Did You Vote?

Voter turnout was down in every state from 2008. In many states, turnout was lower than 2004.

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  • Cathy Szwargulski

    Libertarians, we all get you want a conservative candidate. We all have an image of our perfect candidate, Ron Paul was not him, imagine him standing next to a youthful Obama in a debate? I wont even discuss Gary Johnson. Rush asked a Libertarian caller today if a Dr tells you, you have cancer and treatment cannot give you 100% cure but only 75% chance of a cure. Would you refuse treatment because he couldnt give a 100% guaranteed cure? Of course not!

  • Arithe

    The hard work of many of us in Missouri was successful, though, to increase the percentage of the outcome from 0.1 (the McCain MO victory margin) to 9.6 points (the Romney MO victory margin). Thanks to MOPP and all those personal efforts involved in the increased margin.