James Hansen’s Boldest Lie To Date **Update**

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Dr. Hansen apparently believes the world is as stupid as, well, as stupid as the world seems to be.

All of the October surface station temperature from Russia was corrupted.  So what did Hansen do? He simply copied and pasted Russia’s temperatures for September into October and reported that October 2008 was the hottest October on record.

Why isn’t James Hansen in prison?  The AGW argument has lost so much steam that he’s resorted this level of lying, fraud, and deceit. So fast are the data disproving Hansen’s theories that he’ll stoop to bald faced lies to protect his crumbling reputation.

Meanwhile, 2008 is shaping up to be below average across the vast majority of the United States.



**UPDATE:  The outrage and call for action spreads:

Ed Morrissey is exactly correct.  GISS has a long and accelerating record of changing history to fit its models, of publishing doctored climate data, and of encouraging criminal activity to hide its own corruption.  One of the great errors of the 2008 election was the failure of both political parties to treat the AGW scam as a massive criminal enterprise.  Perhaps the peasants with pitch-forks will have to prosecute this crime themselves.


  • Bryce makela

    February 5, 2009

    This is what I like about the internet! People who have not taken a science class since tenth grade can spout off that thousasnds of educated people and scientists are wrong!! I always look at peoples credentials and with the internet you don’t need any or can make them up.

    • Bill Hennessy

      February 5, 2009

      Actually, I just finished two college science courses last year: earth sciences and physics. I received As in both, if I remember correctly. (True, the were for non-majors) And the software I write is far more accurate than that of Drs. Hansen and Mann, both of whom use algorithms and doctored data in order defraud the US government and to perpetuate their myths of AGW.

  • majikmajikninjawhut!

    November 18, 2008

    i’m not sure why more people aren’t aware of this…


    ..nuff said.

  • Steve

    November 17, 2008

    Cliamte change is altering temperatures on an average. The average temperature will go up, but in some regions it could actually get cooler. That is why it is called climate change and not regional warming.

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