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  1. There are many candidates from both major parties that talk about 2nd amendment rights, more is garbage, in a word. “we have guns, we hunt and own a farm.” Who cares? Ed made this video, straight forward and to the point of what the second amendment is really about and what he’ll do to protect it:

    1. Thanks, Marc. Great point on the 2nd Amendment. Ed is dead on. I could have hit a lot of critical issues, but I wanted to keep it under 1 minutes :-)

      1. I don’t know that I would use those exact same words (“dead on”), but YES.

  2. Arlene

    According to Missouri law, the attorney general is a member of the Board of Fund Commissioners, the Board of Public Buildings, the Governor’s Committee on Interstate Cooperation, the Missouri Highway Reciprocity Commission and the Missouri Housing Development Commission.

    Let’s not overlook the fact that Chris Koster is part of the machine that made Claire McCaskill’s family rich off taxpayer cash through Missouri Housing Development Commission. Ed will shine a bright light on these practices and put an end to the kind of Chicago-style self-dealing we see flowing from Washington DC to Jefferson City.

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