad Thomas Jefferson wrote our own Declaration of Independence 240 years ago.

When the colonies broke with Brittain, there was hell to pay. I’m sure the materialists of the day were pissed at the Continental Congressmen who voted to thumb our red, white, and blue noses at King George, but we ignored those money-grubbing misers. Freedom and liberty meant more to our founders than a few points on His Majesty’s Stock Exchange. Yes, our yankee currency got crushed. Yes, some shoppe keepers had to delay their retirements by a few years. If memory serves, there was even some armed conflict between us and the Brits. But in the end, we won our independence from a tyrannical government full of Pointy-Haired Bosses. The American Dream came true: we owned our own lives. Or at least some of us did. It took until the 13th Amendment for the American Dream to reach everyone. But it did.

Over next 200 years, PHBUs tried to reign us in. And we always fought back. So the PHBUs looked for other people to boss around. Since people in the UK look a lot like us and talk a lot like us and even watch many of the same movies as we do, the PHBUs sucked the Brits into a European Super Government run by the biggest idiots on the planet.

Now after 40 years of this European central government, the Brits have decided they value being British more than the current value of their investment portfolios. They want to live under English law, not Sharia law. They want to speak English, not Arabic. They want to decide what it means to be British and to exclude people who show no signs of accepting their ways.

I feel the same way about America as the Brits feel about the UK. You probably do too.

If anyone calls you a racist for wanting to live free, they’re lying. Those people are liars. Most likely, they’re very materialistic people who think only about money and material things. Materialists hate any “risk” to their material comfort. They only want more More MORE! They want to Have. It. All. And they want it all right now, dammit! And after they get it all, they want more!

If they’re not pure materialists, the people calling you a racist are Pointy-Haired Bosses of the Universe. Or wannabes. PHBUs hate freedom because free people don’t need much from government. Free people just need government to build roads, enforce contracts, and keep out invaders who want to destroy their cultures. And maybe a little social safety net for the truly incapable people–like dethroned PHBUs.

The PHBUs feed off the insatiable materialism of the uber-materialists, promising more and more stuff in exchange for more and more power.

The clear-thinking people, like the ones in the UK who voted to leave the EU, see the pattern in this stuff-for-power swap. While the stuff promised never quite makes it to the insatiable materialists, the power sure as fuck makes it to the government. PHBUs demand power payments in advance and promise to deliver the goods some time in the future. Maybe. And that “some time” never seems to come. There’s always an insolvent mega-bank to bail out or a wave of terrorist-infused refugees to relocate.

There’s nothing racist or xenophobic or ignorant about the Brexit or about Trumpism. We’re just doing what people do when the Pointy-Haired Bosses of the Universe show their incompetence and malicious intent. We dissolve “the political bands which connected” us to the PHBUs and create new governments that reflect our cultures and values. What the UK did is precisely what our founders did in 1776. And for almost identical reasons.

So stop apologizing for wanting to own your own life.

The UK has permission to be British, and you have permission to Trump.