ACTION: Steve Tilley and Kevin Engler Want to Implement Obamacare. Stop Them.

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Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley and Senate Leader Kevin Engler never tire of implementing Obama’s totalitarian agenda.


This time, Tilley and Engler are shoving HB 1193 through to passage. This bill is designed to score brownie points with Sibelius and Obama by creating a prescription spy network that monitors the prescription drug purchases of every Missouri resident.

If Tilley and Engler get their way, every time your doctor writes a prescription, your pharmacist will be required to inform Jefferson City and Washington bureaucrats.

Ron Calzone has identified a plan of action for everyone in Missouri.  Here it is in Ron’s own words:

1) Please email the senators listed below and tell them you fully support them and “have their back”!  (Don’t call unless you have a special relationship with them — there’s no need to tie up their phones.)

Ask them to take as long as it takes to kill HB 1193 — the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Act.

2) Throughout the filibuster, send emails to While senators are filibustering, they will read these emails on the senate floor.  (You can listen to the live debate by clicking HERE.)

The filibuster may go all night long and into the morning, so check in occasionally and keep the emails coming!

We will try to provide updates on various Facebook pages and at

This is an important battle — please pass this on and stay tuned!

Please also call your own senator and make sure he or she knows you don’t want more “Big Brother” government intrusion!

HURRY! You still have time to send emails before they drop the puck in LA for Game 3 of the Blues series against the Kings.

Steve Tilley vs. the Constitution

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And, he’s back.

Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley (R-Perryville) has signed onto legislation designed to circumvent the Electoral College in presidential elections. Like his position on embryonic stem cell research and the national debt, Tilley seems far out of step with Missouri’s Republican base on this. And this guy wants to be Lt. Governor?  Please.

This might be old news to some.

I see that Big Government’s Josie Wales blogged about the national effort last August. But this is the first I heard of it in Missouri, and the first I’d heard that Tilley’s a co-sponsor (h/t Caroline Mueller). As Josie said:

Under the progressive-statist plan to eliminate the electoral college, a state’s popular will would be rejected for the national will.  I cannot think of anything more un-democratic than changing someone’s vote without his consent!  But this is the plan states like Masachusetts now encourage.

Make no mistake: on this issue, Tilley sides with the hardest of the hard left.

The movement’s goal is to get states to require Electors to vote according to the national popular vote instead of the according to the way residents of a state vote.

For example, in 2008, Missouri’s 11 Electors voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin because they won the majority of votes in the state.  Under HB974, which Tilley co-sponsored, those votes would have gone to Barack Obama because Obama won the popular vote.

If the law passed in all 50 states, the electoral college would always be a unanimous vote for the popular vote winner, making the body meaningless.

Direct democracy fails.

The U.S. Constitution guarantees every state a republican form of government.  And as conservative activist Caroline Mueller pointed out privately, if we’re going to do away with the Electoral College, the way to do it is through a Constitutional Amendment, not legislative slight-of-hand. (Caroline says she opposes such an amendment, btw.)

But let’s not do it at all.

Luckily, conservative floor leader Tim Jones (R-Ballwin) and other conservatives in the House will fight against this measure to make Missouri’s electoral votes meaningless.

Team Tilley strikes out again.

P.S.  On our end of the political spectrum, Ed Martin has a State Sovereignty page up.