Kids Are Back in School And Jihadists Are Killing Again

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If you thought the government never made a mistake, this story might surprise (via Breitbart)

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to at least 858 immigrants who had pending deportation orders from countries of concern to national security or with high rates of immigration fraud, according to an internal Homeland Security audit released Monday.

The Homeland Security Department’s inspector general found that the immigrants used different names or birthdates to apply for citizenship with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and such discrepancies weren’t caught because their fingerprints were missing from government databases.

Or maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Is it possible that the Obama Administration or miscreants in the government “disappeared” those fingerprint records? It’s worth pondering, people. It’s worth pondering.

Obama and Hillary are campaigning for open borders and huge floods of immigrants from places like Somalia and Syria. After each Islamic terrorist attack, Obama and Hillary rebuke the victims and demand even more immigration from countries with terrorism problems.

Further, the FBI and the Justice Department clearly took steps to shield Hillary Clinton from prosecution for the crimes she certainly committed as Secretary of State. For example, they redacted incriminating information from unclassified documents released to Congres. The FBI, DOJ, and State Department have routinely violated court orders.

If our chief law enforcement officers routinely break the law, how can you trust any government agency? It seems to me all government officials and employees are tainted. Every last one of them.  I’m not saying they’re all criminals. I’m saying the government is so corrupt it’s impossible to sort out the crooks from the decent people.

The New York/New Jersey bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami should have been on the terror watch list. He wasn’t. But his own father reported Rahami to the FBI as a terrorist years ago. The FBI told his dad, “Nope. He’s a good guy.” So the father believed them.

Is the FBI that corrupt or that incompetent?

Rahami traveled to Afghanistan and Pakistan at least three times after immigrating to the United States. One of those trips lasted nearly a year, and his official destination was the hometown of Taliban headquarters.

But the FBI gave the all-clear to this summa cum laude valedictorian of Radicalization University.

Maybe the FBI was too busy obstructing justice in the Clinton case.

As your kids board that bus in the morning, remember this: our government is more concerned with covering up Hillary’s felonies and shielding terrorists from deportation or prosecution than in making sure your kids get home alive.

Who are you going to vote for?

Make Jake Tapper Great Again

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I am making an honest man out of Jake Tapper. This twitter thread tells it all.

The controversy began when Hillary Clinton attacked Donald Trump for calling terrorist bombings in New Jersey and New York “bombs.” But in the same interview, Hillary called the bombings “bombing,” making her look like an idiot.

Well, Jake Tapper edited out Hillary’s use of the word “bombing” to protect her from herself. If Tapper were the campaign’s video editor, I’d say great. But Tapper pretends to be a fair and honest reporter covering the story wherever it might lead. So Tapper lied to his viewers.

But Tapper is redeemable. 

Unlike Hillary Rotten Clinton, I try not to write people off. I’ve always liked Jake’s presentation style, and he strikes me as a nice person. I’d like to meet him someday. I think Jake’s redeemable, even if he did something deplorable.

And Tapper is probably suffering from emotional conflict over his dishonest reporting. Why else would he feel compelled to punch down at me on Twitter? I have about 5400 brilliant followers (and growing every day). Tapper has 10 times that number (but I’m catching up).

When guys like Tapper punch down, it’s because I tweaked a nerve. I exposed a dishonest act by a man who wants to be honest.

So I’m just trying to make Jake great again. Trying to make an honest man out of him.

When he realizes that Trump supporters believe everyone is redeemable, he will probably return to honest reporting. I am proud that I had a hand in making Jake Tapper a better person, as did all the great people who retweeted that thread. We’re doing good works.

Since I’m being such a good guy, maybe you should buy my book about Trump.

It’s Been a Great Month for ISIS

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If you’re football team, you’re measured by games won. If you’re a computer company, you’re measured by products shipped. If you’re and international terrorist organization, you’re measured by mayhem created.

Let’s face it, ISIS is on a roll.

What a week! Nearly 200 murders across three countries on two continents. Not bad for a JV team, huh? Let’s look at the week:

  • Istanbul Airport: 45 murdered, 52 hospitalized.
  • Bangladesh Bakery: 20 murdered, 13 escaped.
  • Baghdad Mall: 115 murdered, 200 injured.

If we go back a couple of weeks, there was the Orlando Pulse night club massacre that puts ISIS’s death toll over 200.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry says all this carnage proves ISIS is losing. Whatever.

I think it’s pretty clear that no one in this administration has a clue how to do anything but preach. And I include Crooked Hillary in “this administration.” They’re like the doctor, then professor, and the politician: they tell others what to do even though they can do nothing of value themselves.

Meanwhile, this administration’s refugee and immigrant policy has introduced drug-resistant tuberculosis to Wisconsin and possible other states. When America had a sane immigration policy, people with infectious diseases were barred. That’s because the first purpose of our government is the safety and welfare of Americans. This administration thinks the first purpose of government is to flood the country with people who hate us.

I guess when you’re part of a global elite with bunkers and private islands, you don’t care how many of your countrymen might die to keep you fat, dumb, and happy. For those who are not part of that global elite, I say it’s time we bulldoze those bunkers.

Now, if only we had a candidate for president who puts America first and reminds people of a bulldozer . . .

You might find such a candidate in my new book.

How to Feel Safe from Terrorism

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Think about the word “news.” In a moment, I’m going to ask you more questions about the news. Before that, though, you probably heard about the terrible terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey. Dozens killed, scores injured. “It was like hell,” one witness recalled.

Where did you get news of this latest terrorist attack? Facebook? Television? Radio?

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news? Take a moment to think back to when you first heard the news. Close your eyes if you think it will help remember and recall.

How did you feel when you heard reports of explosions in the Istanbul airport? Were you surprised? Did you know at the time that Istanbul is in Turkey, or did you think “where is Istanbul?”

Did you tell anyone? I did. I read the headline to a colleague. “Multiple explosions reported at Istanbul airport,” or something like that.

Do you watch news on television or do you rely on the internet to keep informed? You are reading this blog now. Is this news to you? Or do you think news means CNN or the Wall Street Journal or CBS Radio news? Whatever you think when you think “news,” you’re bound to hear a lot more about terrorism soon.

Sometime today or tomorrow you will likely watch the news again. When you hear more about terrorism, ask yourself, “Is it supposed to be this way?” Don’t you wish when you hear about terrorism and terrorists it would be the last time?

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say that ISIS is almost defeated. They say there’s less terrorism today. So why do you hear about so many new terrorist attacks? Could it be that Obama and Clinton lie to you?

You should keep track of how much people talk about terrorism on the news. The news people are mostly Democrats–over 90 percent of people in the news business. So you’d expect them to say what Obama and Clinton want them to tell you. And the news still talks about terrorism, terrorists, and terror attacks, don’t they?

Maybe terrorism is getting worse, not better. Maybe ISIS is getting stronger, not weaker. Maybe your kids are less safe today than they were eight years ago.

You might find yourself hearing “terror” and thinking about terrorism more and more. If you do, ask yourself this: who made it so bad? The people who’ve been running the government for 8 years, or the guy who runs buildings and golf courses?

The more you hear “terror,” the more you like Donald Trump. And the more you like Donald Trump, the less you fear terrorism.

It’s so easy now, isn’t it?

If you really want to feel safe from terrorism, try reading my new book. It’s bullet-proof.

The Only Rule of Engagement Will Be Victory

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Guest Post by Lee Presser

When FDR sent the troops to fight World War 2, he sent them to win.  Since 1945, the political class has not given America’s military that clear instruction when being sent to war.  Political considerations have modified the goal of winning.  In Korea, it was fight but do not anger the Chinese.  In Viet Nam, it was fight but do not attack the enemy if they are standing on the other side of line drawn on a map.

By the time we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, the Rules of Engagement were so restrictive, winning was not an option.  The Political Class sent our young men and women to be maimed and killed, to be afflicted with psychological trauma, but not with the one instruction which would have made the sacrifice worth the effort; Win. 

By the start of the 2016 Presidential election cycle, polls reported that Americans did not want to send more sons and daughters to fight a ground war in the Middle East.  Can you blame them?  In the past mothers and fathers had the internal satisfaction of knowing their child was doing his duty and protecting the family from an enemy.  Grief stricken families proudly displayed Gold Star flags. 

In this post 911 world, sacrifice is questioned.  Some see the fallen and the maimed as patsies rather than as patriots.  Families feel regret without the satisfaction that comes with victory. 

Paris changed people’s minds.  The American public sees the danger of allowing our undefeated enemy to continue fighting while we sit dumbly awaiting his arrival at our local mall, coffee shop, or music venue.  Americans are ready to act decisively but fear the political class is not. 

It is time for the American military to be allowed to take the gloves off.  We must fight to defeat the enemy.  A strategy which starts with words ‘degrade an enemy’s capability’ is actually a formula for degrading the fighting will of Americans.  The goal of war is to break the enemy’s will to fight, forcing him to the table for a negotiated peace.  If they will not give up, they all must be destroyed.  The Battle of Guadalcanal, the Battle of Peleliu, and the Battle of Iwo Jima are but three examples of destroying an enemy who failed to surrender to the American military. 

When we go back to the Middle East, it must be with overwhelming military force.  The only rule of engagement will be victory.  It is time America puts the fear of God in those barbarian cowards who hide among the civilian population and expect that will shield them and their heinous acts from American justice. 

God bless America!  God protect those who fight in her name. 

If this sounds familiar, see Rules of War

Do You Fund A Terrorist Network?

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According to the FBI:

Domestic terrorism is the unlawful use, or threatened use, of force or violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States or Puerto Rico without foreign direction committed against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives.  (source)

In Michigan, union protesters physically assaulted Steven Crowder of Fox News, then destroyed a tent belonging to Americans for Prosperity (video below).

Let’s examine:

The union activity caught on tape involved

  1. unlawful
  2. violence and/or use of force
  3. by a group
  4. based in the United States
  5. without foreign direction (that we know of)
  6. committed against persons (Crowder) and property (AFP)
  7. to intimidate or coerce the governor of Michigan (government) and members of AFP (civilian population)
  8. in furtherance of political or social objectives

Therefore, unions – at least those involved in the Michigan terrorism — are terrorist organizations. International unions would seem to be international terrorist organizations.

Funding of terrorist organization is a federal crime. Logically, then, anyone who voluntarily contributes to a union willfully and unlawfully supports a terrorist organization.

Do you?